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Alex Jones: Have a Koch and a smile

I am beginning to read the demeanor of Alex Jones. When he deflects criticism away from certain groups or individuals, his facial expressions give it away for one, and his pattern is interesting as well.

In this video, watch how Jones tries to suggest that to look at the Koch brothers as part of the NWO ‘right’ is not that big a deal, and he attempts to suggest that it is a complicated issue, and well, I suppose, you should therefore not bother trying.

Excellent points Jones expressed to the caller before the commercial break, and on returning to the air, Jones had the book open from Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell to (remind him guys) complement Russell on the book, except for that not so nice section on the Koch brothers.

It’s the bad George Soros, communist type guys that are really bad. (See John Birch Society talking point 101)

“People try to put us in a box, because they can’t figure out reality”, said Jones. Who is us? The same “us” that Jones was aboard with on the other ship as the famous politician, anti-communism talking point John Birchers, Ron and Rand Paul. If you listen carefully to Jones, he makes these comments that don’t make sense, that is, unless he is talking about himself as one of the team. Which team is the big question. Is there funding from more than DVD and membership sales?

Deflecting away the blame on the Koch’s seemed to be the goal in this clip:


Words of Wisdom from a young mind more than two years ago: Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and the John Birch Society

“When the bill comes due, whenever that is, you must comply”

Oh me, oh my, the “vatican assasins” joke between Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones seems so much more funny now, tee hee.

“Jones never talks specifics who’s doing this stuff”

Alex Jones works with the John Birch Society?!

In April 2006 Jones interviewed John McManus, the president of the John Birch Society. Jones told him:
“I want to work with you guys, to see you grow.”
infowars.com/articles/commentary/alex_jones_interviews_mcmanus.htmMcManus replied that he was:
“looking forward to seeing the relationship continue”.

What relationship? Why would Jones be working with the John Birch Society? Jones avoids articles from Hufschmid and Bollyn, but he promotes articles from the John Birch Society, such as this silly article about the 4th of July:

The John Birch Society is lying about the September 11 attack, and other Jewish crimes. It may have been an honest organization when it was founded, but it is definitely controlled by Zionists today.

The John Birch Society doesn’t blame Israel or Zionists for anything, which is why David Eisenberg joined and was promoted to the JBS Council:

The latest rationalization of the critical-thinking, conspiracy theorist

Okay, conspiracy theorists…you have been blown away with the Ron Paul turncoat….how are you going to think your way through this one?

I have come across a terrific, critical thinker but obvious Alex Jones, Ron Paul supporter. And, don’t get me wrong, I was one of those just a few days ago. I guess if Alex Jones can flip-flop, Ron Paul can join in too, and it seems anyone at will can change friends and affiliations to serve their purposes, who am I to be any different, eh?

We have to all assess the new conspiracy possibilities with an open mind and open heart, and look into the relationships that might give us a clue on what up with that, dog?

Who really is Ron Paul? He doesn’t seem on one hand to be the guy we thought he was, that is, unless we can rationalize the move to save our image of him as the conspiracy believer, playing the game as long as he could, to have some influence over the world, to tell us all what’s really going on.

But shhhhh, don’t bat an eye when Ron can’t admit that 911 was an inside job, even though the John Birch Society professes it, and he can stand up as a speaker once in a while to rousing applause. Play the game, won’t you?

Well, here is my good YouTube friend who is rationalizing now for himself. He is a great critical thinker. I would describe him as possibly where a typical Ron Paul supporter who wants to hold onto the ideal that the Pauls are good, Alex Jones is for real, and we are party to a group that will eventually wake everyone up. Our job has just begun, and the keyboard is looking to smoke over the next several weeks:

So welcome, from Lexington, Kentucky and the rest of the world, to the new game of Conspiracy theory, part two!

Wake up call for Cops after Toronto G20: YOU are ultimately where the buck stops!

According to Hamilton Spectator editor Rob Howard, the the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) findings concluded that people were mistreated by the police during the G20 in Toronto last summer.

We saw the live TV; we saw the news photos afterwards. We saw some officers, a minority, anonymous in Darth Vader-like riot gear (and the illegal removal by some of their own name tags), acting in ways that seemed to be like those of  jackbooted fascists. We saw the infamous (and illegal) four-hour “kettling” or containment of a noisy, but peaceful protest march.

So, cops, getting the point? Do you realize now that the following of BAD orders are going to come back and bite you? Get it?

Let’s not forget the points made above to paint a few maniacal cops as acting outside their own senses. The real question is who gave the ultimate orders and set the stage to put them in this precarious position in the first place?

Hamilton police who were scheduled to “help” in Toronto were told, from sources, that there would be a fear of terrorism, and INTERPOL was on high alert. Now that wasn’t done in an adrenalin moment of ill repute, was it? That was a planned and deliberate setting of a stage of US vs. THEM, and there are going to be some bad apples – – be on guard.

Nor was the other stage-setting the fault of the front line cops.

