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Bettman doesn’t just have Calgary in his sights: Arizona hasn’t paid off Glendale yet, and he wants a new arena built there too (with taxpayers footing the bill, of course)


Forget it Calgary. Don’t listen to Gary Bettman tell you it’s his last arena to fix to world-class standards. CalgaryNext  isn’t his only captive in the “do it or lose your team” coercion ploy.

He actually has the nerve now to go after Arizona again, and before the Glendale taxpayers even had a chance to pay off their arena, and enjoy the fruits of the Coyotes, Bettman is telling them the team must locate to a new business district or relocate away from Arizona. Nice touch. It took us a while during their first plight to realize it was all about land development, not hockey, and we still wonder how the payoff works exactly.

It really makes one wonder (not really) where the sales drive passion is rooted with Bettman. What exactly does the sole Commissioner of 20 plus years have to gain by threatening franchises and cities unless they spend taxpayer money to develop land?


Calgary Flames owner is now holding the City hostage (a la NHL Land Development Scam)


Calgary Flames threaten city

Mayor tells Bettman nobody wants to pay for this!

Russia, Ukraine, and the rearing of (the ugly heads of) the Nazis

On the barge, and always on the verge

No, it’s not Gilligan on the Island. It’s Alex Jones on “the Bilder-Barge of Liberty”.

Year after year, month after month, and day after day, Alex Jones explains to his followers that the end is near.index

For the better part or perhaps longer than 20 years, the sky has been crashing down. Turkey Lurkey has been running to find a hiding spot to take cover for as long as can be remembered. Who knows, maybe that story was written by a conspiracy theorist too.

And, now you are likely getting the idea that I am not a conspiracy theorist. Well, that is not entirely true. I may be the new brand of conspiracy theorist that sees through the game of exposing the global elite. I might be an example of who I see online in chat areas, infiltrating  and trying to counter the leaders influence on those that are supposed to be awake. The ones trying to inject some degree of alternative, alternative information are like “trolls”  — don’t rain on our parade the consiracy theorist hardcore would say. Yes, the FACT that the global elite are controlling every aspect of our lives is the only truth, and if you don’t agree you are a troll. Oopsie, don’t let confusion  create  cognitive dissonance suggesting it may be cultish.  If it doesn’t fit  the TRUTH movement’s agenda laugh it off.  Rationalize the enemies as the followers do on the TV show The Following. (Okay, I did see the brainwashing FOX TV  was putting on the public in the TV show, The Following,  when they showed the Don’t tread on me flag in one episode bashing militia.)

Cognitive Dissonance

If you have become a hard core truther, you would need to put the world around you in a self-explained box.

Why are they still building strip plazas, and look at that, another asleep builder with a new subdivision underway – – the fool! Doesn’t he or the people that fund the project get in on the “truth” that there is no sense building nice things for people because they are all doomed to lose everything to the globalist .1%? Now, is it .1% or a lesser number? If these few were to take over the world and have everyone lose their homes, would these freaky people get off on occupying your home, and mine, and his and hers for a few hours just because they can? Would the bulldozers come out eventually as the tent cities grow, and level our homes – – you know – – the ones we could no longer afford?

Would the FEMA camps need to grow to become FEMA cities, and then they would build apartment complexes of FEMA concentration camps, and perhaps give FEMA housing to those that show a little more acceptance to the world domineerers who have taken over?

Will it become like David Icke recently expressed at Bilderberg 2013, that there will be the tiny rich majority at the top of the pyramid, and a huge glut of police and military in the middle, and the vast majority at the bottom?

I wonder where that would leave the families of the police and military. Will they get to stay in the middle, or will they need to go to the bottom, perhaps allowed to have conjugal visits with the cops that hold privilege and then need to return to where the billions are – – at the bottom where they belong.

I guess the housing developments, and road improvements you see every summer will become redundant at some time, and REALLY SOON RIGHT?

How many years have you been in on the sky is falling party – – one, two, three, or more? Are the road crew still out on the streets fixing the potholes you don’t deserve to have fixed for you slave? Are they still offering to sell you the big screen TV’s you don’t deserve to have as the new poor class?

