Love the Royals, even if you have less and less

World turmoil, and wars of occupation dressed up as humanitarian. Gold and silver exploding, but the people  out of the loop scratching their heads and saying it is a huge bubble. All is well if you tune into CBC and Peter Mansbridge. All is not well, if you look at the world as it really is.


It’s been a while since I have been inspired to add to this blog – – more than a month.

The last article seemed to wrap up two investigations – the injustice of the hockey league we all know and perhaps used to love, and the injustice to the world as a whole.

Inspiration after that seemed to be on hold.

But then, the carriages rolled out in London, and the thought of millions upon millions being spent on the Royal Wedding. And of course you know, it is a holiday for all there. Might explain why so many have filled the Royal court to see if there is a jester that might pass by.

Have we changed much in hundreds of years?

In the days of knights and chivalry they used to fight to the death. Kings unhappy with their brides would simply choose to have them beheaded. “Off with their heads” they would say. Have we really changed?

Is the Royal Family really just a figurehead that the people of England, Canada, Australia, and the Commonwealth world tolerate, and begrudgingly pay for?

While many of us struggle to pay the bills, college tuitions, supercharged hydro rates, and multiple taxes in several forms, are we losing patience with the Royal bill too?

Beautiful carriages in London taking William and Kate, and the Queen to God knows where the schedule requires, I must say. The stark contrast in classes is becoming glaringly apparent.

The middle class is measured now by how much credit is left on the credit cards. In denial we might be.

As the Bank of Canada governor stated long ago, it sure seems Canadians are at high personal debt levels. Can’t have anything to do with rising prices now can it? Credit used in places where savings used to exist. The savings that were possible because taxes were lower, prices were lower, and the dollar was worth more. Sure we wanted it all, and we wanted it today whether we could afford it or not. Kind of like those homeowners in the U.S. that were told with low incomes they could afford those mansions. Little did they know there was a royal plan to inflate a housing market, with insurance in hand when it collapsed.

The powers that be were not shocked it blew, it was just a matter of time. The plan was in place – – the royal snowjob was strategic and cruel. And now, those same people, some renting, some on the street, are wondering how they will survive in the lie called the U.S. economy.

Which brings us to silver and gold.

Some believe it to be a great bubble – – silver overpriced. Gold – – staggering at $1500 plus. But what they may fail to realize is the impending collapse of the U.S. dollar as the root cause.

Oil and gas prices are going up because of dollar devaluation, not because of supply and demand.

Silver and gold are going up for similar reasons coupled with a growing unrest as people look at the physical pieces of paper known as currency, and realize it is just a promise of wealth; a promise of value – – but the promises are becoming empty as the number of dollars being pumped into the economies of the world are increasing, leaving each dollar less and less valuable in the process.

We are going back in time. Maybe you feel it too.

A time when the word barter is not confused with Bart Simpson. You may be able to see yourself at some time in the future taking something of physical value and trading it for another item of need. Barter indeed.

Gold and silver is being bought now because paper dollars are becoming untrustworthy. The situation is a reflection of our system of governments as a whole. We trust the governments of our world less and less.

Reportedly, only 9% of Americans trust their Congress. And trust is necessary for a stable economy it has been reported.

In Canada, most of us are deciding who or more importantly if we will vote. If we believe the system is fixed, we have to wonder if wasting our time and being part of the process is indeed worth it.

Which version of the New World Order would you like? The NDP higher taxes New World Order, the Ignatieff Liberal New World Order, or Harper’s “you must give up your sovereignty” but by the way we need a Patriotic Canada New World Order? Which flavour of the New World Order would you like Canada? All roads lead to the same conclusion. That is, unless you vote a different way.

When Harper called on the insignificant Queen of England to shut down Parliament because things weren’t going as planned, welcome to limited freedom and say.

As people fill the Royal Court today for the new wedding of the century on the Queen approved official day off for serfs, welcome to the reality that perhaps never disappeared. What did disappear was our perception of who is really in charge.

The Royals that dress up like Royalty are dressing that way because they really never left power. It was our perception that has tainted. We believed a system that said trust our politics, our financial systems, our fiat (promised) value of paper wealth.

And when they decide to pull the plug they not only can, but they will. Off with their heads they may say.

Have times really changed?

As we listen to the happy Peter Mansbridge calling the play by play of the Royal Wedding, some of us may wonder if he will be attending another royal event this year, again. And that would be the Bilderberg meetings – – where the elite of the world meet to decide our collective futures.

If we later complain we don’t have what we need,we might soon hear the words to bring  the reality home, “Let them eat cake”, for God’s sake!


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