Twists and Turns: Webster Tarpley flexes his knowledge muscle leaving Alex Jones scrambling

Tarpley attacks Ron and Rand Paul as self-serving sellouts

On the GCN Network, way at the bottom of choices is “World Crisis Radio”. That is the show hosted by Webster Tarpley (

Complete with classical music leading into breaks, Tarpley has been a weak sister for years, taking a second or third seat to the likes of Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and others, with his methodical, well thought out arguments to what is happening in a global, geo-political landscape.

Libertarians critical of Webster Tarpley would describe him as a bit of a socialist who sees a place for government entitlement programs, describing healthcare as a “right” that was indeed part of the Constitution.

In the interview below, Tarpley and Jones duke it out.

Tarpley has come out swinging with accusations that are at the very least intriguing:

  • Ron Paul is the vote-taker from Mitt Romney’s opponents throughout the presidential debates
  • Rand Paul has met with Romney to discuss a possible VP position, but Romney does not need him as the tide has turned politically, and Mitch Daniels could now be the VP choice
  • Ron Paul’s $1 Trillion promise to cut the budget would be devastating to those on food stamps and lead to deaths.
  • Ron Paul’s campaign goal was nepotism, by providing insider jobs for family, and I suppose the biggest of these is securing a future for Rand.
  • Bilderberg would be well-served by the harsh line of a libertarian economic crash, where it would hold support for pulling the rug out from under those that rely on government

And futher, where is the power of the people who rely on their pension plans and trade unions to secure their wealth? Good arguments all, that deserve an answer. We looked closely at the apparent mission of Glenn Beck: to diffuse awareness of the Bilderbergers, and to support the quashing of pensions and trade unions.

But there have been some aspects that Tarpley mentions that might tie into other past events.

Neil Calvuto, in discussion with Ron Paul a while ago mentioned something that seemed rather strange – – that there would be a place in government for Ron Paul somewhere.

Ron Paul would not comment or touch on the issue of the birth certificate of Obama, nor would he come out directly on the issue of 9/11 truth. To put it in comparative terms, what campaign platform would Alex Jones have if he were running for President? I think we can see where there has been compromise at the very least, and if you are going to convey victory on the ideal of unleashing “ideas”, why not go for broke?

However, Tarpley is assuming many things also, and Alex Jones may have lost some composure in defending the only man in Congress close to defending the liberties of Americans.

Ron Paul has repeatedly stressed that it is a mission of ideas. The idea that the Federal Reserve should be abolished; that wars should be declared by Congress not the United Nations; that they need fiscal policy based on sound currency.

Perhaps Tarpley is missing these crucial ideas that are the true Ron Paul victory despite the outcome of the Republican leadership convention. As Jones would say, “nobody can stop an idea whose time has come”. The idea of liberty is here.

And Tarpley describes marijuana as a narcotic, and perhaps misses the idea that the war on drugs is really a war to ensure the profits go to the globalist bankers – – a big business that fuels their agenda. Of course we know that Ron Paul has injected the common sense idea to make drugs legal, that would in turn stop the cartel profiting from the scheme. On the issue of ensuring people die because of food stamp programs being slashed: I cannot see Ron Paul wanting that to be the result. However, the globalists sure would.

Bilderberg and the globalist controllers would know they have an obstacle in Ron Paul and Rand Paul. They would be well aware that using them for their gain would be prudent to further their agenda.

With Peter Thiel’s contribution to the Ron Paul campaign and Rand Paul’s discussion with Mitt Romney, that might have enough political analysts making or supporting similar arguments to Webster Tarpley.

You have to hand it to Alex Jones in one sense: He knows that by releasing this video, this argument is now on the table and won’t leave. And, with a quest to uncover all truths, I am sure he will give it the justice it deserves.

As Tarpley pointed out in the interview, “maybe I’m doing God’s work after all”.


5 responses to “Twists and Turns: Webster Tarpley flexes his knowledge muscle leaving Alex Jones scrambling

  1. Good article, and fair considering it seems like you’re a libertarian. Just to comment on the ideas you said you think Tarpley may be missing, I’ve listened to Tarpley every week for over two years and these are issues he addresses constantly. He has said repeatedly the idea of auditing the Fed is kind of weak because we all know its bankrupt, corrupt, etc., but that the Fed should be nationalized and run by elected officials who at least would be held politically accountable for its policies. He’s against what Ron Paul would call “sound” currency because it has in fact been done before with disastrous consequences. Anybody who has any debt would be forced to pay back in gold what they borrowed in dollars, now who in their right mind would want that. If you read Ben Franklin’s autobiography you’ll see that paper money was an American idea long before 1776 and seen as a way to create economic growth, and rising standards of living without being constrained to gold. Of course Tarpley is for gold settlement between countries as a way of keeping national debts in check. And lastly, as Tarpley has said no one has been more against these wars than him, and Paul did in fact vote for the Afghan War. And as a US congressman you would think he could actually do more to try to stop wars, like perhaps bills of impeachment, than he has been doing which really is just alot of rhetoric seemingly to gain supporters. Also, on the drug war, you could read a book called Dope Inc by a political organization that Tarpley used to be involved with and you’ll see that their are in fact very powerful financier interests that want drugs legalized. When marijuana was first made illegal in the early 20th century there was a conference of countries that all decided to make it illegal at the same time and guess who was against it: the British. That tells you all you need to know.

    • benefitsontario

      Thanks M. Very interesting! Appreciate your extra reading and research areas. I will put it on the list, like a rabbit hole that keeps getting deeper 🙂

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