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Blowing the whistle on controlled opposition, the World Bank (or is it just divide and conquer?)

Here is a series of very interesting videos that have painted a picture of deceit from the John Birch Society, to Bilderberg, to Congress, and the Vatican.

Who can you trust? Are there secondary tiers of deception meant to further divide, confuse, and dilute any opposition to the powers in this evil-c0ntrolled world? Or, can we sift through the controlled, diluted opposition to find clues as to who is really being hidden from view, and who is really at the root of world domination in these dark times?



Not getting their way is exactly what they want (Part One)

What in the world is going on?

We have the resignation of Ron Paul from politics but not from life. The man for many years that stood for the principles of liberty, sound currency backed by gold, and the ceasing of needless, endless war stepped down.

We have an escalation in turmoil. Obama is under fire for his very eligibility with a phony looking, adobe acrobat layered birth certificate that was not scanned in even if fake to make it look real, oh no my goodness – – it was created in cyberspace and even to the man who knows the basics of adding content to an adobe document can see that it has layers of deceit that if we didn’t know any better was meant to create an issue.

Before Ron Paul retired, we know he got a generous campaign donation from none other than Peter Thiel, and according to Paul, he cannot control who donates to his cause or his coffers. So, I suppose Paul is saying that Thiel may have misdirected his payment and didn’t intend to line Paul’s pockets. What a fool Mr. Thiel is. Doesn’t he realize Paul stands for liberty and freedom and Thiel, well, he is a Bilderberger. Need we say more?

We have had Alex Jones supporting any idea that Ron Paul could and can muster, and sometimes supporting Paul’s ideas before Paul even thought them up first – amazing stuff.

Glenn Beck, although opposed and mocking of Alex Jones (and vice versa) were like the guys on the Austin Powers series: “We are not so different you and I”. These guys seemed to interlay similar government bashing with slight twists. Beck claims 911 truthers are dangerous like Van Jones, and  (Alex) Jones supports 911 truth supporters as the epicentre of all things conspiracy. Both however back the buying of gold. Beck leans towards Obama the communist, and Jones to Obama the puppet of the elite. Both create a following, slightly divided but both mad at their government.

Jones appears on Fox News once in a while, under attack, and being watched closely by the police around the studio, while Glenn Beck has never appeared on the Alex Jones Show. They are like arch enemies in a family that hates each other, but blood is thicker than water —  so they are so similar in so many ways you really have to wonder if they are somehow on the same team.

Yes, just about every week, Alex Jones has the “most important broadcast he has ever done”, and you are supposed to feel special. Well, do you?

We have the NSA spy scandal, the gun running Fast and Furious issue, Benghazi, and all the things that could take Obama to impeachment waiting on the brink.

All these issues. Isn’t it great we have guys like Alex Jones and even Glenn Beck to keep bringing us “the truth”? Wasn’t it great to have had the common sense politician bring it to us in clear, easy to understand language that the government is not really run by the people but the Federal Reserve who prints money out of thin air? Hasn’t it been great that the powers that be have been exposed and continue to be exposed without interruption day after day, broadcast after broadcast, year in, year out?

Aren’t we lucky to have been told the truth, and we can take it to our friends, and neighbours  and family and “wake them up to the same reality we now know”? Great, right?

Well, hold on a second will ya?

Let’s all take a deep breath, stand back, and look at a much bigger picture and see if it makes sense.

The minority that wants to control the world may or may not be all at Bilderberg, but that is where the bullhorn gets a lot of action. The world controllers responsible for the banking collapse, the Euro, the Euro zone, global warming propaganda, and eugenics are funnelled to a location every year that Jones and the troop can gather and exchange stories, heck who knows, maybe light a campfire and roast weenies, who knows?

Alex Jones in 2013 said that in the UK where the meeting was, there was likely anti-aircraft missiles at wait, standing by, but there was no doubt a no fly zone imposed over the Bilderberg confab. Yes, he said that in a BBC interview:

So, take a step back now. Deep breath. Relax. Ready?

The guys at Bilderberg that run the show are a few in number. Most are looking really old because they are old. There is no fountain of youth. They are frail and they are few. The world’s population on the other hand is vast. Billions of people. The vast majority of people are not going to allow a few to take over.

The FEMA camps that are claimed to be the new death camps are waiting for the trains to show up with the first of those that are to be taken to the “camps”, like in the days of Hitler. Jones makes several inferences to the similarity. Let’s also remember that the world fought Hitler and the world won.

How many people can fit in these camps, even at capacity? Will the billions of earth’s inhabitants fit? No, of course not.

The entire truth movement’s agenda is to get you to “wake up”, then wake up the masses to the takeover by the elite.

Guys like Jones claim the only reason the globalists have not killed him is because   his operation would take on a second wind and become more credible. Jones would think I suppose, that he would be a martyr. That is the reason why his exposing of the globalists is stopping them in their tracks. Sound credible? Really?

So, if the conspiracy theory leaders get enough people to wake up to the world takeover by the elite, we can “continue to expose them thus we can stop these people”. Exposing them is the way to ensure they slow down their global agenda of eugenics.

From Ron Paul, if we can end the Federal Reserve we can return to sound currency of gold.

Time to step back again.

If gold becomes the world reserve currency again, we need to ask ourselves who would have all the power if that were the case? If your assets and mine are in the current currency, including pension plans backed by stock market investments, who would stand to lose the most if the slate is wiped clean, and gold became the basis of money again (at this point)? Right: We lose. At least the majority of us would.

If Ron Paul, when running for President was able to implement his budget cuts, reducing food stamps to 30 cents a meal per person who would lose?

So, if we really listen to the leaders of liberty are we going to win or be wiped out, left to die on the streets?

If each state really seceded from the union would this be a division or a unification move? United we stand (and are strong), divided we fall (because we have been weakened). Who suggested it was our “right” to be informed of the right to secession? You got it – – Ron Paul. Who backed him on one of his “most important broadcasts he has ever done”? Right again – – Alex Jones. Starting to see something here?

