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Not getting their way is exactly what they want (Part One)

What in the world is going on?

We have the resignation of Ron Paul from politics but not from life. The man for many years that stood for the principles of liberty, sound currency backed by gold, and the ceasing of needless, endless war stepped down.

We have an escalation in turmoil. Obama is under fire for his very eligibility with a phony looking, adobe acrobat layered birth certificate that was not scanned in even if fake to make it look real, oh no my goodness – – it was created in cyberspace and even to the man who knows the basics of adding content to an adobe document can see that it has layers of deceit that if we didn’t know any better was meant to create an issue.

Before Ron Paul retired, we know he got a generous campaign donation from none other than Peter Thiel, and according to Paul, he cannot control who donates to his cause or his coffers. So, I suppose Paul is saying that Thiel may have misdirected his payment and didn’t intend to line Paul’s pockets. What a fool Mr. Thiel is. Doesn’t he realize Paul stands for liberty and freedom and Thiel, well, he is a Bilderberger. Need we say more?

We have had Alex Jones supporting any idea that Ron Paul could and can muster, and sometimes supporting Paul’s ideas before Paul even thought them up first – amazing stuff.

Glenn Beck, although opposed and mocking of Alex Jones (and vice versa) were like the guys on the Austin Powers series: “We are not so different you and I”. These guys seemed to interlay similar government bashing with slight twists. Beck claims 911 truthers are dangerous like Van Jones, and  (Alex) Jones supports 911 truth supporters as the epicentre of all things conspiracy. Both however back the buying of gold. Beck leans towards Obama the communist, and Jones to Obama the puppet of the elite. Both create a following, slightly divided but both mad at their government.

Jones appears on Fox News once in a while, under attack, and being watched closely by the police around the studio, while Glenn Beck has never appeared on the Alex Jones Show. They are like arch enemies in a family that hates each other, but blood is thicker than water —  so they are so similar in so many ways you really have to wonder if they are somehow on the same team.

Yes, just about every week, Alex Jones has the “most important broadcast he has ever done”, and you are supposed to feel special. Well, do you?

We have the NSA spy scandal, the gun running Fast and Furious issue, Benghazi, and all the things that could take Obama to impeachment waiting on the brink.

All these issues. Isn’t it great we have guys like Alex Jones and even Glenn Beck to keep bringing us “the truth”? Wasn’t it great to have had the common sense politician bring it to us in clear, easy to understand language that the government is not really run by the people but the Federal Reserve who prints money out of thin air? Hasn’t it been great that the powers that be have been exposed and continue to be exposed without interruption day after day, broadcast after broadcast, year in, year out?

Aren’t we lucky to have been told the truth, and we can take it to our friends, and neighbours  and family and “wake them up to the same reality we now know”? Great, right?

Well, hold on a second will ya?

Let’s all take a deep breath, stand back, and look at a much bigger picture and see if it makes sense.

The minority that wants to control the world may or may not be all at Bilderberg, but that is where the bullhorn gets a lot of action. The world controllers responsible for the banking collapse, the Euro, the Euro zone, global warming propaganda, and eugenics are funnelled to a location every year that Jones and the troop can gather and exchange stories, heck who knows, maybe light a campfire and roast weenies, who knows?

Alex Jones in 2013 said that in the UK where the meeting was, there was likely anti-aircraft missiles at wait, standing by, but there was no doubt a no fly zone imposed over the Bilderberg confab. Yes, he said that in a BBC interview:

So, take a step back now. Deep breath. Relax. Ready?

The guys at Bilderberg that run the show are a few in number. Most are looking really old because they are old. There is no fountain of youth. They are frail and they are few. The world’s population on the other hand is vast. Billions of people. The vast majority of people are not going to allow a few to take over.

The FEMA camps that are claimed to be the new death camps are waiting for the trains to show up with the first of those that are to be taken to the “camps”, like in the days of Hitler. Jones makes several inferences to the similarity. Let’s also remember that the world fought Hitler and the world won.

How many people can fit in these camps, even at capacity? Will the billions of earth’s inhabitants fit? No, of course not.

The entire truth movement’s agenda is to get you to “wake up”, then wake up the masses to the takeover by the elite.

Guys like Jones claim the only reason the globalists have not killed him is because   his operation would take on a second wind and become more credible. Jones would think I suppose, that he would be a martyr. That is the reason why his exposing of the globalists is stopping them in their tracks. Sound credible? Really?

So, if the conspiracy theory leaders get enough people to wake up to the world takeover by the elite, we can “continue to expose them thus we can stop these people”. Exposing them is the way to ensure they slow down their global agenda of eugenics.

From Ron Paul, if we can end the Federal Reserve we can return to sound currency of gold.

Time to step back again.

If gold becomes the world reserve currency again, we need to ask ourselves who would have all the power if that were the case? If your assets and mine are in the current currency, including pension plans backed by stock market investments, who would stand to lose the most if the slate is wiped clean, and gold became the basis of money again (at this point)? Right: We lose. At least the majority of us would.

If Ron Paul, when running for President was able to implement his budget cuts, reducing food stamps to 30 cents a meal per person who would lose?

So, if we really listen to the leaders of liberty are we going to win or be wiped out, left to die on the streets?

If each state really seceded from the union would this be a division or a unification move? United we stand (and are strong), divided we fall (because we have been weakened). Who suggested it was our “right” to be informed of the right to secession? You got it – – Ron Paul. Who backed him on one of his “most important broadcasts he has ever done”? Right again – – Alex Jones. Starting to see something here?

What is it you want the most right now if you are a conspiracy theorist? Do you want it to be over? Do you want to be proven right? Do you want the collapse to occur to prove to your friends and your family that you were not crazy?

Take a step back and think this over.

Is it better to be right or happy? Is it more important to be right than secure financially? Is it most important to be right, if it means the globalists got their way and we are all slaves?

