Canada Free Press said it all in Feb 2010: Harper comes back Keynesian-esquely lobotomized

There is not much to be added to this article, so well written in Feb 2010 by the Canada Free Press.

Our PM used to believe in balanced budgets but something changed.

Solidarity has been replaced with Harper’s “new reality” that the world is now a global economy, and well, sovereignty must be reshaped to take into account the fact that the world will impact Canada, and we really don’t have freedom any more. As if we ever really did.

We have been living in an illusion that the Queen is a mere figurehead that we get to see once in a while — like a passing celebrity worth making a trip to gaze upon. But, there is a nasty underbelly to a beast that professes that the “waging of peace” is the hardest form of leadership of all.

The minions are all toeing the New World Order party line, whether because they have been blackmailed or paid off; whether they truly believe that Lucifer is the bringer of light, or whether Moloch holds merit. This might explain why abortion is now being justified for kids as old as three. You heard that right, there are scholarly papers suggesting these humans are not yet people. And, no, I am not making this up.

Whatever the reason, they have collectively bought into collectivism, and the view that the herd of humanity must first be culled and then put to work for the new god — the earth and sun.

Should you pick up a Bible, you may find the stories of idol worship hard to digest, unless you realize mankind has not changed in thousands of years.

Wars have taken place throughout history, and inhumanity has not ceased. Yet, we have fooled ourselves into thinking we have learned our lesson.

And so, the powers that be feed us that boogie men exist when they are likely already dead. From Osama bin Laden, buried at sea, conveniently just after a helicopter full of witness Navy Seals mysteriously crashed. And bin Laden’s replacement, Kony, to justify the reason for the invasion and occupation of Africa. After all, you have to want it for it to be okay with them. Yeah, get that nasty Kony, we don’t care how many innocent people must die. Sure, send in predator drones wiping out hundreds of civilians because you say there is a bad guy in their midst. Good enough for us.

It sure smacks of marketing to manipulate the masses to stay of the trail, while they have their way with the free world. Are you one of those buying their boogie man stories?

Are you aware from watching North American media that there is actually a current push to impeach Obama? Of course the answer would be no if you got your news from the truth tellers of Fox, MSNBC, or CNN.

It might be too hard to grasp that they are all controlled and are trying to control you as their mandate. Bill O’Reilly is “too busy” to care about the vast evidence that has backed up Michelle Obama’s admission that they visited the home of Obama in Kenya — the home of his birth.

Layers photoshopped producing the fabricated birth certificate have no place in Bill O’Reilly’s mind, when he has witnessed some much more credible birth announcements. He bashes Obama as a front, but when the rubber meets the road, too busy is the reason for not delving deeper. Reminiscent of his fellow truth teller, Glenn Beck, who calls truthers of 911 no better than Van Jones, and to birthers, well, you know. The rubber doesn’t meet the road, but the controlled opposition sure exists to make you believe you are on the conservative side, yeah.

They advertise no spin, when apparently they are all spun themselves.

So, without further adieu, here is an article that needs a second and third read. Why Harper has sold out his country. I hope he can live with himself.

Remember Canada, our PM wants us to know it’s the less invasive “global governance”, not “global government” that should have you duped into acceptance. Are you buying the difference and the con job?


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