What is it you want the most right now if you are a conspiracy theorist? Do you want it to be over? Do you want to be proven right? Do you want the collapse to occur to prove to your friends and your family that you were not crazy?

Take a step back and think this over.

Is it better to be right or happy? Is it more important to be right than secure financially? Is it most important to be right, if it means the globalists got their way and we are all slaves?

What has your conspiracy theory following done to you?

Are you living off government subsidies because you don’t have a job, have reduced ambition, and given further reason to give up by your daily following of Alex Jones telling you how hopeless we are, and that the American Dream is Dying?

What has been the result of following the leaders?

Have you stocked up on guns and ammunition? Have you stockpiled food, water, and other weapons waiting for the apocalyse? Have you succumbed and resolved the fact that this is coming and there is no way for you or anybody else to stop it?

Do you really think that those that have will not help those that don’t? Have you been convinced that your gun is going to protect you from the military on the streets (someone’s dad, uncle, aunt or mom) from coming to your home and dragging you off to one of those death camps?

Do you really think those few old people, some of whom might be at Bilderberg are capable of controlling and pulling so many strings, and capable of convincing so many people that this is the way it needs to be, and you have no power?

Well, the conspiracy theory leaders would lead you to believe that now wouldn’t they? And, aren’t they doing that right now to you? Aren’t they telling you to prepare because the all powerful elite are going to get their way?

That is, unless the leaders like Alex Jones can convince you to wake up your friends in large numbers and stop them, right?

If you are convinced that the Fed needs to end, and the government is evil, you can overthrow your government, end the Fed, return to sound currency, and watch a whole bunch of peoples’ wealth and income, and food stamps go down the drain, hooray!!

You will have won if you can do that. Great work. Where will it get you?

Well, they would tell you that it is better to bite the bullet, face the music now and rebuild. That would mean wiping out your income, security, and basically the future of your family, kids, and grandchildren. It’s the way it has to be, and well, like you say, let’s get it over with already – – bring on the collapse! Yes, you can rebuild and become heros if you don’t get to watch sitcoms anymore.

We will continue to expand on this. But for now, beware of who you listen to.

Are you really sure the guys that are the leaders of liberty are really out to serve your best interests, or could they be directing the masses to wish for their own destruction? Are you really certain what you are wishing for isn’t what the elite want you to want? Are you sure by winning you are not losing?

With Alex Jones and other leaders fighting them off and protecting humanity, are the elite really losing? By not getting their way, are the elite getting what they desire because you are wishing for your own demise?

Could they be using certain (controlled opposition) leaders to win so you feel victorious, but in reality getting you to want what they want? Clever if true, right?

We will continue soon…..

“They got a plan”

Alex Jones is the man holding the NWO (New World Order) from infiltrating the room! Help Alex hold back the door everyone. He can do it alone, but it would be better if you helped him.

Wait, is Jones suggesting that his operation, and you, the guy with the blog or YouTube account is holding back the power elite (count ’em according to Jones as a “few dozen”)?

Sooooooo, if Alex Jones and his “operation” weren’t around the NWO would have finished their manual. That is, according to Jones he knows what their plan is because he “reads their manuals”. How simple is that? Kind of like getting mommy to read you a bedtime Dr. Seuss book as she gives you warm milk and tucks you into beddie by. Only difference between mommy and the tip of the … (you know) is that mommy leaves the book beside your bed, and Jones, he never shows you much of anything no matter how much you ask him to show you more than newspaper clippings.

Where does this man have time to research all this stuff and stay one step ahead of all those boogie men, my word?

No, there is a pattern in the “operation” Jones professes to run that has had similar strategy for all the years he has been on air:

  • if we keep exposing them, they will not be able to move forward on their evil plans (help me hold the door!)
  • there is a massive conspiracy from all the big guys, regardless of secret society affiliation. So forget the Zionists, SMOM, Jesuits, Freemasons, and others. There are no links, just a smattering of big guys from all these mixed in like a stew of deceit. No ties, that’s why Jones pays no heed to criticism why he doesn’t dig deep on relationships.
  • he has his list of who he can tear to shreds that includes just about everyone at FOX News, and as a hit on him, they invite him to comment every once in a while because they are masochists over there) CNN, same. BBC, same. They don’t like him, but they give him mainstream exposure because (scratching head).
  • he parades a long list of “experts” that are ex this and ex that. And BTW, the ex this and that’s are all exes of organizations which you are now supposed to despise, and clean your guns in joyful hope for the crap coming down. Lock and load soldier! Oh, and pay no heed to the fact that these guys are all big time supporters of the mastermind conspiracy theory group at the John Birch Society. Take careful note, because it’s the one time when interviewing these people, Alex doesn’t have to add his constant interruptions at a disturbing pace. That would suggest something, wouldn’t you think?
  • The political faction supported is the guy(s) in politics that stand for “liberty”, and what they say goes. That would have been the case before the Ron Paul bail out on the truthers, and after. But in between, we had a flip-flopping Jones try to rationalize the flop of Paul, and come up with all kinds of rhetoric that contradicted himself. That analysis could write volumes of bloggery that cannot be done here. You may recall that time of flopping like a fish on air. I think he also said Obama would be better to have in office as the “devil we know” kind of thing.

Yes, there is more, but I cannot think clearly right now. My mind is clouded by all the sky is falling stuff that the followers of Jones are bombarded with daily.

And, aren’t you happy the next time you are told that “this is the most important broadcast I have ever done on air”? Aren’t you happy you awoke just in time to be part of the earth shattering news?

To close (for now, but not for good), I will leave you with this thought. Where will they put the millions of people in the FEMA camp operations? Won’t they fill up rather fast? Won’t the families of the detainees start to question and demand release of the first batch they want to put on the trains?

Is it really like Hitler’s final solution? Are we really there? Will it really work?

Aren’t we lucky Mr. Jones is “holding back the door” to ensure we can all live free another day?

Does Scotty need some dilithium crystals because she is breaking up, and he can’t hold it any longer captain? Remember, the ship was breaking up for many years, almost every show, and it is now still breaking up in hokey reruns.

