About Craig Ferguson (and Make it Eight, eh?)

Read why a land developer, the NHL, and the City of Glendale, AZ have visited this site!

My name is Craig Ferguson. I am a resident of Hamilton, Ontario, and a life, disability, and benefits broker operating BenefitsOntario.com.  I am also a supporter of ethical causes, and this is why I support the cause to bring back hockey to Canada.

I strongly believe Canada can support and deserves more professional hockey, especially since our current teams contribute most of the revenues to the NHL. You can visit our twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/makeiteighteh and join the cause to support Canadian hockey, a great economy booster and community uniter.

Please go here to enter the main page.

Please leave me your thoughts and comments, even if your opinion does not support mine.

And, if you want to visit a Jets’ inspired fan that has gone to a lot of trouble over a number of years, please visit http://www.jetsowner.com.


30 responses to “About Craig Ferguson (and Make it Eight, eh?)

  1. Craig – I believe the date of June 24 on your article of that date should read July 24

    Patrick R

  2. Hey Craig,
    I enjoy reading your rants on Makeitseven.ca and wondering why you are supporting a team in Winnipeg when you are a resident of Hamilton? I am resident of Winnipeg also however I don’t think the current configuration of the True North Arena in Winnipeg can support a NHL hockey team. What do you think?


    • Hi Steener, I remember reading a website from a man in Winnipeg who had done a lot of thinking, and he concluded that with ticket prices around $70 and with 15,000 seats, and some corporate support, it would be possible to support the team. Compare that to under 13,000 before the owner chips in to bring to 14,000 in Phoenix, at an average price of $39 with giveaways to boot, and Winnipeg should never have lost the Jets. Both Hamilton and Winnipeg and other provinces deserve teams, sp let’s spread the word and get hockey back to Canada, where it belongs! Thanks Steener!

  3. http://www.jetsowner.com

    For the best info in regards to your question steener

    Great reads, stumbled across this link on jetsowner actually, I’ll add it to my rotation of sites I visit 🙂

  4. I simply put “LOVE MAKE IT EIGHT”.

    As a huge hockey fan living in Canada I cant find enough articles and publications revolving around the Phoenix scandal ongoing to satisy my appetite, then I came to Make it eight.com!!
    Make it eight appears to be the only source for the real indepth info, why is that? CBC not interested that much? You would think with the amount of interest bubbling CBC would be more inspired in reporting. Why after reading all of your posts and articles would i ever watch another NHL game is beyond me at this point? I’m thouroughly pissed!

    This is a National pastime with connections obvious to or heritage as a Country……Wheres our political will??

    I wont rant to long but would like to ask you something………why dont you plaster yourself and your aticles “make it eight” all over phoenix media links or blogs. If I lived in Glendale and read this stuff I’d be heading down to the Mayors office right about….NOW!

    If I was from Glendale”I would be even more angry than I am currently am living in Hamilton”. WOW Gary youve outdone yourself this time.

    These crooks have robbed from the public.
    Broke the law it appears.
    Began an National movement against there own NHL interests..ie:.make it 7-8-9.
    Gets Boooed everywhere he goes in public
    Stolen an National treasure (Stanley Cup) and wont play nice now!
    Pissed off an entire Country
    Lost millions of dollars in there business policies with regards to southern expansion.
    Stole Winnepeg Jets
    Stole Quebec Nords
    emabarassed all NHL fans with that awards show.
    AND IS PLAIN HARD ON THE EYES!!!! ugly little……

    You need to access the Phoenix public and then sit back and watch the fire grow… and grow…you get the idea, thanks for reading and keep up the “fantastic journalism”

    Long live the Hammer!

    You stand alone in this regard and I personally would like to thank you.

