“The View” for Victory: You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps

Let’s forget Gary Bettman on the podium somewhere North of the 49th Parallel telling those in Edmonton that to sustain their franchise, they will have to develop a mixed-use mega suite filled, glam box, complete with Casino, offices, and all kinds of glitter……or he’ll build an arena in some remote non-hockey loving town like Mexico City, ’cause the government is more generous there! Let’s talk about Jones on the View instead, and how he ticked off Barbara Walters!

What an animal!

And I mean that in the most sincere sense of the word.

Alex Jones had Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters speechless, as it was obvious they were very keyed into the warning signs of what might come out of Alex Jones’ mouth.

I have seen God work before, and when he does, it gives me the chills. I think I witnessed God’s work through his devoted witness, Alex Jones on the clip on the View of yesterday. Don’t go scrambling to see if his religion is Jehovah either, okay?

I know what your thinking – – just as things were getting heated up again with the last article that was starting to question the NHL focus on arena and “area development” such as Casinos, restaurants, office complexes, etc., and yeah, I know, you’d prefer to hear about how Mr. Bettman seems to be the last man standing to put a “whaaaat” into your mind — you know the Edmonton “sustainability” as a hockey franchise can only be accomplished by……are you sitting down?……..building a new mega arena a and mixed-use complex like in Phoenix, and in Dallas – – the two white elephants of sport.

I know, you might be wondering as I if there was something more in it for the guys that are supposed to think more about hockey than land, and you are probably piecing together the notion that every time the big boss speaks it’s about building arenas and local shopping and entertainment districts. And then you are thinking, maybe — No! Couldn’t be. No! Oh my God, what if it is? No. Couldn’t be. It would sure explain a lot and explain why certain things happened in Phoenix. No! Couldn’t be. But what if it is? No…..and on, and on you go. So, to take your mind off that potential for its own little breed of corruption, let’s divert to a bigger kettle.

But first, perhaps we should also drift back into memory and think of the history of the Madison Square Garden renos that were pushed by Related Companies many moons ago, and yes they were involved in Phoenix at City North related to the Coyotes hockey disaster, and boy, those guys in New York, they sure were trying to get the mayor to go for the big project weren’t they?

No, for now we should talk about the latest “V” for victory — Alex Jones supporting the truth movement otherwise known as exposing corruption.

And if you haven’t noticed, that’s a mandate from God. Sorry to offend those that are looking to hear just about sport, the NHL, and not about Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, the New World Order and God. Problem is, they are all related.

You see, exposing corruption knows no bounds. It is a battle that has God giving wisdom to those he chooses that leave others scratching their heads, perhaps sending that divine shiver through you that spells – DIVINITY!

Wow! Pumped cannot express the feeling and the exhilaration from watching a victory like you are about to see below. But you must do yourself a favour, go to the attached YouTube site to read the comments because that is equally satisfying.

Pay attention to the crowd’s applause, because the people in the audience may be at the filming of the View, but they are also, many of them, closet NWO (New World Order) philes. Like an audiophile, not a pedophile. A ‘phile’, a student, someone aware, but most still in the closet ’cause someone might think it’s not cool to really know what’s going on.

But when you can’t help but see a slam dunk for humanity, you can’t help but love the moment, and put those hands together New York, for the greatest moment of broadcast history, Mr. Alex Jones shutting up the “hens” of New York.

Step right up people, and witness what must have been divine intervention in cleverness for the man who spoke fast, because once bitten twice shy, you do what you got to do. Overlook the putdown attempts, and the attempts to paint Sheen and Jones with the “cuckoo” brush at the same time. That’s right, you’re one of us now if you saw the not so well orchestrated attempt to paint Sheen as a manic, and to label Jones a kook.

Yes, put those hands together and share in the exhilaration of your “coming out”.

It might actually become socially acceptable to know what in the world is going on in the world, and not listen to the controlled media tell you what to think.

Shivering yet?


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