Still intact. Perhaps we owe it to the guy holding the door, or perhaps it is all just a pile of bunk designed to get you to take action and get mad, and get ready for a time that will require you and your gun. And to that I say, don’t do it.

The Controlled Opposition Fronts have played truthers like a fiddle

I think we can all agree: the world is full of deception, greed, and the seeds of evil.

The truth movement has been led by some leaders, the greatest of these perhaps is Alex Jones and He would probably like to think of himself as the tip of the spear as he often uses to describe his operation.

At the root of the beliefs of the truth movement is the John Birch Society, founded in the ’50’s, and exposing the globalist agenda ever since.

One might say that if the John Birch Society has exposed the truth for so long, how come they have not been able to wake up enough people over the years to agree with them? And, if they truly were followed, would this result in the destruction of the political process and the government as we know it?

What would really happen if everyone believed that their vote did not count; that their government officials were all crooked, self-serving sellouts; that there is no hope whatsoever for a free and democratic society, as verbed by John F. Kennedy?

Would the secret societies be able to pull off the mission of global enslavement by themselves, or would they have to have the masses wish for their own enslavement? Would it be easier to cull millions, if not billions of people by a few, or would it make more sense to use the very people, the citizens, to wish for the very change that the globalists wanted to effect?

I think that answer is clear.

Although Alex Jones would talk on several occasions to the metaphor in the movie Ants, that if the little ants knew they outnumbered the big ants by a sizeable margin, they could easily have victory over them. So, the drive is to make the little ants believe they have power, but more importantly, to pose as the little ants’ friend, and like a little voice in their ear, tell them exactly what it is they want.

For it would not be enough to control the little ants’ desires to take back control, you also would need to tell them how. And, this is the criticism that Alex Jones has been under for years, as his listeners start to question why he doesn’t elaborate on some political factions such as Zionism. Or, why he doesn’t talk about religious powerhouses that have been linked to the Nazis like the Vatican, Pope, and the Jesuits, SMOM, etc, etc. Why is it he downplays groups like the John Birch Society; play dumb with guests like Charlotte Iserbyt when she tries to tell him about the perilous Council for National Policy (CNP)? Why does Jones first say he has only a little knowledge when extracting his guest’s information, and then later come back with the notion that he has indeed researched these groups?

Why does Jones refute the arguments of Webster Tarpley when criticizing Ron Paul and his clan, refusing to dig deeper on the Freemasonic link; or dig on the campaign contribution of Peter Thiel to Paul, just before Paul goes into hiding while the dust clears on his son Rand’s endorsement of Romney?

And, why does Jones try to paint Webster Tarpley as a communist sympathizing friend who, he has tried to like, but come on Tarpley, you are making it tough to call you friend with your current aggressiveness. And, of course we have the support of the Koch Brothers, that suddenly in Jones pronunciation sounds like “coch” not “coke”, as if that is supposed to fool many.

So many questions, so little answers for those that are starting to question.

Over the years, there are many that have criticized the, let’s call them mainstream alternative media. Because, to make a comparison, the mainstream alternatives have a growing desire to grow their operations to get the word out better, and clearer. That would, my friends, include buying better microphones, backdrops, perhaps TV’s with videos playing in the background, and hiring staff, creating blog entries at rapid pace to keep up with the barrage of world events needing clarification, and on and on.

The other alternative media, have maybe a Youtube account, a handful of like-minded subcribers, and no intention of going mainstream. But the little guy is also much more likely to be critical of the mainstream alternative media like the Infowars, tip of the spear operation.

I like to call the official story of truthers the Jones-bourne truthers, because it is a game of follow the leader. The leader speaks, and the group all go back to write their own articles, Youtube videos, etc, all based on the talking points of the leader of the pack.

In this way, you can see a lot of the same argument. And we all know what happens when we see the same argument over and over again, right? Well, it must be true.

Where you get your news is important I guess. It is important to be completely turned off the the mainstream, mainstream, but it is okay to be tuned into the mainstream alternative, and if you are daring and rebellious, you might go outside the norm and become a rebellious alternative only type truther.

The man who would question the “Man who woke him up” must be a rebel, turncoat, and would need to be shunned as a bit of a whacko no doubt.

The man who woke up not once, but twice, the second time to the deception of the group that claims to have woken him up the first time.

What I am getting at is both complex and yet surprisingly simple. The opposition to that nasty untrustworthy government may actually not be against the global elite at all – – they may actually be working with them.

When you awake for the first time you are told that the political process is a fake. It’s called the left-right paradigm. When you awake the second time you realize that the truth movement has been equally hijacked, and the opposition to the status quo is a fake opposition – – a false paradigm of it’s own. But, funny enough, you wouldn’t expect that now would you?

If politics is to give you a sense of having choice that you can relate to a political party, but in reality both parties are driving to a similar agenda, the false opposition group would want to lead you to believe you can put up resistance to the globalists even though they are fooling you, and perhaps using you to effect what they desire. Is it really that much of a stretch to think the globalists would think that far into the future, as to plan that too?

I mean, seeing the tip of the spear standing with bullhorn in hand at Bilderberg, a mere fence away from the world leaders then becomes a laughable image when you realize it is a scam designed to suck you in, make you shout with glee, but in reality do nothing.

It would certainly explain why the big guy could ask a guest if they are suicidal, to suggest the information that is being leaked on air was not carefully screened for effect moreso than content. How it will affect the psyche of those listening is more important than the material it covers. Getting you to defend the grand poobah the goal. Getting you to see your hero the ultimate mission. Are you there? Are you getting mad enough to defend the man that woke you up, and how dare I tell you it has been a scam? Is that where you are at right now?

Ron Paul once said on the Alex Jones show, that the globalists are very patient. They have effected their plan over a long period of time.

