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Not getting their way is exactly what they want (Part One)

What in the world is going on?

We have the resignation of Ron Paul from politics but not from life. The man for many years that stood for the principles of liberty, sound currency backed by gold, and the ceasing of needless, endless war stepped down.

We have an escalation in turmoil. Obama is under fire for his very eligibility with a phony looking, adobe acrobat layered birth certificate that was not scanned in even if fake to make it look real, oh no my goodness – – it was created in cyberspace and even to the man who knows the basics of adding content to an adobe document can see that it has layers of deceit that if we didn’t know any better was meant to create an issue.

Before Ron Paul retired, we know he got a generous campaign donation from none other than Peter Thiel, and according to Paul, he cannot control who donates to his cause or his coffers. So, I suppose Paul is saying that Thiel may have misdirected his payment and didn’t intend to line Paul’s pockets. What a fool Mr. Thiel is. Doesn’t he realize Paul stands for liberty and freedom and Thiel, well, he is a Bilderberger. Need we say more?

We have had Alex Jones supporting any idea that Ron Paul could and can muster, and sometimes supporting Paul’s ideas before Paul even thought them up first – amazing stuff.

Glenn Beck, although opposed and mocking of Alex Jones (and vice versa) were like the guys on the Austin Powers series: “We are not so different you and I”. These guys seemed to interlay similar government bashing with slight twists. Beck claims 911 truthers are dangerous like Van Jones, and  (Alex) Jones supports 911 truth supporters as the epicentre of all things conspiracy. Both however back the buying of gold. Beck leans towards Obama the communist, and Jones to Obama the puppet of the elite. Both create a following, slightly divided but both mad at their government.

Jones appears on Fox News once in a while, under attack, and being watched closely by the police around the studio, while Glenn Beck has never appeared on the Alex Jones Show. They are like arch enemies in a family that hates each other, but blood is thicker than water —  so they are so similar in so many ways you really have to wonder if they are somehow on the same team.

Yes, just about every week, Alex Jones has the “most important broadcast he has ever done”, and you are supposed to feel special. Well, do you?

We have the NSA spy scandal, the gun running Fast and Furious issue, Benghazi, and all the things that could take Obama to impeachment waiting on the brink.

All these issues. Isn’t it great we have guys like Alex Jones and even Glenn Beck to keep bringing us “the truth”? Wasn’t it great to have had the common sense politician bring it to us in clear, easy to understand language that the government is not really run by the people but the Federal Reserve who prints money out of thin air? Hasn’t it been great that the powers that be have been exposed and continue to be exposed without interruption day after day, broadcast after broadcast, year in, year out?

Aren’t we lucky to have been told the truth, and we can take it to our friends, and neighbours  and family and “wake them up to the same reality we now know”? Great, right?

Well, hold on a second will ya?

Let’s all take a deep breath, stand back, and look at a much bigger picture and see if it makes sense.

The minority that wants to control the world may or may not be all at Bilderberg, but that is where the bullhorn gets a lot of action. The world controllers responsible for the banking collapse, the Euro, the Euro zone, global warming propaganda, and eugenics are funnelled to a location every year that Jones and the troop can gather and exchange stories, heck who knows, maybe light a campfire and roast weenies, who knows?

Alex Jones in 2013 said that in the UK where the meeting was, there was likely anti-aircraft missiles at wait, standing by, but there was no doubt a no fly zone imposed over the Bilderberg confab. Yes, he said that in a BBC interview:

So, take a step back now. Deep breath. Relax. Ready?

The guys at Bilderberg that run the show are a few in number. Most are looking really old because they are old. There is no fountain of youth. They are frail and they are few. The world’s population on the other hand is vast. Billions of people. The vast majority of people are not going to allow a few to take over.

The FEMA camps that are claimed to be the new death camps are waiting for the trains to show up with the first of those that are to be taken to the “camps”, like in the days of Hitler. Jones makes several inferences to the similarity. Let’s also remember that the world fought Hitler and the world won.

How many people can fit in these camps, even at capacity? Will the billions of earth’s inhabitants fit? No, of course not.

