Caller to Alex Jones asked if Pat Buchanan could testify for 9/11 Truth

Like Glenn Beck, the trick is to see who Alex Jones keeps hidden from view

On yesterday’s Alex Jones Show, a caller asked if Pat Buchanan could now be an asset for 9/11 truth.

Alex Jones responded somberly, saying that he did not know Buchanan well, and he only interviewed him 12 times over the years.

Now, is there anything wrong with this answer?

The caller did not ask how well Alex Jones knew Pat Buchanan, but that might as well have been the question, because Jones was quick to distance himself from discussing Buchanan.

Buchanan is believed to be a Knights of Malta, and is linked to Freemasonry. We can recall the issue brought up in the Webster Tarpley interview, where Tarpley mentioned Ron Paul’s link to Freemasonry.

The attack on Tarpley from Jones was on, complete with an attack article from Paul Joseph Watson, but today, conveniently it would seem Jones got Tarpley back. I wonder if Tarpley is part of the team, or if he still wishes Jones is still his friend.

So, Alex Jones gives you tons of truth does he? And, when he explains why he never speaks of the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and others, he is telling us that it is because there are good and bad in all organizations. Just like there are good Freemasons that do not know the top of the pyramid. In this clip below, see if you can get the rationalization. At best, he is saying the “globalist” (ghost, can’t pinpoint) bad guys are a combination of all the bad tops of all the organizations? Does that make sense? Would that make it impossible to do a proper investigation to finding the bad guys? You bet!

At the very least, wouldn’t it make more sense to investigate each organization fully to do, in the words of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a proper investigation?

And with all investigations, the first place to start is relationship connections. If you were to start to look at who is connected to who, you would be able to better assess who the ghosts are.

Knowing what they are doing to us in only half the battle. The other is knowing who they are, and that is the important missing element to all the “truth” Alex Jones brings to the table.


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