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Bigg Buff: “T” is for “Team”: Get it?

dustin-byfuglien-hockey-headshot-photo (1)┬áIf the team stays together and plays like a team, things will be okay. That, after Dustin Byfuglien was asked a few questions. And the same answer popped out time and again. I hate to use a comparison, but he reminded me of Stephen Harper when asked why reporters were not allowed to ask questions in his media scrums. The answer was not direct to the point of the question. In the case of Harper, not so good. In the case of big Buff – – perfect!

You see, a team is successful when their is no need for finger pointing. If a man makes a mistake, there is no show of emotion from a teammate to his colleague. If Winnipeg returns in this series and makes a go of it – – one important game at a time – – it will show one thing: There is no “I” in “team”.

And for me, that is the important victory of this season. The Jets showed character in clawing back and improving their game. If there is one criticism I can make in three games going into the third with a lead, the 1 – 2-1 hang back mentality is going to have to go out. A three goal lead is the best defence a team can have, whereas a one goal “hanging on” is not.

The strategy will have to change in game 4 and beyond. The killer instinct, best defence is a good offence will have to come into play, and the Jets will have to put the Ducks away one step at a time. The good news is the “lucky Ducks” think there is a pattern here, and their feathers will not get ruffled. This would be a perfect time to pull out the buckshot and show the Duck that it is hunting season.

So, Big Buff and coach Maurice, who defended him to the media by saying he was holding back a ton of “F Bombs” will have their work cut out for them tonight and hopefully the nights ahead.

Would these Jets have it any other way?