The Coyotes? Oh yeah, that.

Theory time. What year was it that Jim Balsillie tried to buy the Coyotes? Was it 2008, 2009, or 2010?

Well, many moons ago at the very least.

Remember the penalty clause for breaking the lease? Wonder if it is coming to up to expire? Would that explain the charade of prancing proposed owners in and out to give the illusion that this is actually going to be sold to a local buyer (hahahaha)?

Was it all a distraction to get everyone to go to sleep for a few years in the hope that you will miss some maneuvers out there as they build arenas and keep the hockey loss leader in place while they get at the real money of taxpayer-funded developments of Casinos, apartments, business complexes, and oh, yeah, the new arena that gets to go there to make your city “viable” as a franchise location for the “world-class” NHL hockey. Yeah, baby, yeah!

So, is it coming to an end? Is the penalty to break the albatross lease just about done in Glendale? Are the investors from sands of a different land finally reaching the end of their payment guarantees, and now it is cost-effective to move this vulture to somewhere that hopefully can support the inflated salaries and egos that go with it?

Stay tuned for the ever-long-run.

Now, we resume our regularly scheduled blogging……


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