The entire truth movement’s agenda is to get you to “wake up”, then wake up the masses to the takeover by the elite.

Guys like Jones claim the only reason the globalists have not killed him is because   his operation would take on a second wind and become more credible. Jones would think I suppose, that he would be a martyr. That is the reason why his exposing of the globalists is stopping them in their tracks. Sound credible? Really?

So, if the conspiracy theory leaders get enough people to wake up to the world takeover by the elite, we can “continue to expose them thus we can stop these people”. Exposing them is the way to ensure they slow down their global agenda of eugenics.

From Ron Paul, if we can end the Federal Reserve we can return to sound currency of gold.

Time to step back again.

If gold becomes the world reserve currency again, we need to ask ourselves who would have all the power if that were the case? If your assets and mine are in the current currency, including pension plans backed by stock market investments, who would stand to lose the most if the slate is wiped clean, and gold became the basis of money again (at this point)? Right: We lose. At least the majority of us would.

If Ron Paul, when running for President was able to implement his budget cuts, reducing food stamps to 30 cents a meal per person who would lose?

So, if we really listen to the leaders of liberty are we going to win or be wiped out, left to die on the streets?

If each state really seceded from the union would this be a division or a unification move? United we stand (and are strong), divided we fall (because we have been weakened). Who suggested it was our “right” to be informed of the right to secession? You got it – – Ron Paul. Who backed him on one of his “most important broadcasts he has ever done”? Right again – – Alex Jones. Starting to see something here?

What is it you want the most right now if you are a conspiracy theorist? Do you want it to be over? Do you want to be proven right? Do you want the collapse to occur to prove to your friends and your family that you were not crazy?

Take a step back and think this over.

Is it better to be right or happy? Is it more important to be right than secure financially? Is it most important to be right, if it means the globalists got their way and we are all slaves?

What has your conspiracy theory following done to you?

Are you living off government subsidies because you don’t have a job, have reduced ambition, and given further reason to give up by your daily following of Alex Jones telling you how hopeless we are, and that the American Dream is Dying?

What has been the result of following the leaders?

Have you stocked up on guns and ammunition? Have you stockpiled food, water, and other weapons waiting for the apocalyse? Have you succumbed and resolved the fact that this is coming and there is no way for you or anybody else to stop it?

Do you really think that those that have will not help those that don’t? Have you been convinced that your gun is going to protect you from the military on the streets (someone’s dad, uncle, aunt or mom) from coming to your home and dragging you off to one of those death camps?

Do you really think those few old people, some of whom might be at Bilderberg are capable of controlling and pulling so many strings, and capable of convincing so many people that this is the way it needs to be, and you have no power?

Well, the conspiracy theory leaders would lead you to believe that now wouldn’t they? And, aren’t they doing that right now to you? Aren’t they telling you to prepare because the all powerful elite are going to get their way?

That is, unless the leaders like Alex Jones can convince you to wake up your friends in large numbers and stop them, right?

If you are convinced that the Fed needs to end, and the government is evil, you can overthrow your government, end the Fed, return to sound currency, and watch a whole bunch of peoples’ wealth and income, and food stamps go down the drain, hooray!!

You will have won if you can do that. Great work. Where will it get you?

Well, they would tell you that it is better to bite the bullet, face the music now and rebuild. That would mean wiping out your income, security, and basically the future of your family, kids, and grandchildren. It’s the way it has to be, and well, like you say, let’s get it over with already – – bring on the collapse! Yes, you can rebuild and become heros if you don’t get to watch sitcoms anymore.

We will continue to expand on this. But for now, beware of who you listen to.

Are you really sure the guys that are the leaders of liberty are really out to serve your best interests, or could they be directing the masses to wish for their own destruction? Are you really certain what you are wishing for isn’t what the elite want you to want? Are you sure by winning you are not losing?

With Alex Jones and other leaders fighting them off and protecting humanity, are the elite really losing? By not getting their way, are the elite getting what they desire because you are wishing for your own demise?

Could they be using certain (controlled opposition) leaders to win so you feel victorious, but in reality getting you to want what they want? Clever if true, right?