But on the topic of 9/11 at the GOP debates, Paul would adamantly deny the truthers’ belief that he supports them on the theory that 9/11 was as inside job. Paul was quick to distance himself from the fundamental root that makes a truther a truther – – that if the powers that be would pull off 9/11, they would do anything. The same patient globalists that Paul would describe are either secretly believed to be responsible for 9/11 by him, or he truly believes they are not. But where does that leave the truther looking to latch onto the Ron Paul train? Can they truly trust the aloof man that watched his son endorse the other guy, walking away from his old man? Where is the allegiance really of the Paul clan? A mystery worth investigating, wouldn’t you at least agree to that?

And so, we come back to the notion that the globalists thought far enough ahead to be patient yes, but also to be patient building their opposition that will give a support group as the world wakes up to them. They had to create the same false paradigm, giving those that woke up a place to go. They had to patiently create the tip of the spear, who would in turn create the ripple effect of support to build on an idea whose time has come, so to speak.

Liberty and the Constitution would become the ideals of the movement. Sound currency based on gold would have to be the basis of world economies. If the globalists snatched all the gold while the scam was underway, yes they would become filthy rich controllers, but you were not supposed to realize that. Just buy as much as you can little serf, and laugh at those that aren’t awake yet.

I can say this with conviction because what I experienced so far in this cesspool of contaminated truth is the same you have experienced. I too was a Ron Paul, go get him grandpa, supporter. But, like the saying goes, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. And, that’s true.

If the real truth is what I now believe it to be, the globalists will be using the first time wake uppers to destroy their own government. Did you hear that? Destroy your own government leaving no choice but World Government. The ants will have been herded to take the action desired by the few controllers.  They will have them listening to grandpa Paul as he tells them to go ahead, secede from the union, and divide yourselves little children. Because when you do, you will be helpless to the global empire.

Funny, Ron Paul is a libertarian right? He should be thinking united we stand, divided we fall you would suspect. But divided it is in his mind now. Reminds me of his stand on 9/11. Who the hell really knows what he is thinking? A little slippery I would say. No, check that – – a lot slippery.

The John Birch Society has many supporters that lo and behold have appeared without interruption on the Alex Jones Show. The Society was founded by a high level Freemason, and funded by a globalist.

Ron Paul is a supporter of the Society, as is Alex Jones, and Jones’ father was a member.

If you google Barbara Aho, controlled opposition fronts right now, and give it the justice it deserves, I am willing to wager you too will get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach like I did not too long ago.

Harper wants to build more jails: Whoopie!

If you build it, they will come. If you build it, you will make sure you fill it. And, unfortunately, there is a new revelation that crime will be on the rise. The question is, what kind of crime? Is it time to make thought the new taboo worth being locked up for?

Go away conspiracy theorist!

Sure, you might have read the recent article in the May 23rd, 2011 edition of Maclean’s Magazine, on bin Laden and the ‘Culture of Conspiracy’. Ewwwww… which side are you on “Conspiracy Theorist“?

They’ll scrap the long-gun registry, and sign on for 65 F-35 fighter jets, and build a lot more jails.

Don’t question that move Canadian, unless you want to be a conspiracy theorist. Our leader has his majority now, so accept it, do not question, and hope all is good for a long, long time.

Obvious which side Maclean’s is on. But don’t let me tell you what to believe you conspiracy theorist, you dirtbag. You  who has lost your mind, perhaps your marriage, and is living now on donations! Don’t let me tell you what is politically correct, and what the majority is thinking; and if you think that way you must be becoming paranoid. No, don’t let me sway your decision to have a right to look into evidence and form an opinion.

Just know one thing conspiracy theorist – -what we want you to know — the moment, yes the very moment you start to pay attention to things around here that challenge the government or the governments of the world, and the very second you think for a milisec that the government may not tell you 100% truth, you are, dare I say, a full-fledged, whackjob conspiracy theorist! Okay?

Don’t pay attention to the fact that Anwar al_Awlaki dined at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11. Forget that, conspiracy theorist, and just tune-in to when the media says he is a huge threat, and Canadians are a threat too if they have any business with him. The Pentagon? Forget it, they are okay because they are the Pentagon. They are allowed to give the guy a dinner. If you did it – –  terrorist!

Don’t for God’s sake, look into the idea that al-Qaeda is a CIA creation. That would lead to more thought. And thought, well, that gets you into trouble my friend.

The key to staying in good stead is to not pay attention to anything except the official stories the governments tell you. Then you will be politically correct, stay off the watch lists, and not be a conspiracy theorist.

So go ahead, read the article in Macleans magazine  on the Culture of Conspiracy  (sorry, not yet available online!), and if you are smart, you will snub your nose at those that have gone from father, mother, architect, military official, doctor, and all other walks of “normal” life to the dark side. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about, the dark side of becoming a conspiracy theorist, because that explains the state of crazy mind of anyone that doesn’t believe that the government is good, and caring, and looking out for you. Remember the words of Glenn Beck, you are not one of those are you?

They are so caring that the Harper government is going to build more jails as a primary initiative now that most Canadians were trusting enough to vote for him, and give him the control he needs to implement that decision.

But when you starve the education system and the kinds of supports that build healthy families (definitely the first things chopped under conservative or right-wing governments) you’re going to get more social problems.

And while Dalton McGuinty has washed his hands of guilt for the injustice to Canadians rallying in protest to the banking system at the G20 meeting, McGuinty was quick to point to Harper. Hmm, the very same Harper that wants to build more jails. Hmmm, well what about more funding for student loans, healthcare, other things good for the Canadians that trust him? No, sorry folks, more jails is the priority.

And how did I know he wants to build more jails for the nasties in Canada?

Well, that’s easy, I read that article in Maclean’s before reading why a conspiracy theorist has lost his mind.

I just have one question and one worry. If I say Harper wants to build more jails, does that make me a conspiracy theorist?

And, I don’t know if this makes me a conspiracy theorist, but I do agree with the words eloquently pointed out:

So you need to build more jails. And if you build more jails, you need to find some way to fill them. Did you know the US spends more on jails than it does on education? That the state of California in the last decade laid off 10,000 teachers but hired 10,000 more prison guards?

