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Bettman doesn’t just have Calgary in his sights: Arizona hasn’t paid off Glendale yet, and he wants a new arena built there too (with taxpayers footing the bill, of course)


Forget it Calgary. Don’t listen to Gary Bettman tell you it’s his last arena to fix to world-class standards. CalgaryNext ┬áisn’t his only captive in the “do it or lose your team” coercion ploy.

He actually has the nerve now to go after Arizona again, and before the Glendale taxpayers even had a chance to pay off their arena, and enjoy the fruits of the Coyotes, Bettman is telling them the team must locate to a new business district or relocate away from Arizona. Nice touch. It took us a while during their first plight to realize it was all about land development, not hockey, and we still wonder how the payoff works exactly.

It really makes one wonder (not really) where the sales drive passion is rooted with Bettman. What exactly does the sole Commissioner of 20 plus years have to gain by threatening franchises and cities unless they spend taxpayer money to develop land?


Calgary Flames owner is now holding the City hostage (a la NHL Land Development Scam)


Calgary Flames threaten city

Mayor tells Bettman nobody wants to pay for this!