  5. Why would the Bruins owner be willing to take such a strong stand against a team Southern Ontario unless it affected their own interests?…..I came across the following on a discussion board and it doesn’t look like too many people have done any leg work on this but please follow the link, http://www.allbusiness.com/legal/legal-services-litigation/12407836-1.html. It appears Delaware North has some outstanding litigation in regards to building a casino in Buffalo… Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs happens to be Chairman of the Board for a company called Delaware North, not sure if it’s the same Delaware North but it begs the question, why would the Boston Bruins want to block a team in Hamilton… perhaps an NHL team in the Hammer would potentially tap in to a revenue stream for this casino in which a certain Bruins owner may have a vested interest… at least to me, the article definitely speaks to the “character” of a certain nay-sayer.
    Craig you’ve been doing a great job on this site, keep it up.

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  8. THE LEGAL LOOPHOLE FOR JIM *************************** Section 4.3 of the league constitution grants each team exclusive control over its “home territory,” stating that, “no other member of the League shall be permitted to play games … in the home territory of a member without the latter member’s consent. No franchise shall be granted for a home territory within the home territory of a member, without the written consent of such a member.” *********************************************************** Since the Coyotes franchise is not “GRANTED” by the NHL, this point is moot, it will be purchased! ******* The section stating “”no other member of the League shall be permitted to play games … in the home territory of a member without the latter member’s consent.” Is thus illegal & a pure case of restraint of trade!!!

  9. Steener25, If they can sell Panther tickets in Miami for $5, and give away pairs of Coyote tickets when you buy groceries, I’m sure hockey will work in Winnipeg. I’m sure you can jam an extra 3,000 standing room at True North Arena!

  10. Craig I have been reading from your website for about a week now. Wish I had found it sooner. Very interesting articles and many facts that jibe with my own thoughts on this Coyote boondoogle by the NHL. You latest article about what Moyes would have said caught my eye and I was just wondering how you obtained the info. It would certainly seem to have to had come from either Moyes himself or someone privy to Moyes intended presentation to Glendale council.

    • Hi MadHungarian!
      Sorry, you will find the link to the information which, you are right, came from Jerry Moyes himself.

      Glad you are onboard, and get set for the rest of the ride!
      Take care! Craig

  11. I am not a lawyer, but I my reading comprehension is pretty good. It seems to me from reading Judge Baum’s decision that the lease still stands. Page 25
    ….Given that conclusion, the court does not need to resolve the numerous issues regarding Glendale and the AUMLA.”

    On page 21, Glendale’s damages for breaking the lease are given as over $560 million with a present value of over $289 million.

    If the NHL bid, sweetened by $8 million for Gretzky and, say, $50-$100 million for Moyes, is accepted, I think they NHL or at least its Phoenix subsdiary are still liable for that lease.

    The NHL could be stuck with this team for a long time.

  12. Had fun posting comments on the Make it Seven website. I also support the idea of returning the Jets back to Winnipeg, regardless of which team it is. Let’s not stop at eight. Perhaps make it ten, including Winnipeg. As I said on the other site, include Quebec City and Halifax (possibly the Islanders) into the mix with Winnipeg and Hamilton. Just saw a picture of the fan support for the Coyotes in Phoenix. Pathetic! Thirteen years of lost money, well hope Bettman has fun with it and the sun-belt experiment while it lasts, because his free ride will soon be over.

  13. Here’s a thought! I know I said make it ten with Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton, Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Still do so to make it even. However, if the NHL wanted to add an eleventh team in Canada, perhaps Saskatoon should get some consideration to create a prairie rivalry with Winnipeg. But if we can’t make it ten or eleven, we’ll gladly accept nine Canadian teams in order to bring respectability back to the NHL and prove that it’s our game.

  14. http://www.infowars.com



    people better wake up
    youtube chemtrails
    youtube the speech that got JFK KILLED

  15. This is a must read coming straight out of the mouth of our PM !

    National sovereignty is no longer his governments priority!



  16. Craig,

    If this isn’t a hockey site any more, please change the name. What you are doing is inappropriate. You are using people’s interest in sport to spew your political leanings. I don’t agree with the leanings and I most certainly don’t agree with the method.

    • benefitsontario

      Patrick, with all due respect to you, I understand your argument. Make it Eight, eh? is about injustice – to Moyes, to Canadian Hockey, to Canadians, and now mankind. This was always a political site, as it was always a political battle. Who knows, if the world gets to where it needs to be, I would love to have the only problem the shortage of Canadian pro hockey. Right now however, we must fight for our freedoms and our country! I hope you join the fight sooner than later my friend!