Golly, and as I try not to think the way of the nasty conspiracy theorist, I can’t help but drift back into thinking that the article telling us it is dangerous politics to challenge a government, your government; that there is a chance that the new criminal may be a criminal of the mind — a thought criminal.

And, those thought criminals would not be cold blooded, maximum security types, but they could be the types that would have protested the “new world” as Harper has told us, that Canada has to give up it’s sovereignty because that’s just the way the world is now. What was that again? A global reality? Something like that.

Well, I can certainly see where a media source like Maclean’s would have to paint a picture of the new, low risk criminal worthy of jail space.

Those conspiracy theorists that pose a threat to government, who challenge the leaders whether they are truthful or not.

And remember, Maclean’s would like you to believe they are as “fair and balanced” as Fox News in the U.S.. Yep, they have not reported with a negative spin on conspiracy theorists before, nope, not a chance. Nope, they make sure they give you the facts without trying to shape your opinion with various hit pieces over time. Because, if they did that, they would be challenged on their motives, and might be questioned on who they serve.

Those nasty conspiracy theorists might form a group called people for media truth or some such thing.

Don’t question media Canada, no more so than questioning government. Take both as 100% gospel truth. And, those jails you will simply drive by, not occupy.

And that would go double for journalists turned conspiracy theorists that don’t buy everything the government tells them too. Too bad, they could have been a contenda!

I wonder if some reporters for Maclean’s were treated poorly at the G20 too. Just wondering, because they may be creating a nightmare for themselves too. Just a thought.

Bad Television!: Hold on Fox, while I stick my finger down my throat

I cannot say which is worse: The realization that false flag events are a reality, or watching media propaganda so flagrantly flop in the wind, and blow whichever way they are directed. Unbelievable….nobody is buying this fantasy on bin Laden’s death, but they keep churning out the lies, and spinning perception to where they need it to go.

It’s not a question of what to say, it’s a question of how to say it. Where do you start on the realization that seeing the agenda unfold on Fox News and other sources is so blatant and obvious, that it blows the mind that people might actually still hold hope that Fox is the “official opposition” to the current Obama Administration, and the mouthpiece of the Republican Party. The game is so obvious and contrived, it really gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Let’s start here.

For months, every member of Fox News was bashing President Obama on all issues. Glenn Beck was perhaps the greatest attacker amongst the pack of news/ commentator jockies, but not long after he learned of his walking papers from Fox, his loyalty to them remains intact regardless. Yes, you will not find the security guard waiting to watch Beck pack up his office in a banker’s box, and escorting him to the door, and by the way Mr. Beck, your keys please. Not a chance. Beck has said it himself, he believes there will be a place for him at Fox.

More like, a new assignment to continue to further the propaganda cause.

Whether Beck believes he is doing tremendous good, in retrospect is not the issue. What seems more important is his being part of the bigger agenda to build up Fox’s credibility as the official police of the White House and Obama, so that when they decide to say Obama did a good thing in killing Osama bin Laden, we are all supposed to say, “even Fox agrees so it must be true”.

Obama has done a great job, and he “really did” have Osama killed. So, there is no true “we got to get rid of Beck because even we can’t take the level of ‘truth’ he brings”, no!

He’s done his job, and the proof is the fact that he is still on the air. If he knew he was on the way out and could then say whatever he wanted to say in a “see if I care and let them stop me” attitude, and was a true Patriot, he wouldn’t be furthering the false war on terror, and bringing in the marching band when discussing the alleged death of bin Laden.

It get’s better as we all know. Well, check that. It gets better for those that have paid attention. Because all the people who simply do not trust the media have one thing in common – – they have paid attention. It’s that simple.

As Gerald Celente chatted with Paul Watson the other day, Celente pointed out that “Americans only hear the first lie, and then they tune out”. That would be a known fact for mainstream media. They know they can’t get to those that truly have paid attention, but the ones that tune out and “trust them”, well there’s the audience they truly serve.

Yes, they are “press-titutes” Celente went on, the only difference is “you pay for it with no happy ending”. Oh Gerald, you are still in fine form sir.

We should move on to Snidely Whiplash, aka Geraldo Rivera. He reminds me of the “medicine show” in old western movies. You know, the guy that sells snake oil, and whenever anyone challenges him on the effectiveness, or what he said before he changes his story. Smiles all around Geraldo! Osama is dead after all. Make sure you have a special complete with credible, ex-navy seals to further support the ever-changing official story.

Forget Mr. Rivera, that you were on the verge of agreeing with the victims’ families of 9/11 on the Building What campaign to get an explanation as to why the buildings, in your own words, seemed to fall as if in controlled demolition. No, remember now the new excitement du jour, the fact that the man who was 100% responsible has been killed, and don’t bother to figure out if he could have rigged the buildings to collapse. Simply go back to plan A, where it is so much easier, and the fact is, that’s what you get paid to do – – toe the party line.

And those people who don’t pay attention out in the public can flap in the wind along with Fox News – – both of them in a love in of joy at the death of bin Laden. Oh what a great day! America is strong and good!

Suddenly and not even begrudgingly, Fox is leading the pack as the (used to be) official pain in the White House’s rump (remember that?), to now effectively serving its ultimate purpose.

Fox has been playing the bad cop role for what has come full circle. A psy-op (psychological operation) to fool the public into believing that Osama bin Laden was actually, without question and full “right-wing” support, the only bad guy, and that it is irrefutable that Obama got the job done. Gotta hand it to him do you Beck?

Geraldo Rivera can slip in the counter-call  to the criticism that the man in the photos looked young, and advise us all that bin Laden liked to dye his beard black. Oh really? Couldn’t locate him for ten years, but the intel knew he used hair dye?

Well, here ‘s a humorous clip to add levity to that faux- up!


Wife used as “human shield” or not? Buried at Sea for what reason exactly? Situation Room had the T.V. on or off? Which is it Fox? I am sure you will put aside your despising of the White House for a moment to cover up for them right?

Hillary Clinton and Obama should have gone to acting school before the “situation room drama scene”. Hokey! But, now that I hear Hillary explain it was her allergies I totally get it, having them myself. Yep, in the words of that T.V. game show, good answer!