At what point does the sky finally fall, and they can stop pretending to care about us anymore? At what point will the conflicts in information side with the “government hates us” conspiracy dudes like Alex Jones and the clan of wannabees that hang off his every word, at 11 AM Central every day? In short, when does Alex become really right, instead of the bunch of “told ya so’s” he constantly rams down the minds of those he is supposedly protecting in the “war on for your mind”?

When does the proverbial sh_ _ really hit the fan? When? I mean if you are in and agree with this dude and the rest of the menagerie pranced in front of you daily you must want the final countdown to start paying off right?.

just get it over with already, you can’t wait any longer, right? Am I right?

Okay, you might agree with me on some of the inconsistencies but are far from on my side. Well, it gets worse. Look at the Book of Revelation to learn or refresh your memory. When the stuff really hits the fan, they will have you forgetting about Jesus and worshipping the sun, the sky, the land, and the dirt where your house used to be.

I really wish I was wrong on the conspiracy leaders. I really wish I didn’t think they are controlled by the very elite that the conspiracy leaders profess to be “exposing”. But, I fear that the leaders that can get on a barge on a river in the UK, with bullhorn in hand, and bark at the Bilderberg attendees are not so opposed to them after all. They may just have a mission the likes of which you have not considered.

I really wish they weren’t alive and in business to corral those that turn disgruntled, and use them like the violent revolution cult that they will be useful for. Because without violence, there is no game, anarchy, chaos, and the resulting order that they can implement globally.

So, if you come to the same realization I have, the equivalent view of the man on a barge is like in 2013 watching the show, “Lost in Space” and seeing it for the hokey acting and scare tactics that worked on you then, but in no way have the same effect on you now. The thought will be that you see right through it and view it as a charade. You will  see it as a duping for those that are under a spell, and under the conspiracy brainwashing that started with someone getting you to watch a couple of movies. Remember that counter-culture shock? Yes, way more effective than simply talking with your buddies so they get it. Get ’em to watch the movie, and sit back and enjoy the show, right?

Wait a minute Mr. Jones, are you saying billions can not take on about 36 ( a few dozen) world leaders? Really, Mr. Jones? How exactly would they pull that off? Would they need us shooting each other, creating anarchy based on anger and a violent cult-like following of worshippers?

If you are at a crossroads in your life and vulnerable, you will be drawn in to the acceptance of a group that explains why you do not have a job. It’s the globalists that have done you in, don’t feel bad, come and be a crusader of truth with us they will say. Come and devote your life like Alex, and David, and Max, and be a big time conspiracy leader.

All you need to do is spread the word, and when you can, get a better microphone for your YouTube account. Then, watch the Alex Jones show, take notes, and use it on “your broadcast that day”. Blow the minds of your friends and family with how much you know, while you shake your head in shame when they show their ignorance for not having woken up like you had. Those poor sheeple, you can tell yourself, as you live in a fantasy land of self importance, and “I’ll show them” rebelliousness. Just make sure you come up with excuses why you spend time talking about how you are all collectively helpless to the takeover by just a few, and there is really no sense in looking for work because we have become whiners, and unemployable depression cogs.

Go ahead, succumb to the notion that the elite are in control as you ironically follow them around like groupies, informing them of their powerlessness over you. Huh?

Remember that you are helpless, and you can’t even become self-employed if you choose, and do what it takes, because that is not really a good idea. They will just take it all from you at the end of the day.

Support the man on the barge that does not know your wife, or your kids, or your friends, and he is the one that you spend your time with. Forget those that don’t yet get it. Move on, get that divorce and find a conspiracy theorist like you who “gets it”. That will show them!

The man on the barge, this year, like in all years passed will pull out the bullhorn and pretend to confront the global elite. Ironically, if he didn’t draw attention to them, they wouldn’t be a factor in any of our lives. Funny how that works.

Tarp – – Investigate Alex as a supporter of the (laugh, laugh) John Birch Society

Tarpley said, “Why are we so obsessed with trivia?”

Well, it would seem every time Jones interviews him now is to discredit Tarpley, any way he can. For pete’s sake, ask yourself why!

