Pulling out all the stops: Mainstream media bring in points of contention to resurrect the leadership and patriotism of America

Yesterday, the silver market took a tremendous hit as silver prices plunged up to 11%. Some claim the brief collapse of silver prices were to drive confidence out of the market and to support the idea that silver is indeed in a bubble, and you’d better get out.

Of course, that would be in direct contradiction to those experts that predict soaring gold and silver as the dollar continues to deflate with quantitative easing.

Have they shaken your tree yet? Are you feeling that what evidence you have witnessed of late that supports a picture of corruption has suddenly tainted and perhaps been wrong? Well, hold on, there’s more they want to show you. And, it all ties in to the war on terror and the fact that the wicked old man is dead. Osama (Usama) bin Laden is no more.

Last night, CNN poured it on and while reporting the death of bin Laden, they strategically slipped in the notion that the Pakistani government will have a lot of explaining to do. After all, bin Laden was found in a region of the country that they should have known he was there. Will this be the start of more propaganda to support further occupations of the Middle East?

This morning on Fox News, the further suggestion that information was obtained from interrogation at Guantanamo Bay countered the criticism that Obama dropped the ball on promises to close Gitmo, as one of his key election platforms.

And while it seems assemblies in the U.S. that protest the government are becoming a risky proposition, the show of youth at the White House last night at midnight was telecast as a great show of patriotism. No police in sight! It’s okay to support what they want supported, just don’t assemble in protest.

“We are at war with radical Islam” was echoed on Fox News this morning before 8:30 AM EST.

Yes, it’s time to bring it all home with news of a man blamed for terrorism.

It is also time to kill criticism of the American government in the process.

They are rolling out reactions from George Bush, Dick Cheney, even Geraldo Rivera. And interesting that the latter would show his joy, as he famously not long ago was agreeing with some of the victims families on their “Building What” Campaign to bring further awareness that Building 7 came down in it’s own fottprint at freefall speed. This of course, dispelled the myth that the families of 9/11 wanted closure and the stoppage of the 9/11 truth movement, which included archtects and engineers for 9/11 truth.

Rivera may loath conspiracy theory but agrees Building 7 came down in a way that is “reminiscent of a controlled demolition”.

For those of us skeptical to the ploy of mainstream media as a tool of globalist propaganda, we would have noticed the “talking points” and the way they have been used to create doubt in the minds of those yet undecided. Some of these include:

  • bin Laden “buried at sea” as a convenient excuse not to produce the body, as there exists evidence to support the fact that he died several years ago would counter their “announcement”,
  • bolster the political process as valid, tying in both the Republican (Bush) administration of the past, with the Obama administration, and “what were you thinking” if you doubted them on their mission against terror,
  • open up the war on terror as a focal point, and to warn that there will likely be retaliation by Al Qaeda and it’s supporters,
  • to further the reason for Guantanamo Bay to remain a viable resource for counter-terrorism,
  • to support the Patriot Act, and the right-stripping powers of the Federal Government to detain without reason (You can disappear and they do not have to account for you),
  • to bolster Obama’s image as a leader going into the next election,
  • to create division amongst the American people as true Patriots will be pitted against those that believe the mainstream media’s current account of 9/11 and bin Laden’s role,
  • to further take blame for 9/11 away from being an inside job to put it back on the shoulders of bin Laden and Al Qaeda,
  • to create confusion in the minds of those that didn’t believe the official story of 9/11, and those that were questioning their government(s),
  • a psy-op (psychological operation) to confuse and separate the power of the people who are “awakening” to a different reality than that presented and supported by the mainstream press,
  • to take the minds of the American people off the collapsing of the economy and onto “patriotism” despite their economic woes,
  • to further funding at the expense of the economy to the military industrial complex, and the war on terror

The fact that this opens the door for more globalist (U.N. directed) occupation of the Middle East is of grave concern. Enemies will be everywhere in the eyes of the governments and will be reflected in mainstream media.

There is a war ongoing – – the war of perception designed to confuse and pit man against man – within countries and abroad.

“We got the guy” Fox News reported this morning. I suppose it’s that simple. It’s us against them.

For those of us that have looked at the evidence, this is simply another sign that there is a growing campaign to stop people from defending themselves, create confusion, and panic in all things that would otherwise lead to freedom and independence.

Whether it would be by buying hard assets like gold and silver to protect our wealth, to trying to wake up our friends and neighbours to the evidence that cannot be refuted.

What may have shocked some of us is the reaction of those that would choose to listed to mainstream media and not their own family. But don’t take it personally. It is more a reflection of denial and fear, and wanting to believe the world is not what it might be. Hopefully, we can still save some from the fate of the system we have all been subjected to from cradle to grave.


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