How about the illegal use of the “Public Works Law” that no politician will take ownership of – – McGuinty passed the buck to Harper? It went into a black hole from there. After the fact backpedaling will not cut it.

If they thought they would only have to handle unruly protestors, why was $1 billion spent here, when there are starving and homeless on the street? And let’s not forget we will all have to work longer to get to that vanishing pension that seems always out of reach.

The “Darth Vader” outfits – – the individual cops bought those out of their own pocket from the Halloween shop down the street?

The “agent provacateurs” that showed up in masks ‘ a la’ the remake of Montebello, Quebec, conveniently smashing windows and setting the police car on fire, and imagine that, not an “official cop” within miles of these happenings?

But, oh, they had to contain protestors who were innocent in corral form for hours in the pouring rain, did they? They were “untrained” to handle peaceful protestors, and only trained to handle violence, is that right?

We are supposed to believe this bunk?

Luke Rudkowski of We are Change and the boys, in anticipation of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago asked the all important question: Would there be agent provacateurs to create violence to justify violence against the peaceful protestors? Here is what they got as an answer:

Let’s recall, Luke was not allowed to enter Canada as he attempted to come to the G20 in Toronto.

Every G20 has the same MO – – sound cannons, agent provocateurs and loads of high tech brutality toys. The security contractors are laughing all the way to the bank, as the innocent are locked up in make-shift concentration camps, with one toilet open for all to see when someone has to use it.

Yes, that humiliation must also have had to be caused by the front line cops who were untrained and unorganized, and became thugs ALL ON THEIR OWN.

Time to wake up cops – – this system in not your friend!

Smug politicians who mock Canada and America

The casualties of war not shown in the official statistics

What’s holding up the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes? Should we occupy Jobing.com arena like they #occupywallstreet?

Is there a reason for the stall tactic of the NHL? There is a battle going on that may impact sports, but more importantly decide the future of mankind.

We’ve been on this topic for years now. Yeah, that’s right, we have formulated a theory based on observable facts presented to us over time to come to the conclusion that there is no logical reason that the Coyotes have not relocated.

The city has an arena, that’s true. They want to ensure their investment is fruitful – – yeah, okay. But so did Atlanta. I think Philips Arena is still there, and it houses two professional basketball teams. As for Glendale, they have been repeatedly told by the past owner, Beacon Sports, et al that concerts would make up for lost revenue. So, what’s the problem amigos?

And, if we are to look at Atlanta, don’t they have a minor league team, named the Gladiators, in their 9th successful season?  Again, something else that Glendale could entertain.

No, it’s that narly little mention in court many moons ago from the lawyers for the City of Glendale. Perhaps in frustration unleashing an important tidbit of info that should have us all yearning for truth. The fact that if the Coyotes left, they would have to replace that team with another hockey team. Hmmmm.

And, it would explain the merry-go-round attitude and excuses that can move one franchise at lightning speed, and one that seems entrenched so deep that it defies any logical explanation other than our far out belief that friends of the military industrial complex are also supporters of the sports industrial complex.

With the way the economy is going, the Coyotes represents a race against time.

So, Gary Bettman can appear on radio and tell us all he has strong belief the Coyotes can still make it, all the while probably wondering how he sounds when the words leave his mouth.

The sports industrial complex may have word from the military industrial complex that it might just depend on the results of the new war, the new revolution. If the globalist sports guys win, then Goldwater will be crushed, and the new global dictatorship will be able to plan where sports teams play, and much more. Now Dave Zirin brings us how taxpayers get to pay for sports, but is there a more Orwellian use for sports to keep the sheeple busy? He is bringing politics to sports too — they just seem to be intertwined, don’t they?

As Canadians have not yet felt the full impact of economic austerity we will have our turn unless we can support our neighbors around the rest of the world.  We complained to the NHL about hockey austerity, but things could get much worse!

Well, the place to start is the economic war. And, we are starting resistance to all things dictator and controlling…..

There is a movement in the US that is similar to many globally. But there is as good a chance you heard about it in mainstream media as there is a chance of being told the real truth why the Coyotes are ball and chained to Glendale.

It’s an important movement for liberty and human rights called #occupywallstreet. Heard of it?

Or how about the new movement to ensure the good people in the new revolution get the real enemy in their scope – – the US Federal Reserve. Did you hear in mainstream media any time in the last while that this is actually a private corporation? Rallies and occupations are now occuring across the US, and in Canada, we need to support this movement. Hate to state the obvious, but how the US goes, so does Canada. So, their fight is our fight.

I suggest you get informed  friends. Turn off those reality shows and tune in to real live reality of a global nature.

We are going to become friends of these guys! And, on October 15th it starts in Toronto. The live stream can be found at #OccupyToronto.

I will draw your attention in the coming months to the Canadian Friends of End the Fed, and that is coming soon. The site will be up shortly, and it is at endthefed.ca.

Changing direction from the injustice that is holding the Coyotes hostage to the global issue that is holding the people of the world hostage.

