When Incompetence is what you need: In their Own Words: The Untold Stories of 9/11 Families

Most of us watched the youtube videos of buildings falling into their own footprint and questioned how they could be crushed into dust. The remaining vision of a few hunks of wall from one of the towers almost impossible to digest.

As time went on, the questions of how these things could happen they way they did reared their heads. The Conspiracy Theory of those who questioned the slow but questionable official story as given by the government began to grow.

George W. Bush had to tell the American public not to believe outrageous conspiracy theories. He knew the truth movement would be trouble. He knew the evidence the government wanted suppressed would have to remain suppressed, and as Dick Cheney explained, any further investigations would have to be contained, kept secret and dealt with in private.

The question has remained, how much should remain secret, withheld from the citizens of America, and the people of the world.

As a result of 9/11, we have had the Patriot Act, gropings and acts of sexual assault at airports from the TSA, and telescreens being installed at Wal Mart and other stores to, in effect spy on your neighbour who could be suspect.

After all I suppose, the American public might as well police itself, because in the movie you are about to see, the incompetence of those responsible for your security in the United States dropped the ball on 9/11, and were never fired. In many cases those not knowing what to do on 9/11 were eventually promoted to higher ranks.

And that lends itself to the question most “Conspiracy Theorists” might have: Was incompetence what they were looking for to put in place if there was an agenda that needed to be fulfilled?

Sir, the plane is now 2 miles out, does the order still stand?

Of course the order still stands (you incompetent poop)

Those that questioned the official story like Sibel Edmonds were quickly gotten rid of as a threat. But, other threats of higher office might be too risky to let go. The old saying keep your friends close and enemies closer may apply. What would an insider with a lot of questions do if they left office? How might they hurt the official story by giving personal accounts of further incompetence, perhaps cover-ups? No, they needed to stay put, perhaps moving up the ranks in the process to further get them in the fold, and to keep them contained.

It reminds one of the reasoning they must have had at the World Wilderness Congress when they realized George Washington Hunt could pose a problem. He caught on pretty quick to the problems of the One World Bank, and they likely knew not how to get to him. That is, unless the illness of choice  of the “world order” was to have taken him out.

But let’s get somber here for a moment. I mentioned most of us watched the buildings collapse and questioned the story.

The victims’ families investigated this perhaps from a different angle.

Why did the second tower have to get hit? Why didn’t they intercept the plane? Why did my husband have to die? Why didn’t you do your job?

Perhaps an angle you never considered as an outsider looking in.

Perhaps it’s time to change your perception, and hear what the family members had to say. Note, they are not conspiracy theorists, and their questioning isn’t about an “inside job”, but rather how do you not discipline the incompetence of the actions of so many?


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