Hamilton Tap Water: U of T’s Limeback: “Swallowing fluoride doesn’t do any good”

A soon to retire Faculty of Dentistry professor from U of T , Dr. Hardy Limeback had had a change of heart several years ago on the use of fluoride in Canada’s water and toothpaste. Note that he is not only opposed to ingesting fluoride in drinking water, but he is opposed to the topical treatment of the teeth, because of the ill health effects from having this toxin enter the body. He claims that “fluoridation is more harmful than beneficial”.

In 2011, an email from Calgary was sent to Hamilton City Council urging them to cease fluoridation in water after Calgary had made the decision to do so in 2011. Part of this material contained a Tribune article from Mesa, AZ which has Limeback answering why he had a change of heart, after being a strong fluoride proponent at the start.


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