What has your conspiracy theory following done to you?

Are you living off government subsidies because you don’t have a job, have reduced ambition, and given further reason to give up by your daily following of Alex Jones telling you how hopeless we are, and that the American Dream is Dying?

What has been the result of following the leaders?

Have you stocked up on guns and ammunition? Have you stockpiled food, water, and other weapons waiting for the apocalyse? Have you succumbed and resolved the fact that this is coming and there is no way for you or anybody else to stop it?

Do you really think that those that have will not help those that don’t? Have you been convinced that your gun is going to protect you from the military on the streets (someone’s dad, uncle, aunt or mom) from coming to your home and dragging you off to one of those death camps?

Do you really think those few old people, some of whom might be at Bilderberg are capable of controlling and pulling so many strings, and capable of convincing so many people that this is the way it needs to be, and you have no power?

Well, the conspiracy theory leaders would lead you to believe that now wouldn’t they? And, aren’t they doing that right now to you? Aren’t they telling you to prepare because the all powerful elite are going to get their way?

That is, unless the leaders like Alex Jones can convince you to wake up your friends in large numbers and stop them, right?

If you are convinced that the Fed needs to end, and the government is evil, you can overthrow your government, end the Fed, return to sound currency, and watch a whole bunch of peoples’ wealth and income, and food stamps go down the drain, hooray!!

You will have won if you can do that. Great work. Where will it get you?

Well, they would tell you that it is better to bite the bullet, face the music now and rebuild. That would mean wiping out your income, security, and basically the future of your family, kids, and grandchildren. It’s the way it has to be, and well, like you say, let’s get it over with already – – bring on the collapse! Yes, you can rebuild and become heros if you don’t get to watch sitcoms anymore.

We will continue to expand on this. But for now, beware of who you listen to.

Are you really sure the guys that are the leaders of liberty are really out to serve your best interests, or could they be directing the masses to wish for their own destruction? Are you really certain what you are wishing for isn’t what the elite want you to want? Are you sure by winning you are not losing?

With Alex Jones and other leaders fighting them off and protecting humanity, are the elite really losing? By not getting their way, are the elite getting what they desire because you are wishing for your own demise?

Could they be using certain (controlled opposition) leaders to win so you feel victorious, but in reality getting you to want what they want? Clever if true, right?

We will continue soon…..


Sachs of trouble everywhere you look: Are the Sachs guys good recruits or put in place to effect a plan?

Scary it is!

Everywhere you look, there are ex-Goldman Sachs guys (and gals) in powerful positions – positions of authority, influence, and power.

The argument for hiring these guys has always been that, like a Harvard grad, they are smart, and the doors open for these people.

Or, is that simply an excuse to say that top talent comes from Sachs, when really it is an excuse to put in place those to effect a treasonous agenda. And, like a terrorist cell, could the power be exercised when needed?

I like to use the analogy of a  terror cell , as we heard enough of that from  George W. Bush shortly after the very iffy 9/11 explanation that it was Al Qaida responsible for the attacks that day. Didn’t it seem a little odd that blame was laid so quickly, the thermite dust hadn’t even settled yet from the pulverized buildings?

And by the way, now would be a good time to suggest you have a look at the recent Conspiracy Theory episode about the Pentagon and 9/11 – good stuff that puts the issue of who is the terrorist and why did the Patriot Act really come into control:

And, in case you missed the original on 9/11, here you go:

Back to Goldman Sachs.

Where there was talk of the financial meltdown, we didn’t have to look far to see that Goldman was right there in the thick of suspicion. The teflon of being a great entity is wearing off as we find more and more underlying corruption associated with Goldman Sachs and their involvment with the derivative scandal.

Remembering back, it was Goldman Sachs that gained large as an investment bank, once it became open season with the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act by Bill Clinton. And who was it that was involved in convincing him? Was it Robert Rubin, and ex-Goldman boy?

Teflon is definitely getting rubbed off I’d say. The reputation of Goldman has taken a major hit. And it is becoming worrisome.

More evidence:

Observers will point to the firm’s near obsessive focus on recruiting, which has seeded its ranks with an enviable roster of talent, ripe for the poaching. They will highlight Goldman’s record of public service over the past six decades, and the succession of leaders who were encouraged to cap off their lucrative Wall Street careers with a stint in government. And of course, they will reference the company’s unparalleled command of risk: In an era where most of its blue-chip peers have been torched by lax lending standards and questionable bets – think Citigroup, Bear Stearns, UBS and Lehman, to name a few – Goldman has emerged with merely a few singes.

All of these factors go some way toward explaining the ascendancy of so many Goldman alumni amid the debris of the credit crisis. Yet the nature of the crisis has also played a role. Much of this disaster was manufactured on Wall Street, and it is here, at the epicentre of the U.S. financial system, that much of the punishment is being meted out. Given the complexity of the products underlying the collapse of the subprime mortgage market and the potential for a devastating domino effect if some of these major banks fail, it’s little surprise that officials in both the public and private sectors have looked to industry experts for help. And where better to turn than the investment bank that managed to sail through the downturn reasonably intact?

Goldman was indeed a “teflon tim” of the banking industry – no blame or responsibility seems to stick.

Suspicion points to  the potential explanation for the longevity of the firm – was it skill or advantage? Was it sound business practice based on a terrific talent pool, or was it due to political favoritism, and the effecting of a political agenda? And are we to see the instilling of these ex-Sachs folks as being recruited to finish off their careers in government, or can we look at the careers in Goldman as the training ground for the real job of government positions?

As Jesse Ventura pointed out on the Wall Street episode, why should the bankers effecting the crisis be given bonuses for destroying the lives of Americans? The more damage you do, the bigger the bonus?:

And Jesse Ventura is not the only critic of Goldman Sachs’ role in the destruction of the American economy. Alternative media is rife with support to suggest that Sachs are financial terrorists bent on the destruction of the middle class. Max Keiser is one such expert with roots on Wall Street, and plenty of ammo:

And, note that the crisis is global – Goldman is in thick everywhere.

