Time to write something really witty and thought-provoking on the 2012 Bilderbergers

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s Bilderberg! This time around, in Chantilly, Virginia ((cue Pink Floyd…) to play in the background).

But, most of you don’t know that, do you? Not a clue that at a hotel somewhere in Virginia they have erected fences to either keep the animals in, or keep them out. Depends on which side you are on. The ones inside are prisoners of their own, so-called success and stature, and the rest are mere spectators hoping to grab a glimpse of one of those responsible for “scumbaggery”.

Most of you don’t have a clue who the Bilderberg Group is because of where you get your news, and if someone would bring them up, you would say, “who?”.  “How come I never heard of them before now?”. Well, for one, for a long time, the media they call mainstream has kept it a secret. And according to the beleaguered David Rockefeller, he is happy that the media has kept their group secret or they would not have been able to get the world to the New World  Order stage. Congratulations press, you aided and abetted the dark side. Did I mention they might sing happy birthday to Rockefeller again this year as they did last year? Must have slipped my mind.

Those people that are in the know can remember when they woke up to a reality of the world that had them saying, “No way, I can’t believe things really work that way”. To them, now that they have awoken to a new reality, you are “still asleep”, a sheeple – – a guy who doesn’t have a clue. And, that’s who they were at one time in the recent past – – a sheeple just like you.

They can recall the stages of progression they went through. Watching youtube videos of 9/11 and the building collapses. That would be all THREE of the buildings not TWO. Get it –  THREE! The third all by itself a couple blocks over caused by minor fires, although the owner of the building said it was being “pulled” because they had suffered a great loss of life already. As if that makes sense to anybody, geesh. It only makes sense when you realize this owner guy took out a really big, terror- clause- included insurance policy and stood to rake in  $billions when all THREE of those buildings bit the dust. And turn to dust they did. No falling over, no, no, no. They were all pulverized to the ground, and well, there was lots of dust.

And, if you were as asleep as many of us were at 9/11 you would recall seeing George Bush on TV, repeatedly telling us who was to blame – – that evil Osama bin Laden. You would likely recall thinking to yourself how did they come up with that so fast? How do they know who did it? Who the heck is Osama bin Laden?

You might also recall the speech where George W. Bush told you not to believe the outrageous conspiracy theories that would come out after the evidence was uncloaked.

Strange, if what happened was the truth then why, you might have told yourself, would the President have to tell us not to believe what should not have come out in the first place – – that the “official story” would be questionable?

We all trusted the government of the United States, right? Why would these people with incredible power, entrusted by a political process use that power against the people that elected them? That wouldn’t be right. That would, dare I say be kind of evil, wouldn’t it? They wouldn’t do that.

But wait…..if my little world that I see has corruption, why should the bigger world that I pay no attention to be any different. They just  play higher stakes. But, would I be naive to  assume that they are all working for the common good?

Would I be able to relate to the book, “Classified Woman” , written by a former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, who clearly came to America from Turkey for the advantages of Freedom? Would I be able to relate to her writings because I could see myself in her, as she uncovered a rabbit hole of corruption, one step and level at a time?

Well, let’s look at it this way. You know of people that are less than ethical, right? Everyone complains about topics like unfairness at work, at the kids’ school, the soccer field, or how about the hockey league? You know what I’m getting at – – you have seen corruption where power is, right?

Well, think of the world like a big extension of the little league baseball team, and you wonder if the commissioner is skimming the books, and pocketing some profits. Or, if they have a service or a friend who would stand to gain by being a supplier of oh I dunno, let’s say hockey pants that they make all the rep players wear. They could get rid of a bunch of junk that can’t be sold to anyone else, and the man’s a hero. Nobody would be the wiser. The league or the business heads would all stand up and cover for the guy, and it would all blow over. Know what I mean?

Now, on a bigger scale, to pull off a scam, you would need to have broader influence. That would, in the case of a country or the globe, influence in the media. The truthers, and conspiracy theorists would call the “whore media”, the MSM or mainstream media; the “bought and paid for branch” to keep things contained; to stop that “truth” from surfacing. To stop, in the words of George W. Bush those “conspiracy theorists” getting their opinions out. To ensure that you think of those people as crazy, nutjob kooks – – anarchists that deserve to be jailed, pepper-sprayed, and followed by annoying insect like drones, anything – – just don’t let them turn you into a zombie. Don’t listen to these people, they are crazy.

So, as you listen to political radio or TV or read an article in a newspaper there will be consistency to help you form your expertise. After all, you might pride yourself to be a political scientist, with a masters in the left vs. the right. You would not want to realize, by one of these kooks, that you have been played like a fiddle – – that the elites (that are attending Bilderberg) have masterfully fooled the pants off you. You would be pissed to find out that the left and the right are like two puppets in a puppet show, and the guys above are pulling the strings and controlling the agenda – – whether the lefty or the righty was “pitching”.

Yes, Bilderberg. There is so much to say, and to learn, and in another famous analogy, so many rabbit holes to go down. If you do, you might feel lonely as you try to explain to your friends and neighbours that they have been duped – – like you – – into believing that the people at the top are different than everybody else.

You might have a hard time explaining how folks can be bought by the lure of money, power, and influence. That some buy into the world where a call girl can be had at the clap of the hands, like some mystic god or king with unlimited resources.

Perhaps the power means nothing if it can’t be shared. And what I mean is, if there wasn’t an organizer in Chantilly this year telling the little people that they have machine guns (and they are not afraid to use them), then they wouldn’t be able to measure their power by comparing it to the lemmings.

So, there is a fence to show that the animals are either being contained or kept out. Again, depending on how you look at it of course.

There is so much more to tell, we could write a book. Thankfully many books have already been written. So many stories have been told. You just have to find them, and grow your desire to find out the mission of those behind the fence, meeting in Chantilly, VA this weekend.

The fascination of those outside continues. Where it ends is anyone’s guess.


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