Bill C-10 is groovy baby, yeah!

It was not long ago I recall Stephen Harper in a speech claiming that we are living in a global reality — – a simple reality I recall as how he explained it – – to justify why Canada must buy in and support the globalization efforts.

In the same breath, Harper was keen to insist that “protectionism” was not the answer to economic uncertainty.

Protectionism would mean applying measures to protect Canadian interests in trade. Examples include tariffs. Another example would mean protecting Canadian jobs from being lost offshore, and providing manufacturing growth in Canada as a backbone of society. For with jobs and a stable economic outlook, kids in school could look ahead to a bright future, with plenty of work opportunities to choose from, and an education system that would lead them to those jobs.

But, with Stephen Harper’s push to globalization, and his admission as it being a reality we must all accept, where does that ultimately leave our youth and others really, who need to make a living, and have a dream to have a good standard of living?

By the introduction and passage of Bill C-10 (the omnibus crime bill), we are looking at ensuring any criminality may be punishable by minimum jail time. If you tell a kid he’s no good long enough, you may find that he becomes who you say he is – – confidence and an ability to fight off opinion eventually goes by the wayside.

By putting minor offenders in jails in Canada, they will be exposed to more hardened criminals, and will be introduced to a new “education”.

The school of how to do things the wrong way will be on the table, and rehabilitation that much further from a possibility.

By the same token as “if you build it, they will come”, the idea of ensuring you look at people as hopeless criminals will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you build jails to house the minor offenders, you will also have built what must be filled – – the intent to ensure you put more Canadians in jail and keep them there as a social policy choice or mandate.

It is key to note the opposition to Bill C-10: lawyers, doctors, social workers, educators, police, and all those who deal with people everyday in related fields of expertise. They all know what will happen if we turn Canada into the police state that the United States has become (largest prison population in the world). It will erode hope of having our children have a meaningful future – — one mistake leading to a culture shock and switch to the new life of hardened crime.

The Harper government’s  social policy is disturbing. With jobs disappearing and education not a priority, are we admitting that there is no future for an independent Canada? In my mind, that question is rhetorical. Canada is fast succumbing to the horrors that are being experienced in the rest of the world.

The jails that will be built will be subcontracted and run as private enterprises with bottom lines of profit. The only way to sustain a hotel is with visitors, and the only way to make money in prison is to ensure you keep your patrons in house. It’s simple. Follow the money, and follow social policy to show the intent of the rulers around the globe.

The $1 billion spent at the Canadian G20 was to suck up to the real money – – the international banking cartel that is turning the world into your neighbourhood. Where Wal Mart, and Target, and Lowe’s are replacing the mom and pop shops in your town, the international jail policy, and internet censorship policy, not to mention “terror” legislation is just as common.

Austerity is being applied everywhere as a result of the derivative mortgage fraud that has been pushed globally by Goldman Sachs and others. Greece is selling off Islands to pay for debt they didn’t ask for but was imposed upon them. The United States Department of Homeland Security is buying hollow point ammunition that might be aimed at controlling the American people who innevitably will fight the last battle in protest to the loss of freedom and rights.

We in Canada may be a little behind, but haven’t we always? Wal Mart, Lowe’s, Target, and Starbucks were all started in the U.S., and we followed the leader.

Are we to now say to our neighbors, “Hey Bob, look, we are the second largest prison population country in the world”?. “Wow, we are just like the U.S. now”.

Is this the Canada we are heading for? We can see the social agenda of Canada matches the economic agenda that has seen the removal of jobs and has our Prime Minister telling us to “protect” our citizens with protectionism is not the answer.

I suppose the answer now is to simply admit the lack of interest in education and job creation will create it’s own kind of third world sweat shop – – the new jails and the new Canadian, low-wage criminal”.

I can hardly wait until the conspiracy theorists and activists, and those who like to voice their opinions become targetted too. Should be a blast! It’ll be groovy baby, yeah!


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