And the tanks come rollin’ in

Scenes like this one are apparently becoming all too common.

The economic collapse in America is imminent, and you may see soldiers on the streets.

This is the US government’s way of preparing for the inevitable.

But there is sound Biblical doctrine that Christians must abide by. As Jesus said turn the other cheek, so must all Christians. We must not be provoked to violence.

Controlled opposition fronts have been in our midst for many years. Since the founding in the 50’s of the John Birch Society, the “amazing” predictions of the founder and other followers leaves one wondering how in the world they could have predicted, with such accuracy of the coming collapse without being part of the team.

The concept is called “controlled opposition” because they tell us truth with the intent that we buy into the sources as sound, and then they are able to contain our opposition and direct it in the path they choose.

The fear is violent revolution. Although many of these fronts profess peace, they actually create anger, promote gun ownership and thus are leading into the revolution. Cults operate in similar ways. They isolate you and make you believe you are privy to “special information” and when others do not see it, then they can be marked as stupid. Your mission, is to bring these naysayers along and have them join the club. Beware, this is simply a cult to brainwash you.

There really is a war on for your mind!

Don’t fall into the trap

Peace is the only answer.

And, here is a youtuber who I have been watching, who lives in California, and has covered many interesting stories of people and their economic situation. George4title brings us up to speed on what is happening in California, Detroit, and some of the quicker to be affected areas of the United States.


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