We will continue soon…..


The Complicated deceptions of Conspiracy Theory: How one side refuses to bring it all to the table

This is the first in a new train of thought in the examination of the very interesting infighting taking place amongst conspiracy theorists, and what the theater may actually mean.

It was not that long ago that a conspiracy theory funny man, Charlie Veitch, shocked the conspiracy world with his sudden about face on his belief that 9/11 was an inside job. Suddenly, Veitch seemed to drink the kool aid of the official story of the governments, and defended the collapse of the buildings official story that fires could have been responsible.

Not long before that time, Veitch was in Toronto to join Dan Dicks, a Canadian liberty fighter, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist, who defends Alex Jones as just an honest guy that seems genuine.

Dicks has added in early November 2012, that Veitch is now attacking him. Nothing like a little turncoat backstabbing to promote your more credible stance on things, and give the people something to latch on to.

It’s interesting that amongst the conspiracy theorists, there are apologists that will defend one another while under attack from former followers that notice something quite not right in the consistency department with the so-called leaders of the truth movement.

Dan Dicks, when defending Alex Jones, admitted that some have called him cointelpro as well, and the questioning amongst the libertarian types continues. There would be good reason for Dicks to want to keep the cash train rolling off the backside of Alex Jones’ support of the Canadian faction. It was not long ago we were told there would not be a Press for Truth without subscribing members, and well, it just would not exist. So, I suppose we must excuse those who get their fame from the guru’s endorsements, and the defense of the big guy is I suppose, understandable. But for those of us wanting it all on the table, it is not good enough, especially when films are being made to supposedly give us the big picture.

According to Dicks, “He seems legit. He seems credible”.

The Youtubers following Jones become conspicuous by their content. The “Alex Jones talking points” are noticeable in their arguments in their videos. There are some fundamentals of the direction these conspiracy theorists take.

The real question to Dicks should be, “Have you looked into the evidence to support the fact that he is controlled opposition? For a researcher and filmmaker, don’t you owe it to your audience to give it justice?”

Let’s have a look at the universal explanation why the world is so screwy

For one, it is a universal belief that the name Rothschild was derived from a “red shield” above a store of one of the Rothschild family members many, many years ago, and they adopted the name. In the quest of freedom and understanding of the big, bad bankers responsible for the collapse of modern society, a cartoon explaining how the Rothschilds used their power to take over the money supplies of the world through the Federal Reserve and other central banking systems emerged. The cartoon of course having the head of the beast sport a red shield to drive the point home, and sit in the subconscious so no other explanation would be needed, nor should be desired.

I am going to tell my family that I saw a rock on the road, and it moved me so much that I am changing our family name to the “Stoners”. That’s the heritage I want to have the world remember us by.

To drive the credibility home for good, a few years back, the guru of conspiracy theory, the self-determined “tip of the spear” Alex Jones interviewed the book pushing David de Rothschild, Jones made a point to ensure the “red shield” facade was driven home when he told de Rothschild, “I’m calling you out red shield!” Sure he is. Or, could it simply be a confirmation from one buddy to another that I am driving home a deception to his flock that “red shield” is the reason for the name Rothschild?

Only after questioning the entire truth movement would one want to learn the other potential explanations where “Rothschild” was derived from. And, googling “Barbara Aho, Rothschild”, you will find a reason that fits with counter-conspiracy idea that Zionism and the Biblical reasoning could hold merit. And, you would realize that what is taboo is very interesting. Could mainstream conspiracy theory be a front to confuse what might otherwise become apparent? Could the likes of Alex Jones and the flock be controlled opposition to throw us off the trail of the real enemies, their roots, affiliations and goals?
Well, when Barbara Aho explains that Rothschild means “Ruth’s Child”, the lineage of Jesus Christ, then this should get anyone’s attention. Prepare to want to delve deeper into the religious link to what is happening, and opening your mind to what is taboo to the Jones contingent – – the possibility that there exists a controlled opposition to bring many facts, but shape them in such a way to take you off an interesting course.