I would suggest the true agenda be explored. There is a cover up of power broker bosses similar to those that Glenn Beck was protecting. Jones seems a little touchy on the subject of the Koch Brothers. Well, for one he can be found defending them. Second, at the close of the 2012 Bilderberg meeting on the ride home in the motor home, suddenly there was a leaked document from a past Bilderberg meeting which claimed to have a union head in the meeting. This was then inferred that since a union leader was with Bilderberg, unions must be bad and must be stopped. Oh yeah! Stripping unions would fit the Koch agenda. And Jones needs to wonder where Tarpley would be critical of the Koch influence seeping into the agenda of Infowars? Fishy indeed.

The John Birch Society, it has been researched was funded by Rockefeller, and is a controlled opposition front. The reason it is so accurate can be said to be due to the fact that it is designed to control the opposition that would grow from the swath the New World Order would cut through the world. It’s easy to be accurate when you know what your masters are doing.

You can laugh all you want, Jones-Bourne conspiracy supporters. But you had better wake up to the second phase of deception.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

What’s the harm in Alex Jones?: He did wake most of us up, didn’t he?

In the what I would describe as famous, off the cuff post-2012 Bilderberg soiree that Alex Jones had over a couple of drinks with Webster Tarpley, there was a moment that forever changed the credibility of the Infowars operation.

Alex Jones swore and carried on, in an interesting twist to what he always explained as inexcusable. After all, didn’t Jones used the excuse of “cussing” to explain why he could not possibly interview again the very popular William Cooper? So, cussing on his own seemed a little hypocritical, especially to a mild mannered, nice guy like Webster Tarpley.

There was a moment equally engrained in my memory from that occasion. Tarpley exclaimed after obviously realizing the magnitude of the moment, “Maybe I’m doing God’s work after all”.

I would say so, Mr. Tarpley. I would agree that what you uncovered from the guy who “woke most of us up” was very interesting and disturbing, in equal proportion. The man’s guard was down, and the facade was gone, and well, it would appear you captured the moment well. God using you? It had to be.

So, in defence of Alex Jones we have those follower, self-explained new research partners that all tell the same tale with unique, in their own words ways. But the point is, the “point” is all very similar.

The story is that the Federal Reserve in the U.S. was taken over by the global elite, and the money supply is controlled in such a way to hold the U.S. economy hostage. Okay, agreed.

There is a group of these crazy global banksters that also want to reduce the world’s population and one in particular uses his mega influence to travel the world jabbing the innocent with needles, and creating all kinds of health issues. Again, agreed.

So, if Alex Jones is so bad, it is argued, how would the global elite want to use him     to bring the truth, and get us all mad and aware? Good questions.

We could answer that with research already done, and explanations already made, and then the question to the Jones followers would be why did you defend the guy with vague, off the cuff, non-researched generalities like, “He woke most of us up”. “He seems like a genuine guy, so I cannot believe he isn’t”, and “I can’t believe that if he did so much good, that he could possibly be a bad guy”.

Oh really? That’s as good as it gets?

Imagine if we used the same reasoning for 9/11…

Yeah, the guy who bought the terror clause laden insurance plans on the trade towers seems like a great guy. He would never be in on the sabotage, and cause so many people to lose their lives. I believe him when he says was the reason he said they “pulled” the building (seven). I can’t imagine he would be part of something sinister.

Oh, great research. Reminds me of the definition of “assume”. You know, when you make an ass out of you and me? Yes, assuming, or coming to a conclusion without giving it full circle justice can be a little risky.

But then, there is the argument that seems to be equally ignored.

What is controlled opposition, and why does it exist? The buddies that drank the kool aid don’t seem to explain that one away either do they?

We will, next time.

David Hairabedian: Time for the Sons of Zadok to arise

Caller to Alex Jones asked if Pat Buchanan could testify for 9/11 Truth

Like Glenn Beck, the trick is to see who Alex Jones keeps hidden from view

On yesterday’s Alex Jones Show, a caller asked if Pat Buchanan could now be an asset for 9/11 truth.

Alex Jones responded somberly, saying that he did not know Buchanan well, and he only interviewed him 12 times over the years.

Now, is there anything wrong with this answer?

The caller did not ask how well Alex Jones knew Pat Buchanan, but that might as well have been the question, because Jones was quick to distance himself from discussing Buchanan.

