Hamilton Tap Water Debate: We may have our own “Fluoride Deception” brewing

I picked up the Hamilton Spectator on April 17th and needed a moment to adjust – – was that a report on Hamilton Tap Water that is heating up at City Hall? It sure is.

I remember thinking , great, some good debate.

For the last two years, since Alex Jones of Infowars brought out the awareness campaign of “Poison in the Tap Water”, I also jumped on the bandwagon, and wrote my article in support, and linked youtube videos of Christopher Bryson interviewed on his book, “The Fluoride Deception”. The narrator of the interview was none other than Dr. Paul Connett, a speaker supporting removal of fluoride who has been active in the movement for several years.

Strange, the article in the Hamilton Spec mentioned many from the pro-fluoride side, but didn’t mention the main opposition, Dr. Connett. Yikes! Could we have our own little Hamilton Fluoride deception geared to paint the “experts” that we have been conditioned to accept as the ones in the know, at the expense of the experts they would sooner not have you hear about?

According to Alan Watt (Cutting ThroughTheMatrix.com), in interview with Alex Jones a couple years ago on the subject of fluoride, he mentioned that media has conditioned the masses to accept people with official titles as the ones that should be viewed as the only authority, and this keeps the public following like sheeple.

So, upon further reflection of the April 17th article in the Spec, and the one online, you will not see mention of Dr. Connett anywhere. However, the poll attached to the article reports that 73% of people think that fluoride is detrimental to health, and accounts for autism.

Thankfully, we can get a better, truer picture that supports these poll results from a video shot from Terry Wilson of CanadianAwareness.org. I learned of Mr. Wilson from Dan Dicks’ daily video report on PressForTruth.TV.

Here is a portion of what went on at City Hall that day:

What they said, and why we should be concerned..


3 responses to “Hamilton Tap Water Debate: We may have our own “Fluoride Deception” brewing

  1. henrymakow.com
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    the skull and bones masonic death cult satanists

    YOUTUBE what in the world are they spraying THEY ARE KILLING US
    on purpose
    YOU THINK floride is bad
    look up chemtrails911 com

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  3.  Many people are shocked to learn the truth about the fluoride in our drinking water, some even disbelieve it because they figure its so terrible that it couldn’t be true! But let me assure you that the fluoride (sodium fluoride) that is added to our municipal drinking water is put there for the sole purpose to control and weaken the masses! It is a scientifically confirmed and documented fact that fluoride causes us to become less resistant to fight back, easy to control and lowers the I.Q.’S of children! Why would the government and World Health Organization want to do this to us? If your asking that obvious and foolish question you really better put your head on straight!
     It is a fact that after WWII the U.S sent their top industrial chemist Charles Eliot Perkins to the Nazi chemical factory I.G. Farben to take over the factory and take the Germans advanced chemistry ideas, and while there Perkins learned the Nazi’s used Fluoride to make the prisoners easier to control, and of their plans to Fluoridate the entire worlds water supply! And in the early 1950’s most of the worlds water supply was fluordiated but not by the Nazi’s but by our world governments! Perkins wrote to the Lee foundation for Nutritional Research in a well documented letter in 1954 that the Nazi regime used sodium fluoride to control people. Perkins said “its not intended for children’s teeth but to reduce the resistance of the masses, to dominate and control” he also said “repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts over time will gradually reduce the individuals power to resist by slowly poisoning & narcotizing this area of brain tissue”. Latter this scientist with over 20 years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology & pathology of fluoride stated “Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never be the same person mentally or physically again”.
     Almost all European countries banned fluoride in 1971. They had finally had enough and couldn’t contain the fluorides real purpose.
     Dr.dean Burk, chief chemist emeritus of the U.S. National Cancer Institute said “fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and faster than any other chemical”.
     In 1990 Dr.Phyllis Mullenix concluded that fluoride is neurotoxic, causes I.Q. deficits in children, and matches behavior patterns found in cancer treatment patients.
     Dr.Mullenix presented her findings to the Journal of Neurotoxicology & Teratology in 1994 and was dismissed form her research job at the Forsyth Institute 3 days later! The Forsyth Institute who had just received a 250K grant from Colgate said her research wasn’t dental related!!! Dr.Mullenix final findings stated that fluoride produces “couch potato syndrome” or an absence of initiative! And in prenatal consumption it caused hyperactivity of the offspring!
     Dr.E.H. Bronner (Albert Einsteins nephew) said quote “Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical & mental deterioration”.
     Fluoride is a waist product of aluminum. Its defined as a poisonous pale yellow gaseous element from the halogen group. It makes up 94% of Prozac (fluoxetine). Its also used in Sarin Nerve gas,  and only helps reduce tooth decay in children under the age of 12. 
     I don’t want this in my drinking water! I’m sure now that you have read this you don’t either! Anyone who is in favor of keeping the fluoride in our water is either on the take, profiting or involved in this genocide. When you look at a lot of the problems Canadians are facing and how Canadians seem to be so complacent with how were abused by our government it is very obvious that we are being weakened by fluoridated water! The government can’t tell us we have to have it in our water! OUR water!  I’m asking you to help me educate our people and to help me have this poison removed from our water! I will be petitioning to have sodium fluoride removed from all of Canada’s water and I need your help! We can all start by researching this information and passing it on! I will demand the government removes it and then after we the people will have to have this investigated to see if there is compensation due for the inflicted damage! Most of Europe banned fluoride 40 years ago and its long past time we caught up to them! Even if there was a slight chance it caused any of the ill effects proposed by the scientific research I mentioned would you want to take the chance simply to prevent tooth decay? Let the people concerned about tooth decay use the poisonous tooth paste containing fluoride and let the rest of us have a choice!
    People we have to wake up! We have to fight back or one day very  soon we will find ourselves with out any liberty or freedom! Thank you.

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