Once a Conspiracy theorist, no chance to be saved!

Funny thing about conspiracy theorists, they tend to never go back to their old life. We’ve heard that type of situation before. Those that are born again Christians tend to never go back to their old selves. Don’t get me wrong, they still sin, and are tempted to sin.

But let’s get back on point. The conspiracy people who don’t tend to go back to their old level of belief.

Interesting, that this is the belief of a BBC reporter, David Aaronovitch, that conspiracy theorists once “transformed” cannot be returned to their former selves. Effort therefore, must be put in to stopping them from crossing over to the other side, so to speak. And thus, the push to not discuss conspiracy theories like 9/11 and Bilderberg. Okay, now we get it.

I guess this kind of flies in the face of the hungry news hounds of old looking for the next great scoop. Now instead, the job is to explain away with some knowledge that it is no big deal, go away and don’t listen to conspiracy theory. It’s the new way to be a journalist.

It is interesting that these “reporters” have a certain level of knowledge when discussing the insignificance of these topics.

Let’s have a look at this first clip, on US Broadcaster, Fox News. Here, you will get the party line, but no explanation how the information was obtained. It was provided to these people no doubt by the network, and they are simply conveying it. How else would they be able to form an opinion unless they either a) actually did an investigative journalist job, or b) were handed over some info to convey as if they themselves figured this out on their own:

Laugh it up, the Bilderwindbags, as explained by one of the guests, go to these meetings out of an ego boost. Wow, you want to invite me to this expensive event, then I’m coming!

They are former this and former that? Worried about agreements they enter into?

We just need to give them less influence, says the lady on Fox. Right, but the point is they have influence. Easier said than done.

The ideas, once put on the floor of the House of Representatives will be shot down another guest claims. Checks and balances are in place? That’s it?

And on what information did you folks get the content for the discussion if it wasn’t important enough to investigate?

I wonder if they had a red flashing light in studio for the guests, “Laugh, laugh, laugh”. And on queue they all laughed. A little too much for credibility.

Now, an even more telling clip from BBC to downplay Bilderberg. But this one has the interesting point that ties the fact that conspiracy theorists are goners once they get these “false beliefs”.

Well, let’s think about this for a moment.

To become a conspiracy theorist you have to first, sheepishly go “into the closet” to study the evidence, and decide for yourself if the picture forming supports the “nutbags” or the media. Then, to come out of the closet and admit you are a conspiracy theorist would require you to have enough evidence to see a picture worth defending. And, then the realization that the only defense the media has against your belief is to try to make others see you as a nutbar, gone over the edge mentally unstable fellow (or gal).

So, the pattern would support that there must be a whole lot of evidence that the media would sooner not show.

It would seem that on slow newsdays, they would sooner report on shark attacks than why the most powerful and influential meet in private. They would sooner label those that look at things seriously with terms like “truthers”, “birthers” and the like. Did they think of a name for those that study the Bilderberg group yet? How about Bilderbergers? No, I guess that wouldn’t work.

Good analysis on this loaded clip from the BBC.

I suppose they would have us laugh it off, and not pay attention or wonder why Henry Kissinger would chance arrest for war crimes, to attend the “pipe smoking” good boys club. Insignificant to a point that is worth risking incarceration? Not really seeing that sorry media.

Nor am I seeing it when a prominent Swiss Politician, Dominic Baettig is concerned about Bilderberg and their policies. He can’t understand why his government would allow the Group to enter his country to discuss such things as abuse of the people of the world.


There are those who don’t like to admit they are on the official guest list who have deadly agendas. Like Bill Gates. He was spotted and photographed at Bilderberg 2011, but apparently was not on the list. Unlike the coming out Conspiracy theorist, who sees the information worth risking his reputation for, certain individuals would prefer to remain anonymous as they carry on their deadly agenda. Hate to spoil it for you, but the number that Gates says has to get close to zero is carbon. That would mean people must be reduced:


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