Harper wants to build more jails: Whoopie!

If you build it, they will come. If you build it, you will make sure you fill it. And, unfortunately, there is a new revelation that crime will be on the rise. The question is, what kind of crime? Is it time to make thought the new taboo worth being locked up for?

Go away conspiracy theorist!

Sure, you might have read the recent article in the May 23rd, 2011 edition of Maclean’s Magazine, on bin Laden and the ‘Culture of Conspiracy’. Ewwwww… which side are you on “Conspiracy Theorist“?

They’ll scrap the long-gun registry, and sign on for 65 F-35 fighter jets, and build a lot more jails.

Don’t question that move Canadian, unless you want to be a conspiracy theorist. Our leader has his majority now, so accept it, do not question, and hope all is good for a long, long time.

Obvious which side Maclean’s is on. But don’t let me tell you what to believe you conspiracy theorist, you dirtbag. You  who has lost your mind, perhaps your marriage, and is living now on donations! Don’t let me tell you what is politically correct, and what the majority is thinking; and if you think that way you must be becoming paranoid. No, don’t let me sway your decision to have a right to look into evidence and form an opinion.

Just know one thing conspiracy theorist – -what we want you to know — the moment, yes the very moment you start to pay attention to things around here that challenge the government or the governments of the world, and the very second you think for a milisec that the government may not tell you 100% truth, you are, dare I say, a full-fledged, whackjob conspiracy theorist! Okay?

Don’t pay attention to the fact that Anwar al_Awlaki dined at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11. Forget that, conspiracy theorist, and just tune-in to when the media says he is a huge threat, and Canadians are a threat too if they have any business with him. The Pentagon? Forget it, they are okay because they are the Pentagon. They are allowed to give the guy a dinner. If you did it – –  terrorist!

Don’t for God’s sake, look into the idea that al-Qaeda is a CIA creation. That would lead to more thought. And thought, well, that gets you into trouble my friend.

The key to staying in good stead is to not pay attention to anything except the official stories the governments tell you. Then you will be politically correct, stay off the watch lists, and not be a conspiracy theorist.

So go ahead, read the article in Macleans magazine  on the Culture of Conspiracy  (sorry, not yet available online!), and if you are smart, you will snub your nose at those that have gone from father, mother, architect, military official, doctor, and all other walks of “normal” life to the dark side. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about, the dark side of becoming a conspiracy theorist, because that explains the state of crazy mind of anyone that doesn’t believe that the government is good, and caring, and looking out for you. Remember the words of Glenn Beck, you are not one of those are you?

They are so caring that the Harper government is going to build more jails as a primary initiative now that most Canadians were trusting enough to vote for him, and give him the control he needs to implement that decision.

But when you starve the education system and the kinds of supports that build healthy families (definitely the first things chopped under conservative or right-wing governments) you’re going to get more social problems.

And while Dalton McGuinty has washed his hands of guilt for the injustice to Canadians rallying in protest to the banking system at the G20 meeting, McGuinty was quick to point to Harper. Hmm, the very same Harper that wants to build more jails. Hmmm, well what about more funding for student loans, healthcare, other things good for the Canadians that trust him? No, sorry folks, more jails is the priority.

And how did I know he wants to build more jails for the nasties in Canada?

Well, that’s easy, I read that article in Maclean’s before reading why a conspiracy theorist has lost his mind.

I just have one question and one worry. If I say Harper wants to build more jails, does that make me a conspiracy theorist?

And, I don’t know if this makes me a conspiracy theorist, but I do agree with the words eloquently pointed out:

So you need to build more jails. And if you build more jails, you need to find some way to fill them. Did you know the US spends more on jails than it does on education? That the state of California in the last decade laid off 10,000 teachers but hired 10,000 more prison guards?

Golly, and as I try not to think the way of the nasty conspiracy theorist, I can’t help but drift back into thinking that the article telling us it is dangerous politics to challenge a government, your government; that there is a chance that the new criminal may be a criminal of the mind — a thought criminal.

And, those thought criminals would not be cold blooded, maximum security types, but they could be the types that would have protested the “new world” as Harper has told us, that Canada has to give up it’s sovereignty because that’s just the way the world is now. What was that again? A global reality? Something like that.

Well, I can certainly see where a media source like Maclean’s would have to paint a picture of the new, low risk criminal worthy of jail space.

Those conspiracy theorists that pose a threat to government, who challenge the leaders whether they are truthful or not.

And remember, Maclean’s would like you to believe they are as “fair and balanced” as Fox News in the U.S.. Yep, they have not reported with a negative spin on conspiracy theorists before, nope, not a chance. Nope, they make sure they give you the facts without trying to shape your opinion with various hit pieces over time. Because, if they did that, they would be challenged on their motives, and might be questioned on who they serve.

Those nasty conspiracy theorists might form a group called people for media truth or some such thing.

Don’t question media Canada, no more so than questioning government. Take both as 100% gospel truth. And, those jails you will simply drive by, not occupy.

And that would go double for journalists turned conspiracy theorists that don’t buy everything the government tells them too. Too bad, they could have been a contenda!

I wonder if some reporters for Maclean’s were treated poorly at the G20 too. Just wondering, because they may be creating a nightmare for themselves too. Just a thought.


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