Buchanan is believed to be a Knights of Malta, and is linked to Freemasonry. We can recall the issue brought up in the Webster Tarpley interview, where Tarpley mentioned Ron Paul’s link to Freemasonry.

The attack on Tarpley from Jones was on, complete with an attack article from Paul Joseph Watson, but today, conveniently it would seem Jones got Tarpley back. I wonder if Tarpley is part of the team, or if he still wishes Jones is still his friend.

So, Alex Jones gives you tons of truth does he? And, when he explains why he never speaks of the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and others, he is telling us that it is because there are good and bad in all organizations. Just like there are good Freemasons that do not know the top of the pyramid. In this clip below, see if you can get the rationalization. At best, he is saying the “globalist” (ghost, can’t pinpoint) bad guys are a combination of all the bad tops of all the organizations? Does that make sense? Would that make it impossible to do a proper investigation to finding the bad guys? You bet!

At the very least, wouldn’t it make more sense to investigate each organization fully to do, in the words of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a proper investigation?

And with all investigations, the first place to start is relationship connections. If you were to start to look at who is connected to who, you would be able to better assess who the ghosts are.

Knowing what they are doing to us in only half the battle. The other is knowing who they are, and that is the important missing element to all the “truth” Alex Jones brings to the table.

Military Vet forced to have vaccine and sexually assaulted for “jaywalking” at Bilderberg 2012

Charlie Skelton reports from Bilderberg >>>> DOn’t miss this (Click here)

Hamilton Tap Water: Councillor McHattie might see the buck stops with the Councillors

Can you see the writing on the wall?

As we looked at with the NHL, the Board of Governors were ultimately responsible for ensuring the Constitution was being adhered to. No amount of “repeatedly being told” by Gary Bettman was going to cut the mustard if trouble arose. An employee of the NHL was not going to be the one ultimately responsible.

Same applies at Hamilton City Hall. Health Canada won’t be the ones roasted. Instead, it would be City Council who make a decision to be doc, when they do not have medical degrees or expertise. Funny how that works, eh?

Councillor Brian McHattie may understand his liability more than some. The Feds may wash their hands if trouble arises. McHattie understands that if they overlook serious health risks that later prove to be valid, it is not as if they weren’t warned. Negligence could be screamed from the rooftops. Health Canada can come to all the meetings it wants, and claim study after study, but run when trouble arises. If it is not ultimately the Feds responsibility, why do they cite global studies, and why do countries push for water fluoridation?

If we are to get this straight, the Feds who are not at risk are being asked by the City to provide evidence of safety? How about we remove the fluoride until this proof is provided?

Here is an interesting clip from Infowars, regarding Austin. TX water. Note that the City would have to have put a warning on their bills stating the hazards of water to the residents. I am sure if Hamilton did that, we would have a few pot banging sessions in the streets.

Update on Peel Region: Comment:


Regarding Region of Peel’s water fluoridation program, which stated;
The Guardian Newspaper reported;
*The motion passed Thursday calls on Ottawa to regulate fluoride used as a treatment for dental cavities in drinking water as a drug under Natural Health Product Regulations.*

I contacted Health Canada to inquire about the process of having fluoride approved as a drug or a natural health product as motioned by Peel Region, and below is their response;

From: Charles G Wilkinson [] On Behalf Of nhpd_dpsn_info
Sent: April-30-12 10:52 AM
To: Diane Di
Subject: Re: FW: Peel Region calls to regulate fluoride.

Good Morning,

Thank you for your inquiry. In Canada, responsibility regarding the safety of drinking water generally lies with the provincial and territorial governments. Health Canada worked with the provinces and territories, through the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water, to develop the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality. The provinces and territories use the Guidelines to establish their own requirements for drinking water quality and have sole responsibility regarding implementation. The request that Health Canada regulate municipal drinking water supply treatment chemicals as drugs is an issue that falls outside the jurisdiction of the Food and Drugs Act.


Natural Health Products Directorate
Direction des produits de santé naturels
Tower/Tour A, Qualicum, AL 3301
2936 rue Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9
Fax: (613) 948-6810

Don’t let Hamilton decision makers pass the buck and pull the wool over your eyes. They know it will go nowhere – they are buying time.

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