Choose a side, scum!

Oh, suck it up slave! We don’t want to listen to your “middle class” sniveling.

Violated? You ain’t seen nothing yet anarchist!

But thanks for showing up to the “show” because without you, we’d have looked pretty stupid.

Bob, did you get me throwing that scum in the back of the van? Do you think lots of people filmed it? Yeah, do you think it will end up all over you tube? Go viral? Awesome! Yeah, I pounded that slave, that conspiracy whackjob! Whoohoo!

Yeah, but Phil, did you catch how I hit the gas and sped away. Too bad that van didn’t have more power or I could have left some tread on the street. That would have looked cooler.

Canada, you have a choice. You can decide that you are okay, the rest are not, or you could decide you are no better than the rest of those losing wealth, with too much time on their hands.

“Those people” tend to drift to the internet to see what the heck happened. And with all that investigation, they get their minds all filled with knowledge and facts, and other nasty things. Then, they form an opinion, perhaps have waves of what they call “revelation”, and then they get a glazed look in their eyes.

Kind of like the Return of the Living Dead movies.

The Black Bloc in a show where the phone rings in the ambulance and the zombie says, “Send more Paramedics”. Yep, they’ve gone mad. Gotta stop ’em zombie conspiracy dudes. More jails to contain these ‘problems’.

So choose Canada. Support the filling of the new jails that are to be built by our P.M. and his new majority or don’t.

And hang in there if your neighbor turns conspiracy zombie too. Don’t let it get to you. Hang on as long as you can.

This is a game, and whether you like it or not you are a player. But they need you to keep turning a blind eye to those that become whacky, and remember, they deserve what they get.


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