1932 Edmonton, technocracy, Agenda 21, Bill C-38: Mr. Flaherty, is this part of the North American Union agenda?

A couple of days ago, when learning a little about Bill C-38 (the ram it all through bill!), it didn’t take long to see the connections.

An Environmental issue as part of the Bill twigged definite concern. Protection of borders and within borders another red flag.

After sending an email to my local MP on the subject, here was their reply:

Here is the the PDF link you requested:  http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/hoc/Bills/411/Government/C-38/C-38_1/C-38_1.PDF

The full Bill is available on the Parliament of Canada website: http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=5524772

Should you wish to protest this Bill, please contact Jim Flaherty, the Minister of Finance, jflaherty@fin.gc.caLook up in Salesforce and/or the Finance Critic Pegg Nash, peggy.nash@parl.gc.caLook up in Salesforce

Might be useful contacts for us all, as we start to see the fruits of this “ram it all home” bill, they claim is to get some housekeeping out of the way to focus on the real interest of Canadians – – the economy.

In Edmonton, somewhere in a library there are 150 boxes of papers on “technocracy” from 1932. The technocracy movement started long ago, and by the ’32 timeframe, we are at least 80 years into what can best be described as early signs of Agenda 21.

It has often been said that many asleep to the agenda of the globalists will not wake up until they see it affect them directly. Some of these same people might be ones to expect their home to be their castle.

Well, what if the agenda to come is a collectivist agenda, that says you don’t own anything, and the mission is to take it all away from you? Would that get the attention of those who prefer not to pay attention?

Before I bring you to a video that should get your attention, I would like to ask if you think this robo-email from the Dept. of Finance will actually get a reply to my question:

Dear Jim,

After watching Obama in the US ram through Obamacare during. Christmas break, the vision of the broad Bill C 38 comes to mind.

How do you expect public debate on over 400 pages of legislation? We both know this is rhetorical. You don’t expect the public to get a clue Any faster than the MP’s and thats the point.

Please reply and let me know, on record, this bill will not be used to lead us to a North American Union.

Appreciate it.

Will Jim reply? Or will this be all we get?:

The Department of Finance acknowledges receipt of your electronic correspondence.  Please be assured that we appreciate receiving your comments.
Le ministère des Finances accuse réception de votre correspondance électronique. Soyez assuré(e) que nous apprécions recevoir vos commentaires.

After watching this, check out the Bill in it’s confusing entirety, and maybe try your hand at getting the government’s attention. Good Luck!


2 responses to “1932 Edmonton, technocracy, Agenda 21, Bill C-38: Mr. Flaherty, is this part of the North American Union agenda?

  1. You have your facts wrong. Patrick Wood is just a person trying to pay pal some money out of the ignorant North American public
    Your dead wrong about the Technocracy technate design. It has nothing to do with what your talking about. Its not a global or worldwide movement and it never was. It has no assumption to power theory. Though, yeah it gets rid of capitalism in North America and uses energy accounting http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2205039391#!/group.php?gid=2205039391&v=wall

  2. Duh Sir, and isn’t that the point behind everything? That we make the mistake of assuming things are unrelated instead of joining the dots to see there is method to the madness. We cannot be so naive as to think Canada is in some kind of bubble that it is protected. If anything, we are easier prey and go along more easily. As Harper assumed, Canadians don’t care about his policies. Wrong Mr. PM. I think he is seeing Canadians are not going to go down easy on this.

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