For those that “were” on Jones’ side at one time but had a bit of a wake up call to question the motives of their leader, they might, like me start to look for an explanation as to who he might really be, and what motive he may actually have.

For me, the interview with Webster Tarpley at the close of the Bilderberg 2012 meetings was that moment. Jones blasted Tarpley, defended Ron Paul, and downplayed some pretty significant points that Tarpley had about the Paul clan that should have been explored by a true truth seeker. But, the cover up seemed more important, and raised a big red flag for me and many others.

For one, why did Ron Paul accept campaign donations from Peter Thiel, a Bilderberger, and explain it away with the simple excuse that he cannot control who donates to the cause. If it were anybody else, the truth movement would have been bringing this up forever, and ensuring it was a talking point to bring others to the movement. But because it was the consistent Ron Paul, friend of the liberty movement and grandfather of the cause, it was brushed under the rug of the Jones-spawned truthers. And, after confronting a few of these guys on their YouTube accounts, they certainly have stuck to their guns.

And, ironically, where being “Illuminati” is bad, being a high level Freemason as Paul has been explained to be, it suddenly is an excuseable, avoidable topic.

Rand Paul’s coincidental endorsement of Mitt Romney had father Ron go into hiding for a period, as we all wondered if his political career was over. Speculation that Paul was a sellout for the advancement of his son went viral.

The defense of Ron Paul is an obvious sign of the Jones-bourne contingent toeing the party line. The man of liberty needs defense to keep the explanation of the big picture alive. If he were proven a fraud, what would that do to the “red shield”, evil banking, Federal Reserve enemy that is at the epicenter of the movement. It’s the big bad banking families and elites from Bilderberg that are responsible for the collapse of the world, and the ones responsible for wanting to reduce the world’s population.

But then there are the taboos.

As a Jones-bourne conspiracy theorist, you do not touch on the significance of Zionism, the Jesuits, the Vatican, or the Pope. You do not bring up Mossad as a potential perpetrator of the events of 9/11, nor do you go deep on the John Birch Society, or the Council for National Policy (CNP).

In that group you will find Dan Dicks, Fabian for Liberty, Mark Dice, and Adam Kokesh.

In the next segment, we will examine Mark Dice, and the possible reason he trashed Alex Jones, and later went on Adam vs. the Man to explain that we should not look to any one man for all the truth. The red flag in me says that it could be the potential of Jones working with the John Birch Society as a controlled opposition that needs to be countered.

And, that would be an interesting use of a friend to counter his “ex” buddy, and yet again throw us off the trail as to why we need to look to no one man. You would expect the unexpected to occur then, like in desperate times, desperate measures are needed.  The conspiracy herd that are growing in questioning their ex leader will need to be told why, and it would seem Mark Dice has answered the calling.

If the exposure of Jones is now going to put the con on red alert, you can expect more from Dice and others to say the man must have gone off the deep-end, is now egomaniacal (as described by Dice), and has lost it trying to cover his overhead with the pushing  of his MLM kool aid drink, tangy tangerine.

They all want to grow the operation, don’t they? They all want to improve their microphones, sets, and become, well, like the mainstream media they all detest. My word, do they really want to be alternative, or more like the status quo?

One Youtube comment said it best. “Where did Jones go?”.

Well, we are here to find out. Stay tuned for more.

And the tanks come rollin’ in

Scenes like this one are apparently becoming all too common.

The economic collapse in America is imminent, and you may see soldiers on the streets.

This is the US government’s way of preparing for the inevitable.

But there is sound Biblical doctrine that Christians must abide by. As Jesus said turn the other cheek, so must all Christians. We must not be provoked to violence.

Controlled opposition fronts have been in our midst for many years. Since the founding in the 50’s of the John Birch Society, the “amazing” predictions of the founder and other followers leaves one wondering how in the world they could have predicted, with such accuracy of the coming collapse without being part of the team.

The concept is called “controlled opposition” because they tell us truth with the intent that we buy into the sources as sound, and then they are able to contain our opposition and direct it in the path they choose.