Remember, Alex Jones’ recent comment that the photos were perhaps of a patsy used and killed to look “sort of” like bin Laden, but it was cartoonish because the man in the photos was obviously much younger, with a dark, youthful beard. Dang that photoshop program can show the birth certificate was layered, and reproduce the alleged death photo.  

What’s that? The kid got lucky you say? Well, how about this one? Luck too?

Oops, training session this was not! No more so than the underwear bomber, and what snowjob was sold him to  get onto the plane, assisted by the sharp-dressed operative.

But the creme de la creme has got to be the new drive for the Fox News Network to try to put the counter-Paul in the Republican seat. The mission now is to support the unknown, non-experienced Herman Cain.

Who is that you say? Herman Cain? Exactly. Let’s have an after -party won’t we Fox, with 29 supporters in an unprecidented display that support Cain. Wow, this is unprecedented the announcer came back with. Please people, really?

He “hit a home run” as one of the 29 on the panel suggested with his comment that when asked how the current politicians are doing. Cain was eluding to the fact that it is good that he has no experience in politics, because after all, with the guys in charge now, “How’s it working for you?”. Wait for the applause to end folks before volunteering to be one of the 29 that mirror exactly what the American Republican Party would want for the counter to the newly bolstered Obama.

‘Cause the Cain Train will roll over Obama! R-i-g-h-t.

Now, let’s also not forget the Hannity show after the debate, who ensured he mentioned that Ron Paul was not going to stick around, instead he was going to that crazy Tea Party event. Pshhhh…. missed the boat did he Hannity?

Seems Hannity got the memo on the looks and gestures that are a prerequisite to any news or comment that Ron Paul would make. If the audience applauds Paul, make sure you roll your eyes guys, and remind them to hold their applause. Good job! You are true lackies!

Contrived alert, contrived alert…..paying attention or still sleeping?

As Paul Watson of recently pointed out when discussing this debate in South Carolina, the only credible threat to Obama at this point is Ron Paul.

The boys at Fox should have been on their hands and knees asking Ron how he likes the buff on his shoes.

Instead, the game has shifted. Support the unknown to ensure the GOP has no chance in beating Obama.

And, what scares the Hell out of me is the revelation that the Book of Revelation tells us that the man would almost be killed (politically), but would bounce back.

Could this be it? Could the patsies be helping to fulfill what was destined to come all along? It might be worth paying attention if you aren’t already. What do you think?

Rumsfeld on War: They were wrong on Iraq

Do ya think, Don?

Donald Rumsfeld wrote a book. They all do, don’t they?

He said they were wrong on the intelligence that drove them into Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction. According to CNN that cost 4500 troops their lives. And, wasn’t it 100,000 plus innocent Iraqi citizens that died?

I remember the “intel”, as we reported that it was applied rather thick. Rumsfeld seemed too confident then, to be so willy nilly, and wishy-washy now on the subject.

Let’s bring you back, to the elaborate caves that Rumsfeld said were  in Afghanistan where Bin Laden was hiding. Did they find these? No, they were a fictoid. But Rumsfeld jumped right in to justify not one, but many. Able to avoid radar; big enough to run tanks through; with electricity, ventilation systems, computers, etc. Where was this intel obtained that sounded so convincing?

Let’s not forget the  need for bunker busting bombs, according to George Bush Jr.

Sure, really George?

On 9/11, wasn’t your dad dining with some of the Bin Laden family for breakfast, or lunch? I can imagine the dinner conversation – “Oh sorry, just to go off topic, we are looking for your son, do you mind telling us where the most wanted is right now – we need to pick him up”. Right.

Read more, click here

Maybe Anwar Al -Awlaki now occupies these mystery caves. Sure fits the M.O. doesn’t he? Got the Pentagon dinner one night, on the most wanted list soon after. Hint to those in the Middle East: Don’t take dinner invitations – you are really paying for it.

I can imagine that dinner conversation: “Anwar, we are looking for a new patsy. So, here is what we’ll do. You’re it! Okay? That’s as good as it gets. We will make it worth your while – we will never catch you. Set you up in new digs, the whole nine yards, what do you say Anwar?”

“The American public? Don’t worry, they buy everything the controlled media tells ’em, not an issue. If we say the sky is green, they believe it. If we say the cold as heck weather is global warming, for crying out loud, they believe it. If we can pull of that scam, don’t you think we can pull this off too?”

“We got Donny Rumsfeld, guilty as sin writing a book. Because once the book is published, Don feels better, the people feel better, and if it is in a book, gotta be true! Know what  I mean? Heck, we can even show the stupidity of the thing in shows like the Family Guy. People just laugh. But, they still believe it, the chumps!”

The hard-hitting Diane Sawyer (lovely lady) hit Rumsfeld with the tough question. The cat that swallowed the canary look on Rumsfeld’s face tells us everything I think we need to know.

Can we take the “wisdom” of Rumsfeld at least in one way. He said the things we know today are different. Applying that, was 9/11 not what we were told too? We have the evidence today to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that “doubt” exists.

What drove the military into Iraq, at the root was a lie. It’s time to get to the bottom of it.

Bill Gates is a computer scientist, right?: Bilderbergers have a strange habit of becoming experts in fields other than their own

I remember the operating system called DOS. I actually  used the manual to figure out enough of the background to get a general feel for how it works. But, no matter how much background I had, I was not a computer scientist. There was absolutely no way I was qualified to develop more than a general understanding of how it worked, and I would leave the intricacies of how it is developed, and how it interacts with the computer up to the real experts that have devoted their lives and their time in study.

And, I recall the lecture I got from my wife that although I am good at the specific job I do, I should not profess to my clients beyond the scope of my expertise. It was a hard lesson to swallow – – but I thank my wife in retrospect for pointing out my shortfalls.

There is a strange pattern taking hold in the world of the Bilderbergers – – they tend to become instant experts in areas outside of their own background.