And Canada, we are not immune. Check out our Bank of Canada Governor’s roots – you got it – Goldman Sachs!

Along with Mr. Paulson, there was Mr. Carney, who had taken up his job as head of Canada’s central bank only a couple of months earlier, and Bank of Italy Governor Mario Draghi, who was a London-based partner at Goldman from 2002 to 2005. Mr. Draghi also leads the influential Financial Services Forum of central bankers and regulators, which spent six months preparing the report that became the basis of the G7′s demands for more transparency by banks and other regulatory changes.

And the article continues to paint a necessary background on the same sh__, different issue when it comes to what can be expected:

The people at Goldman Sachs are not so successful because they are smarter than the rest of us, just a lot more cunning and crooked in many cases and have the audacity to pull off tricks like Mark Carney’s income trust tax, that steals from the poor to line the pockets of the wealthy.

Let’s not kid ourselves Canada. Time to wake up if not already. There is a plan taking effect. The players are taking position. And the one in Canada is already here.

Does Stephen Harper seem uncomfortable with the agenda?: By his resistance, we can see where the enemy is

I have both supported and questioned Stephen Harper. But, there is always a point that man must forgive his fellow man, when true repentance is obvious. After all, who are we to judge another. We are all “dirty rags” when we compare our own humanity to that of divinity. We have seen evidence to support that there is questioning going on. I might be seeing resistance of an agenda by our Prime Minister. Whether a blessing or a curse, let’s just say I have a sixth sense that helps me put pieces together.

First, watch this clip, that was posted earlier on another article related to poison in drinking water:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters in Edmonton on Wednesday that he would receive the H1N1 vaccine if it was recommended. Aides later clarified Harper's statements, saying he would get the vaccine if it was approved. (Jimmy Jeong/Canadian Press) Read more:

Now, read this article from way back in 2009, of the questioning of our Prime Minister, if he would be taking the H1N1 shot that was pushed so heavily in media.

If Alex Jones’ research and experts are painting a strong argument that the flu vaccines will become vessels to alter the brain, dumbing us down by injecting live, damaging viruses into us , then the resistance would be understandable. Harper may know full well. He of course was not alone.

Just as interesting as the article by the CBC, is the first comment below it, linked to Prison It’s all about profit at the price of health – a perfect double whammy by the globalists. Let’s not even talk about the “water war crimes”.

The H1N1 shot last year proved to be a hoax, so the question is, why did the WHO (World Health Organization) push its’ marketing so hard? And, why did the U.S. come out in the same, drive to forced vaccinations, when resistance was clear:

When asked on CNN to respond to several nationwide polls indicating that Americans do not trust the vaccine because it has been rushed through safety procedures, Sebelius said that it was “targeted specifically at the H1N1 virus”, despite the fact that the pharmaceutical companies themselves admit that there is “no clinical experience in the elderly, in children or in adolescents” with their new vaccines.

It’s almost flu season again….food for thought indeed.

Switching gears, headlines out of the Toronto Star November 3rd, bring us this piece, “Harper has burned bridges abroad, Ignatieff says”.

Ignatieff does not see the clear mission of the United Nations as a vessel of globalist control, or he is part of the mission, when he criticized Harper:

In a major foreign-policy speech on Tuesday in Montreal, Ignatieff says that Canada’s failure to obtain a seat on the United Nations Security Council should be a wake-up call about the country’s dwindling reputation abroad.

“The world forced us to look in the mirror and we don’t like what we see,” Ignatieff says, calling the UN rebuff a “clear condemnation” of the way the Harper government has conducted its politics abroad.

“We should be building bridges, not burning them,” Ignatieff says.

It’s about Christianity fighting the New World Order, as described well in this article:

This “One World” order will be brought about by a shift in the political, economic, environmental, and education arenas. The political arena is crucial because of its ability to engage whole nations with the stroke of a pen. Government leaders play significant roles in making internal changes that will ultimately affect their national sovereignty. In bringing about such a new age of international cooperation, national sovereignty will have to be surrendered. Therefore, it is not surprising that President Bush went to the United Nations first in order to obtain approval for using force against Saddam Hussein. Many wonder if he now sees the U.N. Charter as more important than the U. S. Constitution. There are those who are presently calling for a constitutional convention to bring about a change in our nation’s way of governing itself.

It was interesting to note a while ago that Harper has the Christian influence in his government:

In the wake Marci McDonald’s newly released book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise Of Christian Nationalism In Canada, a political firestorm has erupted on Parliament Hill, igniting debate about just who’s influencing the policy decisions made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The release of McDonald’s book comes amid the brewing tension of apparent ideological moves made by the Harper government, including the ‘Mexico City Policy’ for the upcoming G8 maternal and child health initiative, the rescinding of funds of women’s organizations who promote a full range of family planning options, and the denial of federal tourism funds for Pride Toronto.

With public focus being drawn to the back rooms of the PMO, the Harper government lashed out following a CBC segment featuring an interview with McDonald and a glimpse at some of the people discussed in the book. The Conservatives accused the public broadcaster of “fomenting religious division” and waging a “faith war” in an “ongoing campaign against the Conservative Party.” (Take note, this is just the latest in a string of baseless allegations made by the Conservative Party and Right Wing pundits against the CBC.)

Interesting that it is the CBC that has criticized the Christian influence in the Harper backoffices, considering Peter Mansbridge attended Bilderberg this year in Spain, along with several Canadian banking officials for the T.D., and the Premier of B.C. After all, Bilderberg is in bed with the powers that be in the U.N. to effect a One World Government that promises the guise of Climate Change to effect what can best be described as world population reduction.