Canada, join us in our support of liberty!

It all comes together: #occupywallstreet, where the shills come out to play

Ever have that moment when everything suddenly makes sense? All the dots that were still straggling come together to join the picture? The puzzle pieces that you thought were insignificant jump out and the pieces of the picture they represent just makes the whole thing complete?

 Well, it’s all happening now on Wall Street. The catalyst that will set the United States on the same path as Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Libya. It’s all coming down, and it’s coming down now. Did you say you want a revolution? Yeah, ah, we know, we all want to change the world. But, they know you want it, it’s now the mission to tell you all what you want.

For over two weeks people protesting in New York have noticed an incredible lack of mainstream reporting on their plight. The only real reporting it was noticed was the show of violence from the police to the innocents, the martyrs as many describe them. The poor ladies with pepper sprayed eyes from the white-shirted policeman who walked up from the crowd, unleashed the can, reholstered it, and walked away. Bizarre unless you figure it was all part of the theatre and the job to turn the protestors with no direction into the cause they wanted developed. Sure the pepper spray might have made people angry and more wanting to show up. And don’t think that isn’t the goal at this point.  Nothing like a little negative publicity spun to make the protesters look like they deserved the treatment.

 And, the coup de resistance, let’s tell the world they wanted to take over Brooklyn Bridge when we know that was a lie. More publicity, they must get the world to see their honesty, their struggle, but how? And just bear in mind the purveyors of false information reporting the story  – MSNBC. Keep that in mind, we”ll get back to it real soon.

 And eventually, when enough tired bodies yearned hard enough, when the lack of sleep would cloud better judgement — they would finally start to get the attention they so rightly deserved. Out of nowhere, the unlikely comrades would begin to parade around them in the big apple – – from Michael Moore, to Geraldo Rivera, to Chris Hedges, and Dylan Ratigan. And oh yeah, Dylan is from MSNBC, but suddenly can’t stop his conscience from telling him to jump and join his fellow man. Mhhh Mmmmm. What a mission folks, what a mission!

“I think you people are crazy”

Maybe that’s where Ratigan should have stopped. When he went on….

“I can’t believe I am here talking with you”

…it brings back memories of Glenn Beck when he said he could not believe he was doing this, exposing corruption (in the mainstream straddle the sheeple way of course). And when he drew attention to Obama on his Administration’s need to draw attention to his leadership with false flag terror, he probably went a little too far in the gaining credibility arena. What was interesting was his mention of “pressure from below”.

Pressure from below is what the co-opting of the #occupywallstreet movement is now all about. The shills in media are on an attack and mission to spin the disgruntled in America to the direction of attack on the upper middle class — those that own businesses and employ other people, to ensure the mutual self-destruction. As Alex Jones would put it, there will be burning homes in middle class neighbourhoods on the horizon.

So, how are they doing this co-opting?

Geraldo Rivera predicted they would come. “Others will follow if this sticks”, Rivera said.

 And come they are. Is Rivera a prophet, or part of Shill Inc., the arm of deceit otherwise known as the controlled media – – the spokespeople of sheeple control — the protectors of the true power brokers behind the Federal Reserve and other global central banking systems?  The ones that would ensure the world loses focus on the true enemy, and plunks their eyes firmly on themselves. The attack of one another with the latest goal to strip the remaining wealth against those that still employ people in the middle class. They would serve a mission to ensure the mutual destruction of the remaining free world, and Wall Street is now their playground.

It would be mainstream media and celebrities to the rescue with the attack, the game plan, and the singularity of purpose they needed.

Michael Moore on his visit and numerous support of the group wanted to ensure the focus was “capitalism” not the Federal Reserve and it’s owners.

Now, here are those waves of revelation. He creates the movie Sicko to show how bad the healthcare system in the U.S. is, and isn’t it thereafter we get the oppressive, insurance company written profit maker known as Obamacare? Hmmm….

Or how about that other of Moore’s gems where he wraps Wall Street in Crime Scene tape, and the nice officer he spoke to said it was okay, we are with you Michael. How nice. Now, the focus is on the evil Wall Street Empire.

We should not forget that bankers on Wall Street are like children given the opportunity to stay up late by their parents, the Federal Reserve and the corrupt in government controlled by the Federal Reserve. If I am saying Federal Reserve more than you think I should say Federal Reserve it’s because the point is the focus of the guilty should not be to blame the kids for bad behaviour, you need to look at the true power brokers. Should I say the name again?

And so, on and on we go, with the likes of more celebrated and documented visits from the shills.

We had Chris Hedges, ex NY Times give his take in a multi-part interview for which I had to turn off once he admitted that he believes “belief” is fantasy.

Yesterday, it was Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC. More focus on Wall Street and none on the Federal Reserve System. But have no fear, there is a counter-attack, refocus machine and his RV that plans to change all that.

The shills may come out of nowhere and do their thing.

It will take men the likes of Alex Jones to instill truth. And hopefully his tank is full, and his spirit is high: