McCain: What a bobblehead…Is big John trying to quell the Goldwater roadblock to concessions?

Programs! Get your programs here! You can’t tell the players without a program!

John McCain was honoured at the Phoenix Coyotes game against the Montreal Canadiens the other night.

Circa 1980. What would Barry Goldwater really think of McCain's attack on fiscally responsible conservatism now?

McCain, Senator of Arizona has been remarkably quiet in the past few years on the subject of the Goldwater Institute’s battle to keep sanity in Arizona.

Barry Goldwater, we reported would be proud of the group of lawyers fighting for the little guy, that McCain has twisted to suggest are “fat cats”. This type of political smoke and mirrors is an old trick, and for the paper-reading public who don’t pay attention, McCain might get some attention.

But for us paying attention over the years, we were waiting for the powers that be to call in the bobblehead to give his two cents, complete with lack of sense. You see, the real fat cats are McCain’s friends.

The poor schmucks that carry lunch buckets in Glendale are being used by the powers that be, and McCain is supporting them because he cares. Yes siree.

It couldn’t be because of some other reason now could it?

Connections, connections, connections?

This charade is full of political connections to keep those that have power and influence happy.

We have seen that power flexed, and there is no logical reason for this team to not have packed the moving truck with Bettman and Daly serving similar service as they did to Winnipeg several years ago. They should be hanging off the back of the truck as it pulls out of Dodge.

We had a commenter recently, cleverly going by the name of “Daryl Jones”, tell us in a comment, “How about Injustice to Ice Edge Holdings?”, and he went on in another comment to suggest the Yotes aren’t leaving. The sick bugger that used Jones’ name obviously doesn’t know about the new boys. They are now calling out the corruption and warning investors to be weary.

Let me explain.

At one time, Research Edge’s Keith McCullough thought that real estate in Arizona would make a turnaround, and he supported Ben Bernanke’s policies to straighten out the economy. Boy, that sure changed. Now, after Greece is finished and the rest of Europe, McCullough now believes that Bernanke should be fired. Good call. See, it cannot possibly have been Daryl Jones in that comment because this group has reformed. By all accounts they have seen the light to such a degree that they are now advising their clients to beware of the markets.

I mean, where McCullough explained that Matthew Hulsizer was a friend of theirs,

Hulsizer is believed to be friendly with the principals behind Ice Edge Holdings. IEH has been in negotiations with Glendale for some time but have not been able to close a lease agreement.

Ice Edge chairman Keith McCullough told the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal earlier this week that his group had found a partner to help buy the Coyotes.

“Ice Edge would be a minority owner and an adviser,” McCullough said. “That investor is a friend of ours.”

and where they would have held a position in the Coyotes, not as owners, but as partners somewhere, the Hulsizer firm thought QE2 was a good thing. Jud Pyle explained that in his youtube clip from that article.

Surely, the rape and pillaging of the citizens of the U.S. is being warned against by awakening hedge funders to protect their clients right?

And surely, being so fundamentally opposed on this front must mean a deal-breaker was in the offing. Surely, Hulsizer would not hold favor with the boys making a complete about face.

Hulsizer may have since popped over to the Blues and is bidding there, but there are two replacement bidders in Phoenix – Greg Jamison, former San Jose Sharks President, and some mystery bidders. Are the mystery bidders familiar to us, and hence the resurfacing of the Ice Edge name? Round and round she goes, where the Coyotes stop, does anybody know?

But, we are talking about John McCain and his door-opening attempt to remove the roadblock that is the Goldwater Institute.

McCain wouldn’t recognize fiscal conservatism if it jumped up and bit him in the rear. Not like Ron Paul. Paul and Goldwater would make better bedfellows, and if Barry Goldwater were alive, he would be scratching his head in dismay to see that Ron Paul is being ignored.

Paul, a Libertarian may move tickets once he has debated the Federal Reserve loving Herman Cain, and embarrassed as many joke conservatives as he can. Can you say third party?

The truth is, guys like McCain are indistinguishable from the other lackeys in the Senate. You need to ask what party they support, because their values change with the wind. Or, should we say the tap on the bobble. Whichever way they need to blow they blow. Whoever tugs the string, gets the favor.

Anyhow, McCain is well connected, and we have said before there are plenty of markers out there I’m sure to suggest his friends may be calling in some favours.

After all, do we have to drudge this up?:

The powerful connections: William S. Cohen was the best man atJohn McCain’s wedding, and Cohen was the former Secretary of Defense. His Cohen Group is the lobby firm working for DRS Technologies, which Eric Rosen is  a Director. Let’s remember, Eric Rosen left Onex, to become a partner with Michael Dell at MSD Capital. And DRS Technologies is a major supplier to the U.S. government department of defense, granted several contracts

Johnny, I think what Barry Goldwater would really be upset about is your attempt to allow the offshore wealthy to have their land pillaging way with the average Arizonan. Republican indeed.


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