Sounds crazy, eh? Yeah, wish it were. When Gord Campbell said the Bilderbergers talked about the issues of feeding the world, we wondered if he became privy to the mission to use inoculations to sterilize and climate change taxation to reduce the food supply so millions in third world countries would starve. I wonder if an initial visit to Bilderberg would have jerked into high gear like that, or would it be like a PR gesture to say, “see, we are GOOD PEOPLE”, go home and tell your countries it’s all just a bad joke that we really are eugenicists. Okay?” “Go home little insignificant minions, go home now”.

Let’s switch gears yet again.

Let’s look at Harper’s resistance to the Bank Tax that would have been used to bail out failing global central banks.

Not to mention the other tax de resistance, the 2% Climate tax (2% of Canada’s GDP) that was to be given to the United Nations as a good will gesture on Climate Change. Remember, Hillary Clinton was the first to suggest the cheque book be pulled out for that cause.

Clinton’s announcement, made during a packed news conference, represents a major breakthrough in the U.N.-led talks, which had all but ground to a halt last night. But Clinton emphasized that the money is only on the table so long as fast-growing nations like China and India accept binding commitments that are open to international inspection and verification. If other countries don’t bend, she warned, the poorest countries will suffer.

Of course Hillary, because at the end of the day, it’s all about control of those nations the U.N. cannot get a handle on. But China and Russia are still not in bed, so as Webster Tarpley has so well pointed out, the goal of Brzezinski is not for the U.S. to attack Iran, but to set the stage for Iran to fight Russia and/or China, cutting off valuable oil supplies:

Brzezinski argued that no more direct military

Click here to see why he believes the world is "waking up" to reality

attacks by the United States should be made for the time being, and that US policy should rather focus on playing off other states against each other, while the US remained somewhat aloof. Brzezinski’s model was always his own successful playing of the Soviet Union against Afghanistan in 1979, leading to the collapse of the Soviet empire a decade later. A centerpiece of Brzezinski’s argument was evidently the claim that color revolutions on the model of Ukraine 2004 were much a better tool than the costly and dangerous US bombing and US invasion always championed by the monomaniacal neocons. There was clearly an implication that Brzezinski could deliver a color revolution in Iran, as he had done in Ukraine.

And Ignatieff cannot understand Harper’s lack of interest in being represented on the U.N. Security Council? Phewie!

Back to the climate duping, yeah sorry….

Of course, if you don’t know Cap n’ Trade, and the Bilderbergers being in on that charade, you probably haven’t seen the evidence yet. We did a piece when Earth Hour became just too much propaganda to bare. Sorry, the bank tax, yes. Well, in another move that has Harper seeing the light, and doing what can be done to stop New World Order enterprises, here is the gist of the G20:

The dispute over bank taxes is shaping up as a key point of debate in Toronto when Canada hosts the G20 June 26-27, immediately after Canada hosts the G8 in Huntsville, Ont.

Rather than taxing banks, Mr. Harper said, he wants the G20 to focus on plans to tackle growing deficits and improve financial-sector regulation. But that agenda is at risk of being eclipsed by events tied to the Greek debt crisis.

Call me crazy, but there is a picture of Bill Clinton and Stephen Harper in Davos Switzerland that sticks in my mind. The look on Clinton’s face tells it all. It’s as if he were looking at a man that should be doing more to further the cause.

Clinton’s look is one of looking tired, worn down, and exhausted with the impossibly idiotic mission the effectors are supposed to bring to the table. You know the mission, that according to Charlie Skelton is “expected to be implemented”.

Well, let’s have a laugh to end this piece of support of P.M. Harper. I see resistance. The pieces are there. I hope I’m not wrong, and I hope for Harper’s sake he really is genuine with the Christian influence, and the resisitance to all things Bilderberg.

As for the B.C. Premier, I will leave you with this comment from Charlie Skelton. Just think about it Gord, okay?:

The premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, is 62. Still a little young to be put out to grass, a little too spry to be waggling his willy at past glories, especially when you consider that a trip to Bilderberg often means a career leap is just round the corner. (David Cameron 2008, Tony Blair 1993, Bill Clinton 1991). Congratulations, Prime Minister Campbell!

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When what sounds good really just sucks!

Gordon Campbell, the Premier of British Columbia attended the Bilderberg meeting this year in Sitges, Spain.

He told us all that the taxpayers of B.C. paid for it, because, I suppose, it was information that would be useful to an official in charge of a large province in Canada. I suppose, he would argue, it was justified.

And when further pressed, Mr. Campbell explained that although he could not give specifics, he learned that the group of Bilderberg discuss things like this:

“We talked about the economy, we talked about trade, we talked about health care and the challenges that health care presents to all economies with the changing demographic”

Sure, this is “old news”, no biggie, just another government official going to a meeting of the elites, and “hobnobbing”. All good, who cares — the same old, same old.

Perhaps. Go back to sleep everyone, nothing to see here.

I wonder if Gordon Campbell, when discussing his visit and the meetings he attended met Bill Gates.

Gates, officially found his way to Bilderberg by way of another meeting that did not happen. And why? Because the other meeting actually didn’t exist. It was a diversion. It was a smokescreen to cover for Mr. Gates’ visit to Bilderberg. But, that shouldn’t be a surprise either, because the rich will often shake off the paparazzi of sorts, and cleverly end up where they want. So, arguably, the persona of the Bilderbergers being a secret cabal of elitists trying to control the world may just be the jealous types that “wish” they could be in the shoes of these elites. That seems to be the argument. That, and the fact that these conspiracy cooks must not have a very fulfilling and succesful life, so they make up stuff and create a false sense of purpose and entitlement to abuse others. That is what we are to understand.