The fear is violent revolution. Although many of these fronts profess peace, they actually create anger, promote gun ownership and thus are leading into the revolution. Cults operate in similar ways. They isolate you and make you believe you are privy to “special information” and when others do not see it, then they can be marked as stupid. Your mission, is to bring these naysayers along and have them join the club. Beware, this is simply a cult to brainwash you.

There really is a war on for your mind!

Don’t fall into the trap

Peace is the only answer.

And, here is a youtuber who I have been watching, who lives in California, and has covered many interesting stories of people and their economic situation. George4title brings us up to speed on what is happening in California, Detroit, and some of the quicker to be affected areas of the United States.

The latest rationalization of the critical-thinking, conspiracy theorist

Okay, conspiracy theorists…you have been blown away with the Ron Paul turncoat….how are you going to think your way through this one?

I have come across a terrific, critical thinker but obvious Alex Jones, Ron Paul supporter. And, don’t get me wrong, I was one of those just a few days ago. I guess if Alex Jones can flip-flop, Ron Paul can join in too, and it seems anyone at will can change friends and affiliations to serve their purposes, who am I to be any different, eh?

We have to all assess the new conspiracy possibilities with an open mind and open heart, and look into the relationships that might give us a clue on what up with that, dog?

Who really is Ron Paul? He doesn’t seem on one hand to be the guy we thought he was, that is, unless we can rationalize the move to save our image of him as the conspiracy believer, playing the game as long as he could, to have some influence over the world, to tell us all what’s really going on.

But shhhhh, don’t bat an eye when Ron can’t admit that 911 was an inside job, even though the John Birch Society professes it, and he can stand up as a speaker once in a while to rousing applause. Play the game, won’t you?

Well, here is my good YouTube friend who is rationalizing now for himself. He is a great critical thinker. I would describe him as possibly where a typical Ron Paul supporter who wants to hold onto the ideal that the Pauls are good, Alex Jones is for real, and we are party to a group that will eventually wake everyone up. Our job has just begun, and the keyboard is looking to smoke over the next several weeks:

So welcome, from Lexington, Kentucky and the rest of the world, to the new game of Conspiracy theory, part two!

Twists and Turns: Webster Tarpley flexes his knowledge muscle leaving Alex Jones scrambling

Tarpley attacks Ron and Rand Paul as self-serving sellouts

On the GCN Network, way at the bottom of choices is “World Crisis Radio”. That is the show hosted by Webster Tarpley (

Complete with classical music leading into breaks, Tarpley has been a weak sister for years, taking a second or third seat to the likes of Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and others, with his methodical, well thought out arguments to what is happening in a global, geo-political landscape.

Libertarians critical of Webster Tarpley would describe him as a bit of a socialist who sees a place for government entitlement programs, describing healthcare as a “right” that was indeed part of the Constitution.

In the interview below, Tarpley and Jones duke it out.

Tarpley has come out swinging with accusations that are at the very least intriguing:

  • Ron Paul is the vote-taker from Mitt Romney’s opponents throughout the presidential debates
  • Rand Paul has met with Romney to discuss a possible VP position, but Romney does not need him as the tide has turned politically, and Mitch Daniels could now be the VP choice
  • Ron Paul’s $1 Trillion promise to cut the budget would be devastating to those on food stamps and lead to deaths.
  • Ron Paul’s campaign goal was nepotism, by providing insider jobs for family, and I suppose the biggest of these is securing a future for Rand.
  • Bilderberg would be well-served by the harsh line of a libertarian economic crash, where it would hold support for pulling the rug out from under those that rely on government

And futher, where is the power of the people who rely on their pension plans and trade unions to secure their wealth? Good arguments all, that deserve an answer. We looked closely at the apparent mission of Glenn Beck: to diffuse awareness of the Bilderbergers, and to support the quashing of pensions and trade unions.

But there have been some aspects that Tarpley mentions that might tie into other past events.

Neil Calvuto, in discussion with Ron Paul a while ago mentioned something that seemed rather strange – – that there would be a place in government for Ron Paul somewhere.

Ron Paul would not comment or touch on the issue of the birth certificate of Obama, nor would he come out directly on the issue of 9/11 truth. To put it in comparative terms, what campaign platform would Alex Jones have if he were running for President? I think we can see where there has been compromise at the very least, and if you are going to convey victory on the ideal of unleashing “ideas”, why not go for broke?

