Wake up call for Cops after Toronto G20: YOU are ultimately where the buck stops!

According to Hamilton Spectator editor Rob Howard, the the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) findings concluded that people were mistreated by the police during the G20 in Toronto last summer.

We saw the live TV; we saw the news photos afterwards. We saw some officers, a minority, anonymous in Darth Vader-like riot gear (and the illegal removal by some of their own name tags), acting in ways that seemed to be like those of  jackbooted fascists. We saw the infamous (and illegal) four-hour “kettling” or containment of a noisy, but peaceful protest march.

So, cops, getting the point? Do you realize now that the following of BAD orders are going to come back and bite you? Get it?

Let’s not forget the points made above to paint a few maniacal cops as acting outside their own senses. The real question is who gave the ultimate orders and set the stage to put them in this precarious position in the first place?

Hamilton police who were scheduled to “help” in Toronto were told, from sources, that there would be a fear of terrorism, and INTERPOL was on high alert. Now that wasn’t done in an adrenalin moment of ill repute, was it? That was a planned and deliberate setting of a stage of US vs. THEM, and there are going to be some bad apples – – be on guard.

Nor was the other stage-setting the fault of the front line cops.

How about the illegal use of the “Public Works Law” that no politician will take ownership of – – McGuinty passed the buck to Harper? It went into a black hole from there. After the fact backpedaling will not cut it.

If they thought they would only have to handle unruly protestors, why was $1 billion spent here, when there are starving and homeless on the street? And let’s not forget we will all have to work longer to get to that vanishing pension that seems always out of reach.

The “Darth Vader” outfits – – the individual cops bought those out of their own pocket from the Halloween shop down the street?

The “agent provacateurs” that showed up in masks ‘ a la’ the remake of Montebello, Quebec, conveniently smashing windows and setting the police car on fire, and imagine that, not an “official cop” within miles of these happenings?

But, oh, they had to contain protestors who were innocent in corral form for hours in the pouring rain, did they? They were “untrained” to handle peaceful protestors, and only trained to handle violence, is that right?

We are supposed to believe this bunk?

Luke Rudkowski of We are Change and the boys, in anticipation of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago asked the all important question: Would there be agent provacateurs to create violence to justify violence against the peaceful protestors? Here is what they got as an answer:

Let’s recall, Luke was not allowed to enter Canada as he attempted to come to the G20 in Toronto.

Every G20 has the same MO – – sound cannons, agent provocateurs and loads of high tech brutality toys. The security contractors are laughing all the way to the bank, as the innocent are locked up in make-shift concentration camps, with one toilet open for all to see when someone has to use it.

Yes, that humiliation must also have had to be caused by the front line cops who were untrained and unorganized, and became thugs ALL ON THEIR OWN.

Time to wake up cops – – this system in not your friend!


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