Bad Television!: Hold on Fox, while I stick my finger down my throat

I cannot say which is worse: The realization that false flag events are a reality, or watching media propaganda so flagrantly flop in the wind, and blow whichever way they are directed. Unbelievable….nobody is buying this fantasy on bin Laden’s death, but they keep churning out the lies, and spinning perception to where they need it to go.

It’s not a question of what to say, it’s a question of how to say it. Where do you start on the realization that seeing the agenda unfold on Fox News and other sources is so blatant and obvious, that it blows the mind that people might actually still hold hope that Fox is the “official opposition” to the current Obama Administration, and the mouthpiece of the Republican Party. The game is so obvious and contrived, it really gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Let’s start here.

For months, every member of Fox News was bashing President Obama on all issues. Glenn Beck was perhaps the greatest attacker amongst the pack of news/ commentator jockies, but not long after he learned of his walking papers from Fox, his loyalty to them remains intact regardless. Yes, you will not find the security guard waiting to watch Beck pack up his office in a banker’s box, and escorting him to the door, and by the way Mr. Beck, your keys please. Not a chance. Beck has said it himself, he believes there will be a place for him at Fox.

More like, a new assignment to continue to further the propaganda cause.

Whether Beck believes he is doing tremendous good, in retrospect is not the issue. What seems more important is his being part of the bigger agenda to build up Fox’s credibility as the official police of the White House and Obama, so that when they decide to say Obama did a good thing in killing Osama bin Laden, we are all supposed to say, “even Fox agrees so it must be true”.

Obama has done a great job, and he “really did” have Osama killed. So, there is no true “we got to get rid of Beck because even we can’t take the level of ‘truth’ he brings”, no!

He’s done his job, and the proof is the fact that he is still on the air. If he knew he was on the way out and could then say whatever he wanted to say in a “see if I care and let them stop me” attitude, and was a true Patriot, he wouldn’t be furthering the false war on terror, and bringing in the marching band when discussing the alleged death of bin Laden.

It get’s better as we all know. Well, check that. It gets better for those that have paid attention. Because all the people who simply do not trust the media have one thing in common – – they have paid attention. It’s that simple.

As Gerald Celente chatted with Paul Watson the other day, Celente pointed out that “Americans only hear the first lie, and then they tune out”. That would be a known fact for mainstream media. They know they can’t get to those that truly have paid attention, but the ones that tune out and “trust them”, well there’s the audience they truly serve.

Yes, they are “press-titutes” Celente went on, the only difference is “you pay for it with no happy ending”. Oh Gerald, you are still in fine form sir.

We should move on to Snidely Whiplash, aka Geraldo Rivera. He reminds me of the “medicine show” in old western movies. You know, the guy that sells snake oil, and whenever anyone challenges him on the effectiveness, or what he said before he changes his story. Smiles all around Geraldo! Osama is dead after all. Make sure you have a special complete with credible, ex-navy seals to further support the ever-changing official story.

Forget Mr. Rivera, that you were on the verge of agreeing with the victims’ families of 9/11 on the Building What campaign to get an explanation as to why the buildings, in your own words, seemed to fall as if in controlled demolition. No, remember now the new excitement du jour, the fact that the man who was 100% responsible has been killed, and don’t bother to figure out if he could have rigged the buildings to collapse. Simply go back to plan A, where it is so much easier, and the fact is, that’s what you get paid to do – – toe the party line.

And those people who don’t pay attention out in the public can flap in the wind along with Fox News – – both of them in a love in of joy at the death of bin Laden. Oh what a great day! America is strong and good!

Suddenly and not even begrudgingly, Fox is leading the pack as the (used to be) official pain in the White House’s rump (remember that?), to now effectively serving its ultimate purpose.

Fox has been playing the bad cop role for what has come full circle. A psy-op (psychological operation) to fool the public into believing that Osama bin Laden was actually, without question and full “right-wing” support, the only bad guy, and that it is irrefutable that Obama got the job done. Gotta hand it to him do you Beck?

Geraldo Rivera can slip in the counter-call  to the criticism that the man in the photos looked young, and advise us all that bin Laden liked to dye his beard black. Oh really? Couldn’t locate him for ten years, but the intel knew he used hair dye?

Well, here ‘s a humorous clip to add levity to that faux- up!


Wife used as “human shield” or not? Buried at Sea for what reason exactly? Situation Room had the T.V. on or off? Which is it Fox? I am sure you will put aside your despising of the White House for a moment to cover up for them right?

Hillary Clinton and Obama should have gone to acting school before the “situation room drama scene”. Hokey! But, now that I hear Hillary explain it was her allergies I totally get it, having them myself. Yep, in the words of that T.V. game show, good answer!

Remember, Alex Jones’ recent comment that the photos were perhaps of a patsy used and killed to look “sort of” like bin Laden, but it was cartoonish because the man in the photos was obviously much younger, with a dark, youthful beard. Dang that photoshop program can show the birth certificate was layered, and reproduce the alleged death photo.  

What’s that? The kid got lucky you say? Well, how about this one? Luck too?

Oops, training session this was not! No more so than the underwear bomber, and what snowjob was sold him to  get onto the plane, assisted by the sharp-dressed operative.

But the creme de la creme has got to be the new drive for the Fox News Network to try to put the counter-Paul in the Republican seat. The mission now is to support the unknown, non-experienced Herman Cain.

Who is that you say? Herman Cain? Exactly. Let’s have an after -party won’t we Fox, with 29 supporters in an unprecidented display that support Cain. Wow, this is unprecedented the announcer came back with. Please people, really?

He “hit a home run” as one of the 29 on the panel suggested with his comment that when asked how the current politicians are doing. Cain was eluding to the fact that it is good that he has no experience in politics, because after all, with the guys in charge now, “How’s it working for you?”. Wait for the applause to end folks before volunteering to be one of the 29 that mirror exactly what the American Republican Party would want for the counter to the newly bolstered Obama.

‘Cause the Cain Train will roll over Obama! R-i-g-h-t.

Now, let’s also not forget the Hannity show after the debate, who ensured he mentioned that Ron Paul was not going to stick around, instead he was going to that crazy Tea Party event. Pshhhh…. missed the boat did he Hannity?

Seems Hannity got the memo on the looks and gestures that are a prerequisite to any news or comment that Ron Paul would make. If the audience applauds Paul, make sure you roll your eyes guys, and remind them to hold their applause. Good job! You are true lackies!

Contrived alert, contrived alert…..paying attention or still sleeping?

As Paul Watson of recently pointed out when discussing this debate in South Carolina, the only credible threat to Obama at this point is Ron Paul.

The boys at Fox should have been on their hands and knees asking Ron how he likes the buff on his shoes.

Instead, the game has shifted. Support the unknown to ensure the GOP has no chance in beating Obama.

And, what scares the Hell out of me is the revelation that the Book of Revelation tells us that the man would almost be killed (politically), but would bounce back.

Could this be it? Could the patsies be helping to fulfill what was destined to come all along? It might be worth paying attention if you aren’t already. What do you think?


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