  17. I just have to say, “you gotta love these globalist dirtbags eh Craig?” Patrick Nolan, if you can tell Craig what to do then logically that means, I can turn around and do the same to you… so shut up you globalist eugenicist… the hand that feeds you will one day strangle you … you and your kind are nothing more than “useless eaters” or “useful slaves” to your precious “new old world order” motley crew of gangsters… why don’t you just go back to your slave labour, mind deadening job and continue ignoring your fluoridated MK mind controlled disney television raised products you call offspring… and keep tellin’ yourself, “This can’t be true, this can’t be happening!” when they are cavity searching you while processing you at the “camps” (made just for you and your family, no less) for you are nothing more than a sacrificial blood bag to the elite… and why don’t you keep guzzlin’ your liver killing poisons, idolizin’ mere men who play with “balls” (no less) and stay “medi-cin-eeeee-cated” by all those “wonder” pills you choke down every day just to be able to get outta bed… what does it matter anyways? They offer your unborn children to the dead false god Molech (of satan’s kingdom) in the name of “pro-choice” and you don’t even believe there is a devil…lol…

    Dead dogs are they all Lord… Let God be true and every man a liar. Selah. If you don’t repent, you will burn for sure. Lot vexed his own soul because of the wickedness of men and so do I… If you still think it is a “free” country, you are dead wrong. This country is neither free now nor has it ever been, no not in the least… the very men who deem themselves to be our “masters” hijacked the history books, so long ago it doesn’t even matter anymore… the G2O just proved that we are living in a police state… believe me, this is just the beginning of civil liberty violations by govt… evil is right out in the open now… it doesn’t hide in the shadows any longer… the “actors” in the legislative arena are all bought, made and paid by “Hers'” truly, the mother of what again? It is all going down the drain right before our very eyes and everyone is sleeping with their hands folded… But we know there is an end to all this madness of mere men and their dead false god lucifer… For Jesus of Nazareth HAS always been, always IS and will always BE the TRUTH of YAHWEH – ADONAI – The GREAT I AM. Repent and receive Jesus Christ and live! or die in your sins. Amen.

    On another note, I had a dream about you Craig, it was the end of the world and you were trying to call me on the phone, however, when you finally got through all you could do was repeat your name over and over again because the connection was so bad and sadly, while you began to speak, the world ended and the phone line went dead… wonder how close we really are? It has its own scent… take a lil *sniff* ~Dawn~

    • I dont know who you are but GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU SAID HERE

      amen and amen jesus is god

      he loves the world and everything you said here is right ON

      floridated medicated chlorinated sports addicted IDIOTS

      that dont EVEN want to see the trees LET ALONE THE FOREST

      and the FOREST IS ON FIRE and they still cant see


  18. J. Edgar Hoover, Conspiracy quotes:

    We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. … The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.

  19. what happened?

    how did makeitseven.ca disappear un noticed? a google search brings up nothing. like it never existed. was it simply balsillie not renewing the domain? is this a precursor for canada getting a team? simply.. play nice, ie. take down the site, and down the road we will talk?

  20. In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play… He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation…At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession. — National Education Association Journal, 1946

  21. How about Injustice to Ice Edge Holdings? Ferguson: End the Injustice to Ice Edge !

    • benefitsontario

      Daryl, you are a smart man. There was never a way with concessions that this team would find a new owner. Either you and the boys were duped into helping the NHL stall, appearing like they care, or I don’t know what to say. Maybe you can get in on the deal when the team moves. Where will it be ? QC? Seattle? Vegas? Or perhaps somewhere else that lined the pockets of these guys by building an arena “district” on the backside of the loss leader NHL franchise. You seem like you care about hockey. Unfortunately, hockey alone for these greedsters is not enough. Look at Edmonton. They are being played now for the taxpayer-funded folly they squeezed Glendale for. The roadshow has moved North, but it is still the same act.

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