The famous, such as our Canadian icons – – Mr. Campbell and Mr. Mansbridge — may have been curious and flattered to attend. Remember, nothing to see here people, move along. A couple of great Canadians being honoured with an invitation to attend the “anyone who is anyone will be there” event of the year. So, hey, why not? It’s a world stage, and Canada needs representation. Even if the taxpayers of B.C. had to pay for it. That’s expected. Let’s not forget, Mr. Mansbridge paid his own freight.

And, would Mr. Campbell, when he mentioned the economy of the world, and “health care and the challenges that health care presents” have been eluding to a presentation that Mr. Gates may have made?

According to Gates, the world’s population of 9 billion presents an issue for food, and health care. In a We are Change article, Gates is cited as saying:

“I’m one of those who will be present,” adding that he will take part in a debate with fellow globalists on the subjects of “energy and the needs of the poorest,” as well as climate change, renewable energy and the economic crisis.

Here we go again, right. You’ve heard of “We are Change”. They are one of “those” conspiracy theory groups, aren’t they?

They might just be trying to spin what Mr. Gates says, and take it out of context to suit their purposes. They may just be disgruntled people, you know, the jealous of his success types, that constantly try to discredit him and the rich people like him.

We all know the world works like this: You become a success, you get rich, and then you start a “Foundation” to help the poor. In Mr. Gates case, he and his wife started the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Right, move on, nothing to see here.

The Rockefellers, after all, too started the Rockefeller Foundation. And, surprisingly, they too care about the world. See, nothing to be concerned with. It’s how it works. The rich people helping the poor people — move on already, and get a life of your own!

Some of these “conspiracy groups” even have claimed that the Rockefeller Foundation is into a form of cleansing called Eugenics and they assisted the Nazis. “In its extreme, racist form, this meant wiping away all human beings deemed “unfit,” preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. Imagine the gall of the people accusing the fine, upstanding Rockefellers of that!

Even other rich people claimed the Rockefellers were into controlling the earth, and microchipping people. Aaron Russo, the movie director of acclaim was said to have met Nick Rockefeller, after starting a “Mad as Hell” show

Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller

and no, he wasn’t going to take it anymore. Russo, claimed that Nick Rockefeller gave him an offer — join us Aaron! We’ll give you a card that will be like an f — you card, a kiss my a– card, and you will not have to be like the other people. You will be special. Apparently Russo didn’t go for it. He was a terrific Patriot of American liberty. Too bad he isn’t alive to keep up the “unnecessary fight” though.

Makes me think what Mr. Campbell and Mr. Mansbridge are thinking post-Bilderberg.

Are they thinking, thanks but no thanks? A little embarassed for being there? Where’s the exit? How am I going to keep this smile until I can get the heck outta here? Maybe.

But there will always be the ones that buy into the concepts, and believe the intent is good. Why else would the group be so large?

Although Russo goes against the grain of the normal conspiracy theorist, he would have been nonetheless a malcontent, I suppose.

Remember, these people got rich, built “Foundations”, and are helping those less fortunate. Don’t look any further, there is no need.

And, if Russo complained about America pre 911 becoming a police state, and Totalitarian empire, his fear would have been justified after speaking with Nick Rockefeller.

“There would be an event in 2001” he was told that would start this New World. Nah, not a rich guy with a foundation. That is not how the world works. Nothing to see — move on.

There should really be no reason to look beyond the Gates’, or the Rockefellers, or the “Progressive Movement”. Everything they do is for our good as humanity.

Look, we have wide-screen T.V.’s made by these rich people who own the technology. Move on. We have good healthcare, advances in medicine — move on. What the conspiracy theorists are saying doesn’t jive with the real world, so we must continue to listen to men, good men, like Bill Gates when he and his foundation tell us they are just nice people who don’t even want to be recognized until found out.

That too, is how the world works. The humble, good guys that are so humble, so nice that they don’t even want the world to know they are part of a group of other humble, nice rich people who have foundations, and all that good stuff.

They are working behind the scenes for our good, because that is how the world works.

So, when they are pushed, they must tell us what they are doing.

And when Bill Gates was pushed by those conspiracy guys to fess up as to what he was going to discuss at Bilderberg 2010, he did:

Stating that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.”

And if we were sleeping we would say, see. move on. Nothing to see here.

But if we paid attention, something might not fit. We might be dumfounded. No, he couldn’t have said that vaccines were designed to “reduce” the population could he have?

No, we might even think to look up further evidence to support it. Perhaps a different meeting, in a different place? Yes, but what if the message was the same?:

Along with the scientifically absurd proposition of reducing manmade CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, approximately four and a half minutes into the talk, Gates declares, “First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

That might suck!

That might make us want to learn more ugly truth.

That might also, make us wonder why Alex Jones is so upset about the fluoride, lithium, and other drugs that are in the water supplies to dumb us down, and make us servile. That too would suck.

We might become one of those people who are disgruntled, that are jealous of the nice people that meet up and discuss the world’s problems, and are succesful with generous Foundations.

We might question these people.

And in doing so, we might have a chance to stop them.

We might wonder what would suck more — knowing what we know and acting on it, or allowing it, and watching these people get away with it, destroying the future for our children and their children.

And, we might finally realize why these people — the Bilderberg Group — want to meet in secret.

We might then understand that what we were led to believe may not be true.

We might have to stand up, and like Aaron Russo,  say “we are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore”.

Niall Ferguson: Bilderberg’s History, er wait, Economics Guru

As reported in a previous article, it is important to be reminded of this fact:

As Charles Skelton of the Guardian (UK) reported so well, the agenda of Bilderberg is expected to be implemented. All talk of being a harmless group of concerned citizens flies out the window when people of this magnitude and stature step to the plate to tell us the truth:

….the former Nato secretary general, Willy Claes (Bilderberg 1994), said on Belgian radio that at Bilderberg each participant is given a report and they are “considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect”. This remark is revealing of the Bilderberg dynamic: the flowing of policy out from Bilderberg and into the world, from power towards political implementation. From the steering committee to the guest members.

