Hamilton Tap Water: The Spec reports it costs $ 1 million and is up to the City, eh?

Okay, all health professionals in City Council, raise your hand!

Is there a doctor in the house?

According to the latest article on fluoridated tap water in the Hamilton Spectator (May 19th, 2012), the City of Hamilton spends $1 million of taxpayer money to medicate its’ citizens with fluoride.

Let’s  first take a look at the bigger, global goings-on:

Black is now white; right is now wrong; slavery is now freedom; the Constitutions and Rights of the people are being quashed globally; police beat citizens dressed up like Darth Vader; Perceived Democracy has been replaced with dictatorships clamping down on the people ; criminals go free for global financial fraud while farms that provide raw milk are swat teamed, and non-medical people get to now decide how to medicate the population. Yeah, that about sums it up. 

Don’t believe me – – google it.

So, with our water supply…..

Health Canada shows up to support the municipalities “deciding on their own” to maintain the fluoride in their water. The municipalities look to the Feds to provide evidence of fluoride safety, yet the Federal Government has no  say whether a given municipality should put fluoride in the water. I suppose it fits the New World Disorder and by standards of today makes sense.

Who then determines the  so-called safe fluoride levels? And, who ultimately is responsible for making that judgement? If fluoride has been linked as a toxin to cause dental fluorosis, bone cancer, and other cancers, not to mention autism, etc, is it really worth spending money on it?

Ingesting fluoride is supposed to be beneficial to your teeth? Think about this.

If car wax made the paint last longer, would you put it in the oil reservoir or in the gas tank? Ingesting into the bloodstream is going to find it’s way to your teeth, and the drug will know the exact proportion to “bathe your teeth”? Is that what we are supposed to believe?

Oh, and fluoride is to know better than to end up in other organs to do God knows what too, right? It won’t land in organs and create cancer, or in the brain, creating autism, right? Where is the support to assure us of this?

And, again, the best part, is the municipality gets to decide if the toxin is added to the water supply. The councillors of the City, because they are all trained and experts in medicine, toxicology and how it affects the human body?

At the risk of repeating myself again, is this sounding crazy to anyone else?

Plants use Carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, and we are actually short. Should we be taxing the air we breathe as ridiculous as that sounds, while we say, “take your fluoride kids!Or how about in England, where wearing a cross as a sign of one’s faith should be outlawed?

Is there a rational person in the house? Or how about a sharp lawyer who sees where his client could get some compensation for negligence due to a municipality playing doctor with its’ citizens – –  a slam dunk? Careful counsel, you might think you are helping but may end up being disbarred for being the new criminal – –  dare I say a conspiracy theorist. How dare you?


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