What’s holding up the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes? Should we occupy Jobing.com arena like they #occupywallstreet?

Is there a reason for the stall tactic of the NHL? There is a battle going on that may impact sports, but more importantly decide the future of mankind.

We’ve been on this topic for years now. Yeah, that’s right, we have formulated a theory based on observable facts presented to us over time to come to the conclusion that there is no logical reason that the Coyotes have not relocated.

The city has an arena, that’s true. They want to ensure their investment is fruitful – – yeah, okay. But so did Atlanta. I think Philips Arena is still there, and it houses two professional basketball teams. As for Glendale, they have been repeatedly told by the past owner, Beacon Sports, et al that concerts would make up for lost revenue. So, what’s the problem amigos?

And, if we are to look at Atlanta, don’t they have a minor league team, named the Gladiators, in their 9th successful season?  Again, something else that Glendale could entertain.

No, it’s that narly little mention in court many moons ago from the lawyers for the City of Glendale. Perhaps in frustration unleashing an important tidbit of info that should have us all yearning for truth. The fact that if the Coyotes left, they would have to replace that team with another hockey team. Hmmmm.

And, it would explain the merry-go-round attitude and excuses that can move one franchise at lightning speed, and one that seems entrenched so deep that it defies any logical explanation other than our far out belief that friends of the military industrial complex are also supporters of the sports industrial complex.

With the way the economy is going, the Coyotes represents a race against time.

So, Gary Bettman can appear on radio and tell us all he has strong belief the Coyotes can still make it, all the while probably wondering how he sounds when the words leave his mouth.

The sports industrial complex may have word from the military industrial complex that it might just depend on the results of the new war, the new revolution. If the globalist sports guys win, then Goldwater will be crushed, and the new global dictatorship will be able to plan where sports teams play, and much more. Now Dave Zirin brings us how taxpayers get to pay for sports, but is there a more Orwellian use for sports to keep the sheeple busy? He is bringing politics to sports too — they just seem to be intertwined, don’t they?

As Canadians have not yet felt the full impact of economic austerity we will have our turn unless we can support our neighbors around the rest of the world.  We complained to the NHL about hockey austerity, but things could get much worse!

Well, the place to start is the economic war. And, we are starting resistance to all things dictator and controlling…..

There is a movement in the US that is similar to many globally. But there is as good a chance you heard about it in mainstream media as there is a chance of being told the real truth why the Coyotes are ball and chained to Glendale.

It’s an important movement for liberty and human rights called #occupywallstreet. Heard of it?

Or how about the new movement to ensure the good people in the new revolution get the real enemy in their scope – – the US Federal Reserve. Did you hear in mainstream media any time in the last while that this is actually a private corporation? Rallies and occupations are now occuring across the US, and in Canada, we need to support this movement. Hate to state the obvious, but how the US goes, so does Canada. So, their fight is our fight.

I suggest you get informed  friends. Turn off those reality shows and tune in to real live reality of a global nature.

We are going to become friends of these guys! And, on October 15th it starts in Toronto. The live stream can be found at #OccupyToronto.

I will draw your attention in the coming months to the Canadian Friends of End the Fed, and that is coming soon. The site will be up shortly, and it is at endthefed.ca.

Changing direction from the injustice that is holding the Coyotes hostage to the global issue that is holding the people of the world hostage.

Canada, join us in our support of liberty!


2 responses to “What’s holding up the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes? Should we occupy Jobing.com arena like they #occupywallstreet?

  1. jprfehrenbacher

    The reason they don’t move the Coyotes is not simply because they want to keep Jobbing.com Arena afloat. It is because there are 15 years of tradition here and a pretty solid fan base. Phoenix was hit really hard with the recession (one of the hardest hit in the housing sector) and people just don’t have the money to afford tickets. If they did, you’d see a lot more fans there.

    You can come down to Glendale and occupy the arena (your Jets will be here next Saturday), but I can bet that you’ll leave with a loss. No hard feelings, but hey – they left Atlanta as a horrible hockey team…not much changed over the summer.

  2. The Yotes aren’t leaving Ferguson.
    Daryl G. Jones
    Ice Edge

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