Let’s be blunt, what is in  the report that Niall Ferguson took from this year’s Bilderberg meetings? Or put another way, knowing that the Bilderbergers are the power brokers pushing for the collapse of societies as we know them, we must cut through the diversions and debates, and get back to the simple agenda they have.

As no surprise, and as both a further support that Bilderberg is working with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Ferguson offered this article to the Council, where the summary is described as follows:

Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many historians imagine. A combination of fiscal deficits and military overstretch suggests that the United States may be the next empire on the precipice.

One of many comments on the piece can be found here. The suggestion by Ferguson is that when America crumbles, it will crumble quickly. Not if we can help it, that’s for sure. But the Bilderbergers have been gearing up to effect a quick takeover – that would be consistent with their objectives.

One of the key objectives is to twist debate to serve the purpose of stripping wealth.

We have seen the push for the crushing of pensions and unions on the Glenn Beck Show.

Niall Ferguson, a history professor at Harvard, has evolved into an “economics” guru, and seems to be making his way into television studios, and reports everywhere. Again, there is a lot discussed. But can we find the “Bilderberg agenda” in his thoughts and suggestions? He also has (imagine that) been a guest on Glenn Beck. Now ain’t that a coincidence?

Well, in the clip found in this link, while discussing America with Joe Weisenthal, Ferguson discusses the unlikelihood of his visit to the White House at the call of Obama. You will recall Weisenthal contributes to the Keiser Report, and the slip of Obama may have been an inside joke for Weisenthal that may have more background knowledge on Ferguson than Ferguson may know.  Being a Bilderberg attendee as has Obama, perhaps the likelihood of sharing planning (the Bilderberg agenda) may be more on track than we might know. However, amongst other things, the bell went off when Ferguson mentions the cutting back on Public Pension plans.

Cutting Pension Plan payouts and liabilities, Ferguson would argue, would be correct austerity. Not to mention it meets the goal of Bilderberg in stripping wealth. Emphasized we must remember, by Glenn Beck, working for a Bilderberger, Rupert Murdoch.

Common message, two sources, both linked to Bilderberg.

Emphasis cannot be strong enough to suggest there will be a lot of rhetoric mixed in with agenda. Credibility built up to support the speaker, and while asleep, the suggestion to give up your wealth as a nation will be implemented.

As we find ourselves buying in to the message of the Bilderberg influence that has steadily been creeping into media sources everywhere, we need to splash the cold water of reality into our collective faces, and realize the messages have been tainted – sold out to the bigger mission of Bilderberg and their global plan for humanity.

We will continue to cut through the rhetoric and diversionary tactics used, and focus on the people of Bilderberg, and how they are contributing to the cause.

The giant sucking sound of wealth being stolen, and the girgling of bloated, starving bellies

The words, “you all are making me sick” come to mind and to mouth sometimes when we think of the people who choose not to check out the fraud in the corrupt as all get out Wall Street zombie banks.

The above sentence is a combination of terminology used by three very savvy, in the know people of change and whistle-blowing – Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and Max Keiser. Those of us that listen to their words of wisdom will be able to pick off who uses what jargon to explain what can only be described as infuriating.

There are many more financial and world-knowledge gurus that have been out there all along, but to many of us, are only becoming known now.

There is a growing number of disgruntled financial experts  flowing from Wall Street and mainstream press to the airwaves and print/blogs that are not readily viewable on North American press/television.

And that’s a drag, because these people are interesting, addictive, and refreshing. They speak the truth, because their predictions of future financial fallout jives with things past and things to come. They are like a magnifying glass on paper to burn the truth, like sunlight on the hidden truth in mainstream articles.

Ask yourself if you’ve heard of some of these people: Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Michael Hudson, Keiser with Hudson, Bob Chapman, Peter Schiff, Keiser with Schiff, Joe Weisenthal, Keiser with Weisenthal, (don’t miss it Max goes ‘bananas’!), Wayne Madsen, and many more.

Yes, likely the White House masters, Goldman Sachs would tell you these guys and girls, and the growing numbers that can’t take it any more are disgruntled dissidents that should not be trusted. And at this stage we want to trust a bank or a politician because of what exactly?

Well, let’s take a really easy look at what these folks talk about day in and day out. It is really complicated, but not really. It all involves the gambling of financiers on the failure of investments, countries’ bonds, etc.

Simply put, guys like Goldman Sachs will control the financial markets electronically with high volume trading software, that they can simply choose the price they want a stock to be at, hit a button, and trade whichever way they want to effect the stock price they want. If they want the price to go down or up, will depend on their bet.

Bets have many names, and one very popular one is called a credit default swap (CDS). CDS’s are used to “insure” against the failure of a stock or bond (oh yeah, like the borrowing of bonds of Greece? You got it!).

Well, again simply put, Goldman Sachs using market manipulation with high volume trading, can ensure stocks fail, by creating fear in the markets with high volume trades that might drive down a stock’s  (or bond’s) price. As the day traders with home-based, low fee, computer-powered devices are able to react to the markets movements, fear amongst them and other investors will effectively react to the triggers that Sachs and other market manipulators put into effect. The puppet master, Goldman, can ensure the market reacts the way they need them to, by giving a nudge to the market forces to drive prices down.

The big boy investment houses can buy CDS’s from sacrificed firms like AIG, and make all kinds of profit on betting that things will go bad, and making sure they effect it. It’s like being able to see one day in the future before going out to etch the numbers on the lottery ticket like 6/49 here in Canada. Yes, they have worked hard at ensuring there is no way they can lose.

Fast forward to Greece, and other failing countries (all of us), and you will find ex Goldman Sachs influence everywhere.