However, Tarpley is assuming many things also, and Alex Jones may have lost some composure in defending the only man in Congress close to defending the liberties of Americans.

Ron Paul has repeatedly stressed that it is a mission of ideas. The idea that the Federal Reserve should be abolished; that wars should be declared by Congress not the United Nations; that they need fiscal policy based on sound currency.

Perhaps Tarpley is missing these crucial ideas that are the true Ron Paul victory despite the outcome of the Republican leadership convention. As Jones would say, “nobody can stop an idea whose time has come”. The idea of liberty is here.

And Tarpley describes marijuana as a narcotic, and perhaps misses the idea that the war on drugs is really a war to ensure the profits go to the globalist bankers – – a big business that fuels their agenda. Of course we know that Ron Paul has injected the common sense idea to make drugs legal, that would in turn stop the cartel profiting from the scheme. On the issue of ensuring people die because of food stamp programs being slashed: I cannot see Ron Paul wanting that to be the result. However, the globalists sure would.

Bilderberg and the globalist controllers would know they have an obstacle in Ron Paul and Rand Paul. They would be well aware that using them for their gain would be prudent to further their agenda.

With Peter Thiel’s contribution to the Ron Paul campaign and Rand Paul’s discussion with Mitt Romney, that might have enough political analysts making or supporting similar arguments to Webster Tarpley.

You have to hand it to Alex Jones in one sense: He knows that by releasing this video, this argument is now on the table and won’t leave. And, with a quest to uncover all truths, I am sure he will give it the justice it deserves.

As Tarpley pointed out in the interview, “maybe I’m doing God’s work after all”.

Military Vet forced to have vaccine and sexually assaulted for “jaywalking” at Bilderberg 2012

Charlie Skelton reports from Bilderberg >>>> DOn’t miss this (Click here)

Wake up call for Cops after Toronto G20: YOU are ultimately where the buck stops!

According to Hamilton Spectator editor Rob Howard, the the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) findings concluded that people were mistreated by the police during the G20 in Toronto last summer.

We saw the live TV; we saw the news photos afterwards. We saw some officers, a minority, anonymous in Darth Vader-like riot gear (and the illegal removal by some of their own name tags), acting in ways that seemed to be like those of  jackbooted fascists. We saw the infamous (and illegal) four-hour “kettling” or containment of a noisy, but peaceful protest march.

So, cops, getting the point? Do you realize now that the following of BAD orders are going to come back and bite you? Get it?

Let’s not forget the points made above to paint a few maniacal cops as acting outside their own senses. The real question is who gave the ultimate orders and set the stage to put them in this precarious position in the first place?

Hamilton police who were scheduled to “help” in Toronto were told, from sources, that there would be a fear of terrorism, and INTERPOL was on high alert. Now that wasn’t done in an adrenalin moment of ill repute, was it? That was a planned and deliberate setting of a stage of US vs. THEM, and there are going to be some bad apples – – be on guard.

Nor was the other stage-setting the fault of the front line cops.

How about the illegal use of the “Public Works Law” that no politician will take ownership of – – McGuinty passed the buck to Harper? It went into a black hole from there. After the fact backpedaling will not cut it.

If they thought they would only have to handle unruly protestors, why was $1 billion spent here, when there are starving and homeless on the street? And let’s not forget we will all have to work longer to get to that vanishing pension that seems always out of reach.

The “Darth Vader” outfits – – the individual cops bought those out of their own pocket from the Halloween shop down the street?

The “agent provacateurs” that showed up in masks ‘ a la’ the remake of Montebello, Quebec, conveniently smashing windows and setting the police car on fire, and imagine that, not an “official cop” within miles of these happenings?

But, oh, they had to contain protestors who were innocent in corral form for hours in the pouring rain, did they? They were “untrained” to handle peaceful protestors, and only trained to handle violence, is that right?

We are supposed to believe this bunk?

