A learned man who studied first, and has been “winning” ever since

Preparing "20 minutes" : the result of much research and thought

I want to throw this out there because rumor has it there are many that know Charlie Sheen’s famous phrase, “Winning, duh!”, but don’t know where it came from.

Fair enough, you too can say “really” when you realize that his problems and the vilification of the mainstream media and entertainment industry all started when he questioned 9/11. No, check that, when Sheen started to flex his knowledge muscle on 9/11 let’s say it that way instead.

Take a look at this man that spent loads of time in study of the planes, the day, the evidence. Ask yourself if you did similar homework. Ask yourself too, if you could put together the questions you would ask Obama if you were allowed 20 minutes.

Mr. Sheen is a brave man that knew vilification would come. But, he is a Sheen after all. Damn the torpedoes attitude. Nothing to prove has he. No reason to care if anyone likes him, hates him, or is indifferent.

I asked a family member who knew someone that went to the recent Charlie Sheen torpedo of truth event.

I asked what Charlie talked about. When she didn’t know I realized that more people need to know the reason Charlie has been placed under the popularity heat lamp is because he did ask for an investigation into the events of 9/11.

I wonder what he thinks of the ninth time Osama bin Laden, the CIA asset has been used as a scapegoat and killed. Interestingly, he likely died of a weird disease in 2002, not related to the kidney disease he had, but more deadly.

They had to use his death as a means to concoct the villian of 9/11.

With no body, no pictures, and inconsistent stories, the full circle lie is coming around to rear it’s true ugliness.

We need more Sheens to bring it to the surface. Damn that torpedo of truth is a good idea!


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