Now you know why Max Keiser is sitting back and making a joke of the ridiculousness of the situation. The next time an investment suggestion is made to you, nail your advisor with a quiz on what you know, and see if he or she has a clue. If they did, they might be suggesting gold, if not, who’s their daddy?

Keiser is quick to point out that Hollywood is a sure, coming target of the system. At $10 billion a year in revenues, that can be parlayed into a $300 billion derivatives bubble that Goldman will have the pin in hand ready to burst once they have tapped out more wealth.

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Reminds me of Bill Gates asking for half the wealth of his rich friends under some good cause guise I can’t even recall. The names change, but the theme is the same. It’s called “calling in all wealth, everywhere, so we can get you at our mercy”.

And finally, how low can Goldman Sachs go? What drove me to write this article?

The fact that they have bet against food itself as the last bastion of taste and proof they are the scum of the financial earth. Don’t leave here without ‘digesting this truth’.

“We’ve come to take our government back”: Rand Paul’s comment after winning Senate Primary in Kentucky


“Programs, get your Programs here!”……Global news and events that are rocking the Globalists and creating doubt that they can get this done!

Oh, so much has happened and continues to happen in the quest for the Globalists to take over the globe by financial derivative implosions and corrupt politicians that have been put in place to further the cause.

The world is under hijack by criminals, and in the words of a true Tea Partier and libertarian, Rand Paul’s landslide victory in the Kentucky Primary speaks directly to the President of the United States.

Paul ensured he mentioned Climate Change and the President’s support  and apology to the world that it was wrong to have an Industrial Revolution. Climate Change Legislation is designed for one purpose and one purpose only – to destroy capitalism and effectively the middle class.

The globalists are on the run, claims Alex Jones of, and he would be first to see the “awakening” of the American people, witnessing an audience growth that used to be two million listeners a week, to over one million per day! Everywhere, thanks to so many dedicated people who have been handing out the movies and emailing articles to one another, there has become a growing awareness of the master plan.

Glenn Beck has even changed. Whether he can be trusted is another question, but lately he has brought  the bigger picture that he describes as Crime, Inc.

Accused of pedaling gold for Goldline, Beck on his May 19th broadcast explained that gold keeps its value in hard times. Many believe the U.S. government has suppressed the value of gold, because if it were allowed to adjust to the true market, it may be over $3000 an ounce, that would send shock waves through the easily manipulated stock markets.

In truth, the markets today can not be trusted.

Hedge funds and other derivatives that are outside of government regulation have been allowed to be used as tools of financial terrorism by the big banks and investment firms. The market a rigged casino of sorts with stakes very high.

That is why the stock of Accenture was allowed to plummet from over $45 per share in the 10 minutes of havoc to a penny. Trillions of dollars of wealth was wiped out of existence within the 30 minutes. The culprit – short selling and options trading – one investor hedging the losses of the plunge of the markets to ensure if the number dropped to a trigger amount, they would be able to cover off their obligations. But who suffered the most?

An analogy I think of is the “virtual new car”, that the bankers told you that you bought, but in virtual reality. They would tell you that despite the fact that you didn’t actually get in and physically take possession, you drove it off the lot for all intents and purposes, and now you have turned it back in. At a loss and huge depreciation. The difference in cost is what you owe. There was nothing physical ever having to exist, just a thought. But the debt – that is real!

Reminds me too of the child playing that farm game on Facebook and his mother receiving a bill for “real interest” on a virtual game. Incredible isn’t it?

Well, derivatives and the stripping of nation after nation, Iceland to Greece and beyond have another cousin in Climate Change.

Rand Paul wanted to send a clear and precise message to the White House. The people are on to the scam.

The people in Greece are also on to the scam and have been in riot mode for a while now. It’s interesting, this morning we had this visit to the article on the Prime Minister’s role with Climate Change,

magnify this user 20 May 04:32:32 IE 7.0 WinXP unknown Greece Athens,
Greek Public Administration Network (IP removed)
No referring link

I tried to research who the Greek Public Administration Network was, and I can only surmise it is a government branch. That would be consistent.

Just as consistent as the mystery investors in Abu Dhabi, who have visited numerous times, and today, they came by to check out what the latest was,

magnify this user 20 May 07:05:36 IE 8.0 WinXP unknown United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Mubadala (IP removed)
No referring link

Still thinking there is a link between past involvement with land development in Phoenix, there is suspicion they have an anchor around the City of Glendale’s neck with respect to sales tax revenues on arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s a strange situation, and only getting stranger with the addition of a “mystery bidder”. Hmmm, could the bidders be Mubadala? It would sure be consistent with the secretive nature of how they do business, as we have discussed in the past.

An interjection about our state of being in Canada. Could it be PM Harper is smiling nice to the G20, all the while wondering how to get the nutjobs off our case? Just remember, we are with you boys!  The pressure is on to effect the NAU (North American Union), and the Harper Government must be under intense fire. Hang in there PM, the world is waking up!

Where Rand Paul states they want to take their government back, Harper must be wondering how he can keep his country sovereign.

Flaherty fights what some might miss: The further transfer of middle class wealth

From Hillary Clinton telling us to allow abortions (back off woman!) to Ban Ki-moon of the U.N. telling us to get back to the Kyoto agreement, and Flaherty fighting the G20 bank tax (grab), there really is some signs that the Conservatives are in Globalist – awareness – fight mode. And, can we thank a renewed, Christian revival or Saul-like revelation on Harper’s part? Could it be the Christian influence in the Government in Canada?

All I can say is Go boys go! Crime Inc. wants our money, and I say no way Jose!

Fitting, I will close with this thought. John McCain had better ramp up his campaign, because as Alex Jones has pointed out, he is going to have one heck of a time keeping his Senate seat.

Arizona passed immigration laws, and where does McCain stand in support? Illegals threatening to kill more Arizona police?

This charade and using illegals as a weapon against the American people must stop too. See for more info.