Take Al Gore. What was his claim to fame? That’s right, if you said a politician you would be right. He almost became President, and he claims the only reason he didn’t is because of a few hanging “chads” in Florida. I hope he isn’t inferring corruption in high places, even though George W. said famously on his plane that he would win Florida, don’t you worry about that!

But if you said Al Gore’s claim to fame was his vast knowledge and understanding of global warming would you be right? What makes Al Gore so sure that the globe is warming? What made him of all people the one to stand up in a movie devoted to giving us the “Inconvenient truth”? He is a politician/businessman/AGW expert? Something is not right.

For one, Gore will not debate Lord Christopher Monckton on the subject. The reason might have something to do with Monckton’s claim that Gore has “35 inconvenient truths” (errors) in his argument.

It is one thing to be handed a script for a movie and appear an expert when reading the script, it would be a whole other thing to show just how little one might know when faced with those shattering questions that when faced with, the brain readily says, oops, I am in trouble now! Come on — we have all had those moments now, haven’t we?

Shut off the A/C and hunker down, I am sure Al would tell us. We must all do our part to continue the charade cause to keep our footprint within reason, despite the fact that

Gore’s 2006 utility bills for his Nashville home topped $30,000.

So, bottom line on Gore – – no debate on AGW and complete hypocrisy. Next!

Now we come to another Bilderberger ready to toe the party line. We have Mr. Bill Gates, the computer scientist turned vaccine expert, and dare we also say, he has some fancy computer-science-like formula to show the world that the only way to reduce carbon is to reduce the population?:

Let’s switch gears from the computer guy who is an expert in global warming now, to the guy who is great at computers, but is really good too at medicine, and specifically vaccines. He has attacked Dr. Andrew Wakefield on vaccines and autism (the reason for this column today). On CNN this Sunday morning, nothing like a little shot against true credibility to get the creative juices flowing. Please see this video on the CNN article. Gates would seem a happy fellow if they could just film that frown upside down. His words say trust me, his smile says, don’t!

And yes, you heard right if you were paying attention. Not only did he take occasion to slam Dr. Wakefield as a fraud, he mentioned it again – – that if they did a good job on vaccines, they could reduce population growth.Incidentally,  did anyone from Club Bilderberg  fill in Gates that Wakefield’s work was vindicated?

And of course, now would be an excellent time to point out that Gates does not mention the true reason populations decrease in a positive way. He is not suggesting that the nations he has targeted for population reduction need to have access to better education, food, higher paying jobs. In short, he is not talking about developing those nations which would inherently decrease birth rates, he is specifically tying in vaccinations with reduced populations.

And there is evidence to support that the Bilderberg line is to use vaccinations to sterilize the population. And that would be the direct correlation between vaccinations and reduced population, supported by his other cause of reducing the human variable in his fancy equation to reduce carbon. What a wonderful, caring human being, wouldn’t you agree?

Wait, now that I think of it, wasn’t it Gates who has technology to modify the weather too, and be in the cloud manufacturing business? The words of that famous comedian comes to mind. Nucking Futts!

We could continue with other Bilderberger experts in fields outside their own. Remember Niall Ferguson, historian, Bilderberger, and now expert in all things U.S. economy. Yeah, he was famous for his CFR paper that had the U.S. economy collapsing quickly. That paper “quickly” out not long after or before a Bilderberg meeting. Sorry, losing track of when these things come out to market.

Or, Robert Rubin. How could we forget the mentor of Peter Orszag? Such a great mentor, I am sure Orszag must have said if this is what they want me to be like, I’m outta here. And, as we all know, he is. But I do understand he got the parting gift – – a lifetime membership in the CFR (whoopie!).

In all fairness to Rubin, he did stick to what he is good at in his own field of corruption and looting. Gotta hand it to him, he didn’t profess for a minute to be too honest.

Ah, the fun, the fun of watching the Bilderberg boys and girls support the bigger cause of world population raping, pillaging, collapsing, and looting.

It makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Maybe I could divert from my real job, and become a columnist. Nah, I’m sure my wife would quickly correct me, and save the world from my nonsense.

Hu stresses cooperation with U.S. (The Wall Street Journal Europe, 21 Jan 2011, Page 7)

Harper could learn a thing or two from Hu

While the Prime Minister of Canada tells citizens they must give up their sovereignty as a nation, isn’t it interesting the President of China is urging the U.S. to respect theirs? At least Hu has got it right – – economics and sovereignty are not synonymous.

Hu stresses cooperation with U.S.
By Michael R. Crittenden, Corey Boles, Siobhan Hughes, Ling Ling Wei and Jamila Trindle
The Wall Street Journal Europe
21 Jan 2011

WASHINGTON—Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday reiterated the need for Beijing and Washington to work together and urged the U.S. to respect China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and Tibet. “We should treat each other with respect,” Mr. Hu said in a…read more…

Where the blue in Project Blue Beam actually shows up: UFO’s a hoax and marvel of 3D technology

Those UFO's are bright enough you'd swear they wanted to be seen wouldn't you?

I reported not long ago, on a recent past Saturday that my family witnessed what appeared to be a “silent” burning orb in the sky above our house.

We started asking questions to the people around us, and an interesting pattern is now making me question our “encounter” with aliens.

The motive that the elitists have to make us all afraid of alien invasion was  expressed in our last article. Stanley A. Fulham outdid himself looking like an atheistic kook, by projecting in his novel (no pun intended) that there would be a mass alien presence on earth on October 13th (or thereabouts), and that his Christian background was, let’s just say, misguided. He learned a different reality.

His claim is that the aliens saw thousands of other civilizations doomed because of carbon issues. But they are really just a compilation of 43,000 souls, all looking to aid failing civilizations. Talk about hooey.

And, how convenient to our world leaders looking to resurrect the carbon issue from an extinction of it’s own. When Lord Christopher Monkton put them in their place, they are trying hard to bring it back – but with alien intervention!

