Tony Gossling on operations ‘Gladio’

In this multi-part report, Tony Gossling discusses with his colleague the events of 7.7 and 9.11, and the name of the show says it best: “Now that’s weird”.

The facts surely are weird.

Gladio, is now the new term to describe an operation to effect an agenda, used by government to further their objectives, whatever they may be. False flag events can be classified as events of “gladio-proportion”.

Can we tie in the key points with the goal for new wars of occupation to take over the resources of the world as the US economy tanks?

Is Janet Napolitano’s “see something, say something” campaign suddenly taking on an ah ha meaning now that we see the evidence from Norway suggesting the blond haired, blue eyed guy next door is the new Al Qaida? Anders Breivik was the guy next door who bought a farm to get the fertilizer, to build a bomb, to go along with his two-gun purchase to terrorize Norway. Breath, breath breath……whooo. And he made sure he put it all in a manifest of suspect proportions. Like who does that?

Why is it there always seems to be evidence beforehand to warn those awake that something is coming.

While the Obama administration commented that they need a new “Oklahoma City” to further Obama’s approval rating, the warnings have always been there that governments throughout history have used what are called “false flag” events to further their goals.

This interview gives the points once again worth thought. And, you have been warned, once you start to think on your own, critically, you might become the new terrorist – – those who question and think, and ponder. Remember, you have been warned. Once transformed, according to a BBC reporter, you will not likely be able to return to your old life of trust, and you will be demonized.

The new terrorist is the guy next door!


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