Some of the clowns of “Cirque de Bilderberg” in 2011

"Don't worry people, nothing to report here"

The above pic is from a German newspaper. It shows some of the attendees at this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Henry Kissinger is a regular attendee, and is wanted on charges of war crimes in Switzerland.

Earlier in the weekend, an emergency on an airplane was reported, where an ambulance showed up, but not before a red carpet was laid from the plane. The ambulance was later reported to be pulling into the hotel where the Bilderberg meeting was to take place. Could it have been a diversion for Kissinger to avoid Swiss authorities?

Some of the controlled-media headlines included such blatant opposites to reality as “May the Holy Spirit be with them”. Something tells me the Holy Spirit may be monitoring  them, but certainly not with them.

Fox News in the U.S. are reportedly telling viewers and listeners that it is no big deal that over 130 of the most powerful in the world are meeting in secret. And the little coverage they did have was meant to pacify those Fox-believers – – that have not taken a serious look at the issues, and who choose to believe what mainstream media feeds them.

But, not all in power see it that way. Yesterday, members of the Swiss Parliament were going to walk in on the Bilderberg party, and confront them, demanding for the arrest of Henry Kissinger wanted on charges of war crimes.

Today, at 12 PM Swiss time, there is an international protest rally scheduled, that you may be able to catch live at this JustinTV feed or this one.

This year’s Bilderberg meeting should prove to be the most controversial ever, as the world is catching on to the agenda, in direct contrast to the media’s feeble attempt to downplay the importance of the decisions made in secret, that control the goings on in our world.


One response to “Some of the clowns of “Cirque de Bilderberg” in 2011

  1. when the presidents and power brokers meet and bohemain grove
    and these are the Immoral assholes running the country canadian phd FROM WINNIPEG

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