Luke Rudkowski of We are Change and the boys, in anticipation of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago asked the all important question: Would there be agent provacateurs to create violence to justify violence against the peaceful protestors? Here is what they got as an answer:

Let’s recall, Luke was not allowed to enter Canada as he attempted to come to the G20 in Toronto.

Every G20 has the same MO – – sound cannons, agent provocateurs and loads of high tech brutality toys. The security contractors are laughing all the way to the bank, as the innocent are locked up in make-shift concentration camps, with one toilet open for all to see when someone has to use it.

Yes, that humiliation must also have had to be caused by the front line cops who were untrained and unorganized, and became thugs ALL ON THEIR OWN.

Time to wake up cops – – this system in not your friend!

Smug politicians who mock Canada and America

What’s holding up the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes? Should we occupy arena like they #occupywallstreet?

Is there a reason for the stall tactic of the NHL? There is a battle going on that may impact sports, but more importantly decide the future of mankind.

We’ve been on this topic for years now. Yeah, that’s right, we have formulated a theory based on observable facts presented to us over time to come to the conclusion that there is no logical reason that the Coyotes have not relocated.

The city has an arena, that’s true. They want to ensure their investment is fruitful – – yeah, okay. But so did Atlanta. I think Philips Arena is still there, and it houses two professional basketball teams. As for Glendale, they have been repeatedly told by the past owner, Beacon Sports, et al that concerts would make up for lost revenue. So, what’s the problem amigos?

And, if we are to look at Atlanta, don’t they have a minor league team, named the Gladiators, in their 9th successful season?  Again, something else that Glendale could entertain.

No, it’s that narly little mention in court many moons ago from the lawyers for the City of Glendale. Perhaps in frustration unleashing an important tidbit of info that should have us all yearning for truth. The fact that if the Coyotes left, they would have to replace that team with another hockey team. Hmmmm.

And, it would explain the merry-go-round attitude and excuses that can move one franchise at lightning speed, and one that seems entrenched so deep that it defies any logical explanation other than our far out belief that friends of the military industrial complex are also supporters of the sports industrial complex.

With the way the economy is going, the Coyotes represents a race against time.

So, Gary Bettman can appear on radio and tell us all he has strong belief the Coyotes can still make it, all the while probably wondering how he sounds when the words leave his mouth.

The sports industrial complex may have word from the military industrial complex that it might just depend on the results of the new war, the new revolution. If the globalist sports guys win, then Goldwater will be crushed, and the new global dictatorship will be able to plan where sports teams play, and much more. Now Dave Zirin brings us how taxpayers get to pay for sports, but is there a more Orwellian use for sports to keep the sheeple busy? He is bringing politics to sports too — they just seem to be intertwined, don’t they?

As Canadians have not yet felt the full impact of economic austerity we will have our turn unless we can support our neighbors around the rest of the world.  We complained to the NHL about hockey austerity, but things could get much worse!

Well, the place to start is the economic war. And, we are starting resistance to all things dictator and controlling…..

There is a movement in the US that is similar to many globally. But there is as good a chance you heard about it in mainstream media as there is a chance of being told the real truth why the Coyotes are ball and chained to Glendale.

It’s an important movement for liberty and human rights called #occupywallstreet. Heard of it?

Or how about the new movement to ensure the good people in the new revolution get the real enemy in their scope – – the US Federal Reserve. Did you hear in mainstream media any time in the last while that this is actually a private corporation? Rallies and occupations are now occuring across the US, and in Canada, we need to support this movement. Hate to state the obvious, but how the US goes, so does Canada. So, their fight is our fight.

I suggest you get informed  friends. Turn off those reality shows and tune in to real live reality of a global nature.

We are going to become friends of these guys! And, on October 15th it starts in Toronto. The live stream can be found at #OccupyToronto.

I will draw your attention in the coming months to the Canadian Friends of End the Fed, and that is coming soon. The site will be up shortly, and it is at

Changing direction from the injustice that is holding the Coyotes hostage to the global issue that is holding the people of the world hostage.

Canada, join us in our support of liberty!

Get this man a microphone, a megaphone, a radio or TV show, a spot on the NY Fed!