Tarp – – Investigate Alex as a supporter of the (laugh, laugh) John Birch Society

Tarpley said, “Why are we so obsessed with trivia?”

Well, it would seem every time Jones interviews him now is to discredit Tarpley, any way he can. For pete’s sake, ask yourself why!

I would suggest the true agenda be explored. There is a cover up of power broker bosses similar to those that Glenn Beck was protecting. Jones seems a little touchy on the subject of the Koch Brothers. Well, for one he can be found defending them. Second, at the close of the 2012 Bilderberg meeting on the ride home in the motor home, suddenly there was a leaked document from a past Bilderberg meeting which claimed to have a union head in the meeting. This was then inferred that since a union leader was with Bilderberg, unions must be bad and must be stopped. Oh yeah! Stripping unions would fit the Koch agenda. And Jones needs to wonder where Tarpley would be critical of the Koch influence seeping into the agenda of Infowars? Fishy indeed.

The John Birch Society, it has been researched was funded by Rockefeller, and is a controlled opposition front. The reason it is so accurate can be said to be due to the fact that it is designed to control the opposition that would grow from the swath the New World Order would cut through the world. It’s easy to be accurate when you know what your masters are doing.

You can laugh all you want, Jones-Bourne conspiracy supporters. But you had better wake up to the second phase of deception.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?


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