Inside Ron Paul: Are ideas enough? Where’s the gusto?

The Patriot Movement has prided itself on awareness of 911 and it’s effect on our liberties. Are we sure our political leader shares the same sentiment?

Further to our last article on Webster Tarpley’s apparent sudden attack on Ron Paul, the creative thinking juices have been kicking in big time. Tarpley had some thinking going on before he came with the crashing news. I don’t believe he would attack Paul without having observed his political wielding, and it makes me wonder where exactly is the head of Ron Paul in this Presidential race?

And, as mentioned, we compared Alex Jones the hypothetical candidate to the real Ron Paul candidate. How would they differ out of the gates? What would be their platform and talking points? How aggressive would one be compared to the other? Rhetorical no doubt – – Alex Jones, if he were to stick to his mission of global awareness would be clear on his stance:

  • 911 would be an inside job, and no war would be justified unless it were real
  • Bilderberg would be on the table
  • The Fed would have to go
  • on social policies, it’s hard to say. Jones is a compassionate guy and I am sure it would be tough to justify the pulling of social benefits. Instead, writing off the illegitimate debt would be on the table. If the US could reduce it’s debt because it was a ponzi scheme, there would be money for social programs.

So there we have it. The Ron Paul wish wash on 9/11 and voting in favor of the Afghan war because he believed Osama bin Laden was a threat flies in the face of Alex Jones’ warning ahead of time that the attack on 911 was a false flag.

I suppose then, Ron Paul was not in communicato with Alex Jones pre-911 because if he were, he might have had a different vote on the war effort to oust bin Laden.

But that is the point in listening to interviews in the past, isn’t it? Ron Paul in interview with Alex Jones never seemed to come right out in agreement with all of Jones’ talking points.

After the first Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, in 2008, a fine young fellow had a chance to ask Ron Paul what he thought it was the Bilderbergers were doing at the conference: Here is how he handled it:

Alex Jones has always said Ron Paul isn’t perfect but “he’s the best we got”.

Okay fine.

But, we in the truth movement were moved into the awakening because of 911. It was fundamental in the understanding that the Patriot Act was brought in to strip away our rights, and 911 was not only to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, but also to declare war on the American people. It was the smoking gun that woke us up. You would think the leader, the Presidential candidate for true hope and change would support this fundamental idea. Well, not so:

There’s more to be said. I fear we are just getting started. Stay tuned to Tarpley. I know I will be paying more attention to his political analysis, as he has awoken me to the inconsistencies in the Paul argument that we did pretty good.

I like Luke Rudkowski’s idea of hitting politicians with the hard questions. Well, here’s one for Luke. Get in front of Ron Paul and ask him if he thinks 911 was an inside job. What will you think of his answer then?

Pretty good isn’t good enough in a crisis of this proportion. If this is the best we got for hope of liberty and freedom, we are in dire shape.


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