Hamilton Tap Water: Councillor McHattie might see the buck stops with the Councillors

Can you see the writing on the wall?

As we looked at with the NHL, the Board of Governors were ultimately responsible for ensuring the Constitution was being adhered to. No amount of “repeatedly being told” by Gary Bettman was going to cut the mustard if trouble arose. An employee of the NHL was not going to be the one ultimately responsible.

Same applies at Hamilton City Hall. Health Canada won’t be the ones roasted. Instead, it would be City Council who make a decision to be doc, when they do not have medical degrees or expertise. Funny how that works, eh?

Councillor Brian McHattie may understand his liability more than some. The Feds may wash their hands if trouble arises. McHattie understands that if they overlook serious health risks that later prove to be valid, it is not as if they weren’t warned. Negligence could be screamed from the rooftops. Health Canada can come to all the meetings it wants, and claim study after study, but run when trouble arises. If it is not ultimately the Feds responsibility, why do they cite global studies, and why do countries push for water fluoridation?

If we are to get this straight, the Feds who are not at risk are being asked by the City to provide evidence of safety? How about we remove the fluoride until this proof is provided?

Here is an interesting clip from Infowars, regarding Austin. TX water. Note that the City would have to have put a warning on their bills stating the hazards of water to the residents. I am sure if Hamilton did that, we would have a few pot banging sessions in the streets.

Update on Peel Region: Comment:


Regarding Region of Peel’s water fluoridation program, which stated;
The Guardian Newspaper reported;
*The motion passed Thursday calls on Ottawa to regulate fluoride used as a treatment for dental cavities in drinking water as a drug under Natural Health Product Regulations.*
Source: http://www.bramptonguardian.com/news/article/1278444–peel-pushes-fluoride-safety

I contacted Health Canada to inquire about the process of having fluoride approved as a drug or a natural health product as motioned by Peel Region, and below is their response;

From: Charles G Wilkinson [mailto:charles.wilkinson@hc-sc.gc.ca] On Behalf Of nhpd_dpsn_info
Sent: April-30-12 10:52 AM
To: Diane Di
Subject: Re: FW: Peel Region calls to regulate fluoride.

Good Morning,

Thank you for your inquiry. In Canada, responsibility regarding the safety of drinking water generally lies with the provincial and territorial governments. Health Canada worked with the provinces and territories, through the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water, to develop the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. The provinces and territories use the Guidelines to establish their own requirements for drinking water quality and have sole responsibility regarding implementation. The request that Health Canada regulate municipal drinking water supply treatment chemicals as drugs is an issue that falls outside the jurisdiction of the Food and Drugs Act.


Natural Health Products Directorate
Direction des produits de santé naturels
Tower/Tour A, Qualicum, AL 3301
2936 rue Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
Fax: (613) 948-6810

Don’t let Hamilton decision makers pass the buck and pull the wool over your eyes. They know it will go nowhere – they are buying time.

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