As far as States’ rights, I can only think of the Paul Simon tune, “50 ways to leave your lover“.  And, all of them are “States”.

The Climate Change dupers and globalists are going to have a hard time with the U.S., now aren’t they?

An obvious hit with the audience, yeah, sorry, Miss Oklahoma was not favoured by the judges. Rah rah U.N., eh?

From Canada, God Bless America!

Why doesn’t the Greek Government stop the corruption?: PM Papandreou is a Bilderberg member, that’s why!

Of course PM of Greece Papandreou is a Bilderberg member

The other day we mentioned that corrupt bankers and industry meeting corrupt government is a toxic recipe for disaster. And, it is also the best way to ensure the global scam carries on, and on, and on.

Only a few months ago, at Copenhagen, Greece’s PM George Papandreou was at the conference saying he was there to support the stoppage of climate change. Perhaps Mr. Papandreou has the answer for tsunamis as they are approaching a shore too. No, the real reason for his support is his presence at Bilderberg. Sold out is more the reason. Climate change – please!

Max Keiser said it right when he advised Greece to get rid of their corrupt government, and they would have a chance to tell the bankers where they can place their bonds.

And Bob Chapman, appearing on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, made it very clear – Greece does not stand a chance when the PM in Greece is a Bilderberger.

There are common denominators when a Bilderberger controls a country. They all support climate change taxation, abortion, big government, austerity measures, heavy taxation and bailouts of the very investment banks that create the economic uncertainties.

Isn’t it strange that the PM of Greece is interested in taxing “climate change” as his country burns?

Where is the priority?

Perhaps Papandreou sees his country as one that will gain as a “poor country” when bailed out by the global governance he strongly supports, as evidenced by his words for Copenhagen:

“This is global governance in the making. But we must agree, and agree to a binding commitment.”

He also admitted he was not there only as Prime Minister of Greece:

“The Socialist International, which I also represent here, has proposed, among other measures, funding through an international carbon tax, green bonds or transaction taxes, transforming foreign debt into equal funds to be used by poor countries for climate change adaptation.”

Papandreou attended the Bilderberg conferences of 1995, 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2005. So it may not come as any surprise that the Papandreou calls for global governance to “stop climate change”- which is of course as absurd as calling for the planet to stop turning. It’s interesting to note here that earlier this year Papandreou authored an article for TheNation titled ‘The Challenge of Global Governance” in which he openly stated: “While I am pleasantly surprised that socialism is back in vogue, I am also mindful that it must be reinvented, too.”

Interestingly, Papandreou wrote the piece for the Nation in April 2009, just a few months before becoming PM. Interesting, because the writing sounds more like those opposed to the Bilderberg agenda than for it. Could these words have been a smokescreen?:

Yet many of the measures taken in both the United States and Europe to bail out failed banks and shore up ailing industries seem designed to perpetuate a global financial system that is both politically corrupt and morally bankrupt. Fixated on saving the banks, governments are paying little attention to the people who are losing their homes and jobs, their savings and their pensions, as a result of financial decisions beyond their control. The failure of governments to enforce effective regulation of the corporate giants and banking elites has undermined the integrity of our democracies. No wonder taxpayers feel outraged: they’ve inherited trillions of dollars of bad debt, while bankers walk away with millions of dollars of personal wealth.

This was really written by George P? Offer the man the PM spot and what changed? Fishy, no?

Perhaps someone had better read his article back to him – now would be a good time!

Can George Papandreou see the fire in his own country? And, more importantly, has this changed his priorities?

Sadly, the answer is likely no on both counts. No, because he is a puppet leader for the global elite.

It’s time for Greece to peacefully take control of their government, and get rid of the corrupt politicians put in place to effect the global agenda.

And, other countries in Europe are soon to follow – UK, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The blip in the stock market that saw the Dow plunge 1000 points, before the U.S. government prop team came in the buoy the markets are a sign of how easily things can be manipulated.

When corrupt bankers team up with corrupt government: Countries in ‘fire sale’

Athens under siege as residents fight austerity measures

The housing bubble in the U.S. was a Wall Street designed bubble, that just like chewing gum, if it were to be pumped enough, it would be bound to pop. The resultant goo on the face the reflection of  TARP money, and the debt imposed on the innocent in America.

The bankers bought the “gum” on the backsides of poor people buying toxic waste (assets),with Goldman Sachs making money as a result . They knew the bubble would burst, and that  the assets were junk, so while  they sold the crud paper, they short sold the housing market. This was a planned, deliberate sabotage.

And, when the TARP came into play, they paid themselves bonuses for their incredible scam. The little Ponzi schemes you read about in the papers these days can’t hold a candle to the ravages of  these bankers owning politicians, and destroying the very essence of economies. It’s no wonder as the American government looks to remove guns from the people they allow the Goldman Sachs executives to arm themselves.

Now we know what Obama meant when he said Goldman Sachs will make money whether you laugh or not. They will make the most money when you cry in a heap of financial ruin. It is a sick, criminal conspiracy that is bankrupting nation, after nation after nation, and it must be put to a stop.

Let’s look at Greece on the weekend.

Protests and riots abounded, as the people fought back.

Junk derivatives were the culprit in Greece too, and the innocent people are being forced the bill.

According to financial, common sense man, Max Keiser, the people should get rid of their corrupt government in collusion with the corrupt bankers, and refuse to pay the interest on the bonds. Let the capitalists absorb the cost, Keiser points out. That’s capitalism. Sorry about your luck. It’s not time to bring the taxpayer into the mess. Check out this video:

As Keiser pointed out, Goldman Sachs pays less than 1% tax every year themselves, but the people of Greece are supposed to have their taxes increased, salaries and pensions slashed, to pay them for a scam. Hello, anyone listening?

We showed Police State 4 in the last post. Greece is looking like a police state. Is America next?