No, you just can’t make this stuff up, that is unless you are Stanley Fulham. And how exactly souls that have been reincarnated get together for the good of mankind is one thing. How they turn into aliens in UFO’s is another that I’m not so sure Fulham can even explain. Perhaps he will leave that to the “Transcendors”. But forget the “far out” new reason for carbon taxation. Let’s get on to the visions of those UFO’s that suddenly go “lights out”  and disappear once they have served their purpose.

The night we saw the orb in the sky, one friend noticed a blue light over the park in our neighbourhood,  another, a hovering craft in the night sky, making noise, with lights. The interesting thing was there was a potential trajectory path in geography where the noisy craft (helicopter with lights?) was, to the blue light, then to the orb sighting. Could it be a laser, holographic projection?

And, with many UFO sightings claiming in the past the eventual presence of helicopters, either military of otherwise, it supports a pattern. The Krill Report suggests a strange association:

The idea of “mystery helicopters” did not develop

concurrently with the animal mutilations themselves. Such

helicopters — unmarked, flying at low levels, soundless (or

sounding like helicopters) — have been reported for years, and

have been linked to an even more widespread phenomenon — the

“phantom” (fixed wing) aircraft. The helicopters themselves have

been seen in area where UFOs were reported, in many countries.

Back to the projection issue. Some believe it could be from satellites.

Of course the source where the laser beam originates can be miles and miles away from where the image is projected in the sky, giving it the illusion of a vessel, orb, or other image that is completely silent.

Reports abound also, that when seeing multiple orbs, they tend to move together, further supporting the “projected image” theory.

Project Blue Beam might look like this, where at some point in the area, a blue spot would be noticeable, that would support our sighting of an orb, and nearby a blue light in the sky as well. When watching the UFO sighting vids, see if you notice a blue spot anywhere in the picture – a potential focal point projected perhaps miles from the original lens and the eventual image.

It’s possible a blue light might be seen where the parallel light rays meet at the focal point.

This picture shows a simple projector that would have a very close focal point, and the associated blue hue.

Interesting, that in our personal account of the orb sighting we had a blue light not far away the glowing orbs reported on by our friend. While he saw blue, we saw orange and red. And, it appears we are not alone in this type of account:

Click here to get the Simpsonville account

While a blue light has been seen over SimpsonvilleS.C., some folks in Highlands are reporting orange orbs in the sky over their homes.

From this google map interpretation, there is a 185 mi distance between Simpsonville and the Highlands. For a satellite beaming an image, not far. Those seeing the lens focal point in Simpsonville – a blue light, and those in Highlands seeing the projected image of the orb. It’s a possibility at the very least.

Imagine the laser hologram being beamed from a satellite above the Earth. If the focal point was at Simsonville, S.C. in the above example, would that explain the concentration of light beams making a blue appearance? And, would it explain the holographic image of the orb at Highlands?

Well, we certainly didn’t see the blue light, as our friend did, but we did see the orb. And he didn’t see the orb, only the blue light in the sky. The obvious reason – they were a distance apart.

The fact that the orb is quiet  would certainly support the projected image theory. And, if someone was aware of the intention to have these images simultaneously projected (same day) throughout the world, then it would be easy to “predict the date”, as did Stanley A. Fulham.

Refuting the Bible as Mr. Fulham has done is not too “cool” I might add.

Beware of false teachers and false prophets!:

What are the New World Order plans?  They plan the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible, who worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity to achieve this plan.

The New World Order will change nations’ laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols – like the cross for instance – will be come unlawful. Only Easter and Christmas for instance will be replaced by New Age festivities around the world.

The New World Order plans also the abolishment of all currencies and the transfer to electronic cash through the super highway — what we call also, the electronic highway. The thinker and the basic doctrine books of the New Age conspiracy for the New World Government are — and listen to the name of those people because all the new way of thinking of the New World Order are from those people, those authors who wrote different kinds of books which are the basic belief of the New Age movement:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who wrote Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine.

Alice A. Baily who wrote The Race and the Initiation and the Externalization of the Hierarchy.  Also, Initiation, Human and Solar; The Reappearance of the Christ – their Christ is the new messiah; The Destiny of the Nations,in which they plan what they’re going to do with the actual nation-state.

The Unfinished AutobiographyDiscipleship in the New AgeEsoteric Psychology — that’s a writing of Alice Baily, very important for all New Age thinkers who are exactly the ones who plan the New World Order.

Also the writing of Nicholas Roerich wrote Mitreya, that’s their new messiah; Shambala the Resplendent; The Agni? Yoga Series.

Also the writing of David Spangler who wrote Revelation, the Birth of a New Age, considered as a valuable insight to the New Age movement.  Reflections on the Christ which is related to the Luciferian initiation; Links With Space, which relayed as supposed to be big space show in which aliens are supposed to come to save men. Relationship and Identity; The Laws of Manifestation; New Age ?, and Toward a Planetary Vision which is directly related with the New World Order as they plan it to be.

Now, what do those people also plan?… and as I said before, this is not a dream and this is not paranoid thinking.  This is real.  So they plan … to accept the New World Order, people will have to accept first the New World Religion.  To enter into the New World Religion, the Christians will have to abdicate their own beliefs.

Satan will use those that have fallen to deceive mankind, but do not be deceived:

2.) The proof they should offer for the making good of these pretences; They shall show great signs and wonders (v. 24), not true miracles, those are a divine seal, and with those the doctrine of Christ stands confirmed; and therefore if any offer to draw us from that by signs and wonders, we must have recourse to that rule given of old (Deu. 13:1-3), If the sign or wonder come to pass, yet follow not him that would draw you to serve other gods, or believe in other Christs, for the Lord your God proveth you. But these were lying wonders (2 Th. 2:9), wrought by Satan (God permitting him), who is the prince of the power of the air. It is not said, They shall work miracles, but, They shall show great signs; they are but a show; either they impose upon men’s credulity by false narratives, or deceive their senses by tricks of legerdemain, or arts of divination, as the magicians of Egypt by their enchantments.

We might just have Project Blue Beam in full swing now! And it has been discussed for quite some time as a World Government pulling out all the stops, for an “E.T. 9/11”.