Harper’s new BLOC

Seemed crazy it did that the Bloc Québécois wanted to get elected in the national elections in order to separate Quebec from Canada. Ridiculous you might say. Of course, they never got their way, largely because they made no bones about their agenda. Their mandate never seemed to make any sense. But don’t let their confused honesty fool you. The world of politics in Canada is far from what most believe.

We all knew using a national election for provincial needs was ludicrous. But what about using a national election to further the cause of globalization and complete lack of democracy? Would that be any nuttier?

Harper used the promise of sovereignty to win a majority in this election. The problem is, he has repeatedly told Canada we have no real sovereignty.

But, the only way he was to ensure a majority and  win the national election in Canada was to appear patriotic. Wave the flag, even though your past actions have suggested Canada should be patriotic, at the same time as telling Canada that there is a new reality; that Canada is part of a global economy; a reality that means we have to give up our sovereignty.

Now, had Stephen Harper been as brazen as the Bloc in Quebec, he might have come out and said that he wants Canada to give up it’s sovereignty and join a North American Union, leading to the new global government model when enough pain has been dished out. And that would be a bottom line of losing our political process, to go the way of the European Union, where democracy has been replaced by a “corporate-like” autocracy.

There are no true democratic elections to decide the leaders in Europe, it is simply a board of directors appointing their lackies to follow the bigger agenda, regardless if the people want it or not.

Would Harper have gone by way of Iggy and the Liberals if presented his platform that way?

Now, let’s look at a film that is well done, and well worth the two hours it will take to watch. It’s called the Global Hostile Takeover, and it paints a picture based on fact that irrefutably brings home the mission that has transcended party lines, countries, and perceived differences.

It shows a mission that may make you have that ah ha moment when you realize they are taking away our prosperity, and shaking the foundation of our security with the resurrection of the Al-Qaeda threat.

All part of creating the two problems before they roll out the solution. The first, your prosperity and financial wealth is under attack. Second, your safety will be challenged with the promise of more terror attacks. Goodbye security.

Hence, the Security and Prosperity Partnership rolled out in Canada first by Paul Martin, and then furthered by Harper with Bush’s support, not to mention Mexico, was designed as the solution to the created problems that we are witnessing today. Boy, they sure knew what was coming, didn’t they?

It may leave you wondering if those conspiracy people had a point after all. When they told you of the problem-reaction-solution nature of the globalists ploy to create problems, watch the people squirm, and then come in as the heroes, you might realize that the events that have taken place the world over are absolutely no random acts – – oh the contraire — this has all been planned a long time ago, and is just being unraveled as we watch the horror of the globalists’ current panic.

The bin Laden hoax has had many lies and inconsistencies and backtracking to cover lies. It is horrifying not so much because it is a government caught in a lie, but what it represents and clarifies.

The Bush Administration working with the current Obama Administration, working with leaders the world over to support a lie, to further wars and occupations; to give excuse to get at Pakistan, and one step closer to disaster.

The bin Laden “going for broke” announcement is the globalists playing the joker card, and proving there is no turning back now. The Jeannie is out of the bottle, the full circle effect of 9/11 is going to give some more people the realization that the globalists pulled off 9/11, the ensuing Patriot Act, and are part of something purely sinister.

But if you haven’t got the big picture yet, here’s a great place to start:


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