It all comes together: #occupywallstreet, where the shills come out to play

Ever have that moment when everything suddenly makes sense? All the dots that were still straggling come together to join the picture? The puzzle pieces that you thought were insignificant jump out and the pieces of the picture they represent just makes the whole thing complete?

 Well, it’s all happening now on Wall Street. The catalyst that will set the United States on the same path as Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Libya. It’s all coming down, and it’s coming down now. Did you say you want a revolution? Yeah, ah, we know, we all want to change the world. But, they know you want it, it’s now the mission to tell you all what you want.

For over two weeks people protesting in New York have noticed an incredible lack of mainstream reporting on their plight. The only real reporting it was noticed was the show of violence from the police to the innocents, the martyrs as many describe them. The poor ladies with pepper sprayed eyes from the white-shirted policeman who walked up from the crowd, unleashed the can, reholstered it, and walked away. Bizarre unless you figure it was all part of the theatre and the job to turn the protestors with no direction into the cause they wanted developed. Sure the pepper spray might have made people angry and more wanting to show up. And don’t think that isn’t the goal at this point.  Nothing like a little negative publicity spun to make the protesters look like they deserved the treatment.

 And, the coup de resistance, let’s tell the world they wanted to take over Brooklyn Bridge when we know that was a lie. More publicity, they must get the world to see their honesty, their struggle, but how? And just bear in mind the purveyors of false information reporting the story  – MSNBC. Keep that in mind, we”ll get back to it real soon.

 And eventually, when enough tired bodies yearned hard enough, when the lack of sleep would cloud better judgement — they would finally start to get the attention they so rightly deserved. Out of nowhere, the unlikely comrades would begin to parade around them in the big apple – – from Michael Moore, to Geraldo Rivera, to Chris Hedges, and Dylan Ratigan. And oh yeah, Dylan is from MSNBC, but suddenly can’t stop his conscience from telling him to jump and join his fellow man. Mhhh Mmmmm. What a mission folks, what a mission!

“I think you people are crazy”

Maybe that’s where Ratigan should have stopped. When he went on….

“I can’t believe I am here talking with you”

…it brings back memories of Glenn Beck when he said he could not believe he was doing this, exposing corruption (in the mainstream straddle the sheeple way of course). And when he drew attention to Obama on his Administration’s need to draw attention to his leadership with false flag terror, he probably went a little too far in the gaining credibility arena. What was interesting was his mention of “pressure from below”.

Pressure from below is what the co-opting of the #occupywallstreet movement is now all about. The shills in media are on an attack and mission to spin the disgruntled in America to the direction of attack on the upper middle class — those that own businesses and employ other people, to ensure the mutual self-destruction. As Alex Jones would put it, there will be burning homes in middle class neighbourhoods on the horizon.

So, how are they doing this co-opting?

Geraldo Rivera predicted they would come. “Others will follow if this sticks”, Rivera said.

 And come they are. Is Rivera a prophet, or part of Shill Inc., the arm of deceit otherwise known as the controlled media – – the spokespeople of sheeple control — the protectors of the true power brokers behind the Federal Reserve and other global central banking systems?  The ones that would ensure the world loses focus on the true enemy, and plunks their eyes firmly on themselves. The attack of one another with the latest goal to strip the remaining wealth against those that still employ people in the middle class. They would serve a mission to ensure the mutual destruction of the remaining free world, and Wall Street is now their playground.

It would be mainstream media and celebrities to the rescue with the attack, the game plan, and the singularity of purpose they needed.

Michael Moore on his visit and numerous support of the group wanted to ensure the focus was “capitalism” not the Federal Reserve and it’s owners.

Now, here are those waves of revelation. He creates the movie Sicko to show how bad the healthcare system in the U.S. is, and isn’t it thereafter we get the oppressive, insurance company written profit maker known as Obamacare? Hmmm….

Or how about that other of Moore’s gems where he wraps Wall Street in Crime Scene tape, and the nice officer he spoke to said it was okay, we are with you Michael. How nice. Now, the focus is on the evil Wall Street Empire.

We should not forget that bankers on Wall Street are like children given the opportunity to stay up late by their parents, the Federal Reserve and the corrupt in government controlled by the Federal Reserve. If I am saying Federal Reserve more than you think I should say Federal Reserve it’s because the point is the focus of the guilty should not be to blame the kids for bad behaviour, you need to look at the true power brokers. Should I say the name again?

And so, on and on we go, with the likes of more celebrated and documented visits from the shills.

We had Chris Hedges, ex NY Times give his take in a multi-part interview for which I had to turn off once he admitted that he believes “belief” is fantasy.

Yesterday, it was Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC. More focus on Wall Street and none on the Federal Reserve System. But have no fear, there is a counter-attack, refocus machine and his RV that plans to change all that.

The shills may come out of nowhere and do their thing.

It will take men the likes of Alex Jones to instill truth. And hopefully his tank is full, and his spirit is high:


One response to “It all comes together: #occupywallstreet, where the shills come out to play

  1. for twenty years i have said the north american people are asleep

    because the RICH that were coming
    all stood opposed to the FEDERAL RESERVE FRAUD
    bankster gangster takeover of the world
    AND people tell me the word of god is not true
    I Have news for you folks JESUS IS GOD
    your churches are lying THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A FRAUD
    and we lost this country in 1913

    the middle class create jobs and the IRS steals their money
    so they cant grow and get bigger and HIRE MORE PEOPLE
    when will the world wake up WHEN WILL THE WORLD SEE
    that all this was WRITTEN DOWN FOR US for our warning and our learning

    and micheal moore is a IDIOT

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